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Glossary index A-Z

The glossary index gives you an overview of all contributions from A to Z.

M/G set (n) machinability (n) machinable (adj) machine (adj) machine (n) machine (v) machine above (n) machine acoustics (n) machine adjacent (n) machine adjustment (n) machine at side (n) machine attendant (n) machine base (n) machine bed (n) machine below (n) machine breakdown (n) machine capacity (n) machine casting (n) machine column (n) machine designer (n) machine die (n) Machine dynamics machine for circular milling (n) machine foundation (n) machine frame (n) machine hour rate accounting (n) machine idle time (n) machine installation (n) machine load (n) machine loading (n) machine model (MM) (n) Machine moulding machine noise (n) machine operator (n) machine oscillation (n) machine reference point (n) machine room (n) machine saw (n) machine setter (n) machine setting (n) machine steel (n) machine support (n) machine tap (n) machine tender (n) machine tool (n) machine utilisation planning (n) machine utilization (n) machine vibration (n) machine vice (n) machine vise (n) machine-specific tool storage magazine (n) machinery (n) machinery designer (n) machinery noise (n) machinery space (n) Machining machining (n) machining accuracy (n) machining allowance (n) machining center (n) machining centre (n) machining cycle (n) machining drawing (n) machining infeed (n) machining motion (n) machining movement (n) machining process (n) machining quality (n) machining sequence (n) machining station (n) machining steel (n) machining time (n) machining tolerance (n) macro-examination (n) macro-section (n) macrogeometry (n) macrograph (n) macrostructure (n) made by others (adj) made to last (adj) made-to-order manufacturing (n) MAG/MIG welding (n) MAG/MIG welding (metal active gas/metal inert gas welding): A consumable electrode is fed continuously in order to maintain the electric arc. In this method, too, the welding process is protected by an inert gas. This method can be used to weld steel, sta magazine (n) Magnesium Magnesium alloy magnesium alloy (n) magnet (n) magnet coil (n) magnetic bar (n) magnetic bearing (n) magnetic brake (n) magnetic card (n) magnetic chuck (n) magnetic clamp (n) magnetic coil (n) magnetic contactor (n) magnetic core (n) magnetic field (n) Magnetic fluid seal magnetic flux (n) magnetic force (n) magnetic lock (n) magnetic method (n) Magnetic particle inspection magnetic particle test (n) magnetic pole (n) magnetic powder test (n) magnetic process (n) magnetic separator (n) magnetic steel sheet (n) magnetic switch (n) magnetic tape (n) magnetic-particle method (of non-destructive testing) (n) magnetizable (adj) magnetization (n) magnetization curve (n) magnetize (v) Magneto bearing Magnetomotive force (electrical engineering) magnetostriction (n) magnification scale (n) magnify (v) magnitude (n) mailing list (n) main and branch ductwork (pl) main bend axis (n) main circuit (n) main circuit-breaker (n) main component analysis (n) main component of inertia (n) main dimensions (pl) main disconnect switch (n) main drive (n) main entrance side (n) main equation for contact pressure (n) main exciter (n) main floor (n) main function (n) main fuse (n) main landing (n) main load direction (n) main rope (n) main shaft (n) main spindle (n) main spindle bearing (n) main squirt (n) main steam (n) main switch (n) main terminal (n) main view (n) main winding (n) mains (n) mains cable (n) mains connection (n) mains current (n) mains fuse (n) mains plug (n) mains socket (n) mains socket-outlet (n) mains supply (n) mains switch (n) mains terminal (n) mains transformer (n) mains voltage (n) mains-operated (adj) maintain (v) maintain stationary (on the guides) (v) maintainability (n) maintained-contact switch (n) maintenance (n) maintenance aisle (n) maintenance base (n) maintenance business (n) maintenance control (n) maintenance instructions (n) maintenance interval (n) maintenance manual (n) maintenance operation (n) maintenance portfolio (n) maintenance recommendation (n) maintenance schedule (n) maintenance-free (adj) maintenance-free plain bearing material (n) maintenance-free spherical bearing (n) major (adj) major defect (n) major non-conformance (n) make (n) make (v) make available (v) make contact (n) make good (v) make tight (v) make time (n) make-or-buy decision (n) make-to-order production (n) maker (n) making (n) making and/or breaking capacity (n) making capacity (n) making contact (n) mal... (adj) maladjustment (n) male end (n) male multipoint connector (n) male thread (n) malfunction (n) malfunction time (n) malleability (n) malleable (adj) Malleable cast iron malleable cast iron (n) malleablising (n) mallet (n) maloperation (n) manage (v) manageability (n) management (n) mandatory (adj) mandrel (n) mandrel bending test (n) mandrel press (n) manganese (n) manhole (n) manhole wall (n) manifold (n) manipulate (v) manipulated variable (n) manipulation (n) manipulator (n) manned (adj) manometer (n) manual (n) manual adjustment (n) manual arc welding (n) manual control (n) manual emergency operating device (n) manual feed (n) manual force (n) manual indexing (n) manual intervention (n) manual lowering valve (n) manual metal arc welding (n) Manual metal arc welding: A consumable electrode with a flux coating is drawn manually over the weld metal. The electrode's coating protects the weld seam against atmospheric contamination, while the core rod is used as the filler material. This method ca manual mode (n) manual operation (n) manual override (n) manual release button (n) manually operated (adj) manufacturability (n) manufacture (v) manufacture of electric motors (n) manufacturer (n) manufacturing (n) manufacturing cell (n) Manufacturing costs manufacturing costs (n) manufacturing drawing (n) manufacturing facility (n) manufacturing line (n) manufacturing network (n) manufacturing order (n) manufacturing penetration (n) manufacturing plan (n) manufacturing position (n) manufacturing process (n) manufacturing schedule (n) manufacturing segment (n) manufacturing system (n) manufacturing technology (n) manufacturing tolerance (n) manul (adj) map (n) map (v) mapping (n) mar (n) mar resistance (n) mar-resistant (adj) margin (n) marine battery (n) marine engine (n) marine gas turbine (n) marine varnish (n) maritime navigation (n) maritime shipping (n) maritime traffic (n) maritime transport (n) maritime vessel (n) mark (n) mark (v) mark of approval (n) mark of conformity (n) mark off (v) market launch (n) market saturation (n) market share market growth matrix (n) marketing channel (n) marking (n) marking gauge (n) marking technology (n) Markov chain Markov chain (n) marquenching (n) martempering (n) martensitic hardening (n) martensitic steel (n) martensitic transformation (n) maser (microwave amplification by stimulated emission of radiation) (n) mask (n) mask (v) masking (n) masking tape (n) masonry (n) mass (n) Mass customisation mass distribution (n) mass element (n) mass flow (n) mass flow rate (n) mass fraction (n) mass moment of inertia (n) mass moment of inertia nth degree (n) mass number (n) mass point (n) mass production (n) mass transport (n) mass transportation (n) mass-spring system (n) Mass-spring-damper system mast (n) master (adj) master cam (n) master clock (n) master data (n) master key (n) master switch (n) master template (n) mat (adj) match (v) matching (n) mate (v) Material material (adj) material (n) material characteristic (n) material compound (n) material constant (n) material control (n) material costs (n) material description (n) material development (n) material diagram (n) material expenses (n) material family (n) material fatigue (n) material file (n) material flow (n) material flow capacity (n) material flow complexity (n) material flow computer (MFC) (n) material flow costs (n) material flow matrix (n) material flow sheet (n) Material flow system material flow system (n) material flow technology (n) material group (n) material management (n) material norm (n) material number (n) material output (n) material picking (n) material planning (n) material point (n) material properties (pl) Material property material property (n) Material property modification material provisioning (n) Material provisioning and picking Material requirement material requirement (n) material requirements planning (n) material requirements type (n) material requisition (n) material requisition list (n) material requisition slip (n) material selection (n) material selection process (n) material specification (n) material standard (n) material strength (n) material stressing (n) Material testing material testing (n) material transport (n) material-handling robot (n) material(s) handling (n) material(s) handling equipment (pl) material(s) handling technology (n) materials handling (n) materials inspection (n) materials management (n) materials planning (n) materials planning procedure (n) Materials science materials testing (n) mathematical calculation of the resultant (n) mathematical conditions of equilibrium (n) mathematical symbol (n) mathematics (n) mating flange (n) mating flank (n) mating gear (n) mating gears (n) mating part (n) mating pinion (n) mating profile (n) mating surface (n) mating thread (n) mating worm (n) Matrix matrix (n) matrix codes (n) matter (n) maximum (n) maximum allowable (adj) maximum configuration (n) maximum dimension (n) maximum distortion energy theory (n) maximum economic rating /M.E.R./ (n) maximum fit (n) maximum level (n) maximum load (n) maximum loading (n) maximum material limit (MML) (n) Maximum material requirements maximum normal force (n) maximum output (n) maximum payload (n) maximum permissible (adj) maximum principal stress criterion (n) maximum setting (n) maximum shear strain energy criterion (n) maximum shear stress criterion (n) Maximum shear stress theory maximum stress (n) Maximum stress theory maximum value (n) maximum warehouse stock (n) mean (n) mean absolute deviation (n) mean absolute error (n) mean angular speed (n) mean angular velocity (n) mean deviation (n) mean error (n) mean percentage error (n) mean power (n) mean quadratic deviation (n) mean quadratic error (n) mean roughness index (n) mean speed (n) mean stationarity (n) mean stress (n) mean stress effect (n) mean value (n) mean velocity (n) meander coil system (n) means (pl) means of conveyance (n) measurable (adj) measurand (n) measure (n) measure (v) measure of dispersion (n) measure of length (n) measured quantity (n) measured result (n) measured value (n) measured variable (n) measurement (n) Measurement (technology) measurement error (n) Measurement evaluation measurement evaluation (n) measurement potentiometer (n) measurement result (n) Measurement sequence measurement sequence (n) measurement setup (n) measurement standard (n) measurement technique (n) measuring accuracy (n) measuring amplifier (n) measuring and control technology (n) measuring and test equipment (pl) Measuring bridge measuring bridge (n) measuring campaign (n) measuring chain (n) measuring device (n) Measuring error measuring error (n) measuring instrument (n) measuring point (n) measuring practice (n) measuring range (n) measuring result (n) measuring sequence (n) measuring tape (n) measuring tool (n) measuring value (n) mechanic (n) mechanic's control station (n) mechanic/maintenance operation (n) mechanical (adj) mechanical energy (n) mechanical engineer (n) Mechanical engineering mechanical engineering (n) mechanical equivalent system (n) mechanical fatigue (n) mechanical form of energy (n) mechanical forms of energy (n) mechanical oscillation (n) mechanical power (n) mechanical property (n) mechanical refrigerator (n) Mechanical seal mechanical seal (n) mechanical stoker (n) mechanical strength (n) mechanical system (n) mechanical vibration (n) mechanical work (n) Mechanically locked connections Mechanics mechanics (n) median (n) median line (n) medium (n) medium force fit (n) medium gauge sheet (n) medium-size goods (n) medium-sized sheet (n) medium-term (adj) meet (v) megger (n) melt (n) melt (v) melt flow front (n) melted mass (n) melting point (n) melting temperature (n) member (n) membrane (n) membrane button (n) membrane wall (n) membraning machine (n) memory (n) merchandise (n) merchandise planning (n) mercury (n) mercury column (n) mercury switch (n) merge (v) mesh (n) mesh (v) mesh enclosure (n) mesh width (n) meshed container (n) meshing (n) meshing contact point (n) message (n) metacentre (n) metacentric height (n) metal (n) metal active gas/metal inert gas welding (n) metal bellows coupling (n) metal coating (n) metal cutting (n) metal cutting tool (n) metal elastic coupling (n) metal forming technology (n) metal removing capacity (n) metal saw (n) metal sheathing (n) metal sheet (n) metal tag (n) metal touchplate (n) metal working (n) metal-clad (adj) metal-cutting geometry (n) metal-cutting machine (n) metal-cutting work (n) metal-polymer composite plain bearing (n) metallic armor (n) metallic armour (n) metallic bond (n) metallic effect paint (n) metallic expansion joint (n) metallic spring (n) metallically separated (adj) metallisation fusing (n) metallographic testing (n) Metallography metallography (n) Metals metalwork (n) meter (n) meter reading (n) metering (n) metering pump (n) method (n) method based on the equilibrium of three non-parallel forces (n) method of data collection (n) method of division (n) Method of joints method of least squares (n) method of measurement (n) method of sections (n) method planning (n) metric thread (n) metric ton (n) metrology (n) mezzanine (n) MG (n) mica (n) micro crack (n) micro switch (n) micro-circuit (n) micro-levelling (n) micro-switch (n) microcontroller (n) microcrack (n) microcracking (n) microelectronics (n) microergonomics (n) microgeometry (n) micrograph (n) microhardness (n) micrometer caliper (n) micrometer screw (n) microprocessor (n) microprocessor control (n) microprocessor-based control (n) microscope (n) microscopic deformation behaviour (n) microsection (n) Microstructure microstructure (n) microtexture (n) microwave (n) mid-band frequency (n) mid-frequency (n) mid-point (n) mid-position (n) mid-scale (n) mid-shaft (n) middle (n) midfrequency of octave band (n) midpoint scheduling (n) midpoint speed (n) migrate (v) mild steel (n) mill (n) mill (v) mill arrangement (n) mill barring gear (n) mill fan (n) mill louvre ring (n) mill off (v) mill outlet temperature (n) mill outlet turret (n) mill performance diagram (n) mill reject box (n) mill reject system (n) mill rejects (n) mill seal-air fan (n) mill steam smothering (n) mill type (n) Milling milling (n) milling arbor (n) milling arbour (n) milling cutter (n) milling groove (n) milling head (n) milling machine (n) milling machine table (n) milling pattern (n) milling saddle (n) milling spindle (n) milling tool (n) milling-machine operator (n) mimic diagram (n) mine (n) mine (v) mine lift (n) mineral dressing (n) miniature circuit breaker (n) miniature circuit-breaker (n) miniature fuse (n) miniature screw-thread (n) miniature switch (n) miniaturization (n) miniaturize (v) minimising setup times (n) minimum (n) minimum breaking load (of lifting ropes) (n) minimum depth of hardening (n) minimum dimension (n) minimum fit (n) minimum hardening depth (n) minimum level (n) minimum load (n) Minimum number of teeth (gear) minimum number of teeth generated without undercut (n) minimum requirement (n) minimum stress (n) mining (n) minor axis (n) minor diameter (n) minor repairs (pl) minutes (n) minutes of meeting (n) mirror axis (n) mirror-image ... (adj) mirror-inverted (adj) mirrored (adj) mis... (adj) misalign (adj) misaligned (adj) misalignment (n) mishandling (n) missing part (n) mission (n) mistake (n) miter (n) miter angle (n) miter box (n) miter clamp (n) miter cut (n) miter joint (n) miter plane (n) miter saw (n) miter square (n) miter vise (n) miter/mitre square (n) mitre (n) mitre angle (n) mitre block (n) mitre box (n) mitre box back saw (n) mitre clamp (n) mitre cut (n) mitre joint (n) mitre plane (n) mitre planing box (n) mitre saw (n) mitre square (n) mitre vise (n) mix (n) mix (v) mix muller (n) mixed cargo (n) mixed cargo conveying technology (n) mixed crystal (n) mixed friction (n) mixed load (n) mixed pallet storage (n) Mixed-model production mixing header (n) mixing loop (n) mixing screw conveyor (n) mixture (n) mobile (adj) mobile crane (n) mobile picking (n) mobile rack (n) mobilize (n) mobilize (v) modal damping (n) mode (n) mode of operation (n) mode of transport (n) mode selection (n) mode selector switch (n) mode switch (n) mode-intersection procedure (n) model (n) model of collaboration (n) model of cooperation (n) model-based approach (n) modelling (n) modelling a free body diagram (n) modem (n) modernization (n) modernization business (n) modernization package (n) modernization work (pl) modernize (v) modification (n) modification service (n) modified service life (n) modify (v) modular concept (n) modular design (n) Modular groove spacing (profile system) modular multi-level bill of material (n) modular single-level bill of material (n) modular system (n) Modular work bench system modulation (n) modulation frequency (n) modulator (n) module (n) module (reciprocal of diametral pitch) (n) module location (n) modulus (n) Modulus of elasticity modulus of elasticity (n) modulus of resistance (n) modulus of rigidity (n) Mohr's circle Mohr's circle (n) Mohr's criterion (n) Mohr's stress circle (n) moist (adj) moisten (v) moisture (n) moisture pick-up (n) moisture sensitivity (n) mold and tool construction (n) molding clay (n) molding shop (n) mole fraction (n) molecule (n) molten (adj) molten mass (n) molten-salt electrolysis (n) molybdenum (n) moment (n) moment area (n) moment at a section (n) moment condition (n) moment equilibrium (n) moment of area (n) moment of area nth degree (n) moment of area of the 2nd order (n) moment of force (n) moment of inertia (n) moment of inertia equation (n) moment of mass (n) Moment of momentum moment of momentum (n) moment of stability (n) moment per unit area (n) moment ratio (n) moment reference point (n) momentum (n) Momentum conservation law momentum conservation law (n) momentum conservation law for fluids (n) momentum conservation law for rotation (n) momentum theorem (n) monitor (n) monitor (v) monitoring (n) monitoring circuit (n) monitoring device (n) monkey wrench (n) mono-track (stoker) (adj) monochrome (adj) monocoque car (n) monophase ... (adj) monorail (n) monorail conveyor (n) monorail trolley (n) monostable (adj) monotube steam boiler (n) monotube steam generator (n) morphological matrix (n) Morse taper (n) mortise chisel (n) mortise gauge (n) MOSFET most adverse acceptable coal (n) motherboard (n) motion (n) motion arrow (n) motion control (n) motion control system (n) motion cycle (n) motion detector (n) motion equation (n) motion in polar coordinates (n) motion resistance (n) motive force (f) motive power (n) motor (n) motor barge (n) motor car lift (n) motor circuit (n) motor drive (n) motor generator set (n) motor governor (n) motor output (n) motor protection switch (n) motor rating (n) motor size (n) motor speed (n) motor switch (n) motor tanker (n) motor torque (n) motor vessel navigation (n) motor vessel shipping (n) motorail service (n) mould (n) mould (v) Mould casting mould casting (n) mould making (n) moulded part (n) Moulded seal moulding (n) moulding clay (n) moulding plane (n) moulding shop (n) mount (n) mount (v) mounting (n) mounting accuracy (n) mounting bracket (n) mounting cradle (n) mounting device (n) mounting dimensions (pl) mounting flange (n) mounting force (n) mounting height (n) mounting hole (n) mounting instructions (n) mounting kit (n) mounting location (n) mounting plate (n) mounting platform (n) mounting point (n) mounting position (n) mounting rail (n) mounting screw/bolt (n) mounting tool (n) mounting type (n) mouth (of a plane) (n) movable (adj) movable bearing (n) movable contact (n) movable spherical bearing (n) movable support (n) move (v) move forward (v) move time (n) movement (n) movement condition (n) movement pattern (n) Movement sequence movement sequence (n) movement test (n) movement type (n) moving (adj) moving average (n) moving centrode (n) moving coil (n) moving contact (n) moving fillister (n) moving walk (n) moving walkway (n) MRP procedure (n) MTM process (n) mud (n) mud drum (n) Muda muller mixer (n) multi disc ring (n) multi location storage (n) multi-arm robot (n) multi-bolt flange (n) multi-consignment train (n) multi-contact (adj) multi-contact plug (n) multi-disc brake (n) multi-group train (n) multi-leaf spring (n) multi-level ... (adj) multi-level batch size planning (n) multi-level bill of material (n) multi-link transport chain (n) multi-mass oscillator (n) multi-nozzle sootblower (n) multi-pass boiler (n) multi-phase (adj) multi-plate ring (n) multi-pole (adj) multi-pole connector (n) multi-product flow production (n) multi-purpose grease (n) multi-purpose machine (n) multi-purpose trolley (n) multi-section train (n) multi-shear rivet connection (n) multi-shear rivet joint (n) multi-shear riveted joint (n) multi-spindle machine (n) multi-stage (adj) multi-stage ... (adj) multiaxial stress state (n) multidimensional scaling (n) multidisc brake (n) multidisc clutch (n) Multijaw grab multijaw grab (n) multilink (adj) multiperiod (adj) multiple collective automatic operation (n) multiple diameter tap (n) multiple disc brake (n) multiple gear ratio (n) multiple installation (n) multiple joint (n) multiple lifts (n) multiple regression (n) multiple thread milling cutter (n) multiple-conductor cable (n) multiple-contact plug (n) multiple-disc brake (n) multiple-disc clutch (n) multiple-spindle automatic lathe (n) multiple-spindle automatic machine (n) multiple-spindle drilling machine (n) multiple-spindle machine (n) multiple-spline shaft (n) multiplexer (n) multiplication with scalar factor (n) multiplicative link (n) multiplicative linking (n) multiplicative model (n) multiplier (n) multiply (v) Multiprofile longitudinal screw grinding, in which several thread profiles are arranged on the grinding wheel in line with the thread pitch. The leads of the profiles are graduated. The feed is determined by the thread length and grinding wheel width. Thi Multiprofile transverse screw grinding, in which the grinding wheel is advanced to the full thread depth while the workpiece performs a quarter turn. The thread is finished off with a further revolution and axial displacement that matches the required thr multisection (adj) multispindle automatic machine (automatic lathe) (n) multivariate method (n) multivariate model (n) Multivibrator circuit mushroom-head bolt (n) mushroom-head pushbutton (n) mute (v) mute push button (n) muting (n)