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Glossary index A-Z

The glossary index gives you an overview of all contributions from A to Z.

n-block heuristics (n) n-conducting (adj) n-order exponential smoothing (n) n-type semiconductor (n) nail (n) nail gun (n) naked (adj) nameplate (n) nanosecond (n) narrow (adj) narrow (v) narrow-aisle picking system (n) Narrow-aisle stacker narrow-aisle stacker (n) narrow-band noise (n) Natural frequency natural frequency (n) natural frequency of undamped systems (n) Natural oscillation natural oscillation (n) natural scale (n) natural ventilation (n) natural vibration (n) natural-circulation boiler (n) navigation (n) NC contact (n) NC programming (n) near (adj) neatly arranged (adj) neck (n) neck (v) neck journal bearing (n) necked-in opening (n) necking (n) needle (n) needle angular ball bearing (n) needle axial ball bearing (n) needle axial cylindrical roller bearing (n) Needle bearing needle bearing (n) needle bearing without ribs (n) needle bearings without ribs (n) needle bush (n) needle bushing (n) needle cage (n) needle ring (n) needle roller bearing (n) needle valve (n) needs-based order placement (n) needs-based procurement (n) negative charge (n) negative conductor (n) negative exponential distribution (n) negative feedback (n) negative pole (n) negative temperature coefficient thermistor (n) negatively charged (adj) negligible (adj) negotiate (a height up to ... m) (v) neighbouring (adj) neon lamp (n) neon tube (n) Nernst equation (n) net change principle (n) net requirements (n) net section (n) network (n) network plan (n) neural network (n) neutral axis (n) neutral conductor (n) neutral equilibrium (n) neutral fibres (n) neutral position (n) neutral wire (n) neutron (n) new installation (n) new lift (n) newly installed equipment (n) Newton's equation of motion (n) Newton's first law (n) Newton's first law of motion (n) Newton's hypothesis (n) Newton's law of cooling (n) Newton's law of impact (n) Newton's laws of motion (n) Newton's method Newton's method (n) Newton's second law (n) Newton's second law of motion (n) Newton's third law (n) Newtonian hypothesis (n) next to (adj) nibbling tool (n) niche (n) nick (n) Nickel nickel (n) Nickel alloys nickel-base alloy (n) nicker (n) Nilos ring (n) nine-segment display (n) nip (v) nip off (v) nipple (n) nitrided steel (n) nitriding (n) nitriding steel (n) nitrogen (n) NO contact (n) no load down/up (n) no-go gage (n) no-go gauge (n) no-go thread gage (n) no-go thread gauge (n) no-load (n) no-load operation (n) no-load speed (n) no-load starting (n) no-load torque (n) noble metal (n) node (n) node equilibrium method (n) node-intersection method (n) node-intersection procedure (n) nodular cast iron (n) nodular graphite (n) noise (n) noise abatement (n) noise absorption (n) noise attenuation (n) noise component (n) noise control (n) noise damper (n) noise development (n) Noise disturbance Noise emission noise emission (n) noise figure (n) noise floor (n) noise generation (n) Noise immission noise immunity (n) noise insulation (n) noise less running (n) noise level (n) noise pattern (n) noise performance (n) noise protection (n) noise ratio (n) Noise reduction noise reduction (n) noise suppression (n) noise threshold (n) noiseless (adj) noisy (adj) nominal allowance (n) nominal capacity (n) nominal characteristic (n) nominal cross-sectional area (n) nominal current (n) nominal deviation (n) nominal diameter (n) Nominal dimension nominal dimension (n) nominal force (n) nominal frequency (n) nominal load (n) nominal output (n) nominal pipe size (n) nominal power (n) nominal pressure (n) nominal pressure angle (n) nominal range (n) nominal service life (n) nominal size (n) nominal speed (n) nominal stress (n) nominal stress concept (n) nominal stroke (n) nominal value (n) nominal viscosity (n) nominal voltage (n) nominal width (n) non-commercial vehicle lift (n) non-concentric (adj) non-conducting (adj) non-conductor (n) non-conformance (n) non-conformance report (n) non-conforming (adj) non-conformity (n) non-contact ... (adj) non-contact seal (n) Non-contact seal (dynamic) non-contacting (adj) non-corrosive (adj) non-cutting pass (n) non-cutting time (n) non-destructive material test (n) non-destructive material testing (n) non-destructive test method (n) Non-destructive testing non-destructive testing (n) non-elastic buckling (n) non-elevator devices (pl) non-eroding (adj) non-exposed (adj) non-ferrous (adj) non-ferrous metal (n) non-horizontal flow (n) non-inductive (adj) non-isotropic bodies (n) non-isotropic body (n) non-lift rooms (pl) non-linear oscillation (n) non-linear regression (n) non-linearity (n) non-locating bearing (n) non-lubricated piston compressor (n) non-machined (adj) non-marring (adj) non-metallic expansion joint (n) non-motorised barge (n) non-order-related bill of material (n) non-order-specific process planning data (n) non-order-specific routing data (n) Non-oxide ceramics Non-permanent seal (static) non-permissible (adj) non-porous (adj) non-productive time (n) non-propagation of flame (n) non-regulated (adj) non-reinforced plastic (n) non-return valve (n) non-sectionalized (adj) non-skid ... (adj) non-skid device (n) non-slip ... (adj) non-spinning (adj) non-standard (adj) non-stop (n) non-synchronous (adj) non-tilting (adj) non-uniform (adj) non-uniform motion (n) non-uniform stress distribution (n) non-wearing (adj) normal acceleration (n) normal component of acceleration (n) Normal component of acceleration normal curve (n) normal distribution (n) normal force (n) normal form (n) normal operation (n) normal performance (n) normal pitch (n) normal running (n) normal section (n) Normal stress normal stress (n) normalisation (n) normalising (n) Normalising (steel) normalising heat treatment (n) normally closed contact (n) normally open contact (n) normally-closed contact (n) normally-open contact (n) nose (n) not accessible to persons (adj) not applicable (adj) not to standard(s) (adj) notch (n) notch (v) notch base concept (n) notch bend test (n) notch cross-section (n) Notch effect notch effect (n) notch fatigue limit (n) notch fatigue strength (n) notch geometry (n) notch impact strength (n) notch insensitivity (n) notch problem (n) notch root concept (n) Notched bar impact test notched bar impact test (n) notched bar impact work (n) notched impact strength (n) notched-bar impact bending test (n) notched-bar impact test (n) notched-bar tensile strength (n) notched-bar tensile test (n) notched-bar test (n) notching cutter (n) notice (n) notice of revision (n) notices (n) notifiable (adj) notified bodies (pl) notion of stress (n) nozzle (n) nozzle holder (n) nozzle pipe of a hose (n) NTC resistor (n) nuclear number (n) nuclear radius (n) nucleation (n) nucleation energy (n) nucleation reaction (n) nuclei (pl) nucleus (n) nudging device (n) nudging operation (n) number (n) number of ampere-turns (n) number of broken wires (n) number of cycles (n) number of items (n) number of layers (n) number of operations (n) number of pairs of poles (n) number of phases (n) number of poles (n) number of revolutions (n) number of rivets (n) number of starts (n) number of teeth (n) number of turn in a winding (n) numbering system (n) numeral (n) Numeral system numeral system (n) numerator (n) numerical equation (n) numerics (n) Nut nut (n) nut height (n) nut strength category (n) nut tap (n) nut thread (n) nut torque (n)