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Glossary index A-Z

The glossary index gives you an overview of all contributions from A to Z.

V (n) V flat guide V-belt (n) V-belt drive (n) V-belt pulley (n) V-groove (n) V-guide (n) V-ribbed belt (n) V-ribbed belt pulley (n) V-thread (n) V-weld (n) vacancy mechanism (n) vacant (adj) vacuum (n) vacuum cup (n) Vacuum forming vacuum forming (n) Vacuum lifter vacuum lifter (n) vacuum lifting equipment (n) vacuum moulding (n) vacuum pump (n) vacuum-tight (adj) value (n) Value analysis value analysis (n) value chain partner (n) value frequency (n) value stream design (n) value stream mapping (n) value to be measured (n) value-added process (n) Value-stream mapping value-stream mapping (n) valve (n) valve actuation (n) valve actuator (n) valve block (n) valve body (n) valve clearance (n) valve control (n) valve disk (n) valve housing (n) valve insert (n) valve lift (n) valve needle (n) valve piston (n) valve seat (n) valve spindle (n) valve spring (n) valve stem (n) valve thread (n) valve yoke (n) valves and fittings (pl) van (n) Van-der-Waals bond (n) vanadium (n) vanadium steel (n) vandal-resistant (adj) vane (n) vane cell pump (n) vane pump (n) vane wheel (n) vane-type (moisture) separator (n) vapor (n) vapour (n) vapour (electrostatic) precipitator (n) vapour burner (n) Vapour deposition (thermal) vapour ESP (n) vapour fan (n) variable (adj) variable (n) variable capacitor (n) variable speed gear (n) variable-frequency ... (adj) variable-gain amplifier (n) variable-speed ... (adj) variable-speed drive (n) variable-speed gear (n) variable-speed governor (n) variable-speed motor (n) variable-speed transmission (n) variable-voltage ... (adj) variance (n) variance analysis (n) variance stationarity (n) variant (n) variant bill of material (n) variant flow production (n) variant management (n) variant planning (n) variation (n) variation coefficient (n) variation of pressure (n) variations requiring approval (pl) variety (n) varnish (n) varnish (v) vary (v) vat (n) Vector vector (n) vector addition (n) vector product (n) vee (n) vee belt (n) vee belt pulley (n) vee groove (n) vee guide (n) vee thread (n) vee-pulley drive (n) Vee-thread (n) vegetable desiccator (n) vegetable drier (n) vehicle (n) vehicle category (n) vehicle class (n) vehicle dynamics control (n) vehicle earthing (n) vehicle lift (n) Velcro fastener (n) Velocity velocity (n) velocity component (n) velocity head (n) velocity level (n) velocity metrology (n) velocity of light (n) velocity pressure (n) velocity vector (n) velocity-proportional damping (n) Velocity-time diagram velocity-time diagram (n) velocity-time diagram of free fall (n) velocity-time diagram of ram stroke (n) velocity-time diagram of vertical projection (n) velocity-time law (n) velocity-time line (n) vendor (n) vent (v) vent hole (n) vent plug (n) vent screw (n) vent valve (n) ventilate (v) ventilated ceiling (n) ventilated lighting fitting (n) ventilation (n) ventilation apertures (pl) ventilation opening (n) ventilation slot (n) venting (n) verification (n) verified (adj) verify (v) vernier (n) vernier caliper (n) vernier knob (n) versatile (adj) version (n) vertex (n) vertical (adj) vertical adjustment (n) vertical design (n) vertical feed (n) vertical infeed (n) vertical motion (n) vertical platform lift (n) vertical range of manufacture (n) vertical rise (n) vertical spindle grinder (n) vertical spindle mill (n) vertical spindle miller (n) vertical travel (n) vertically adjustable (adj) very high cycle fatigue (n) vessel (n) via point (n) viable (adj) vibrate (v) Vibrating conveyor vibrating conveyor (n) vibration (n) vibration amplitude (n) vibration analogy (n) vibration damper (n) vibration damping (n) vibration excitation (n) vibration fatigue failure (n) vibration in the frequency domain (n) vibration in the time domain (n) vibration isolation (n) vibration load (n) vibration period (n) vibration pickup (n) vibration resistance (n) vibration response (n) vibration strength (n) Vibration stress vibration stress failure (n) vibration test (n) vibration velocity (n) vibration-induced corrosion (n) vibrational loading (n) vibrational stress (n) vibrationless (adj) Vibratory finishing vice (n) Vickers hardness (n) Vickers hardness test Vickers hardness test (n) Vickers pyramid hardness (n) view (n) violate (v) violate (upper limits) (v) Virtual displacement Virtual force virtual work (n) visco coupling (n) visco damper (n) viscosimeter (n) viscosity (n) viscosity index (n) viscosity number (n) viscosity ratio (n) viscosity test (n) viscosity testing (n) viscous (adj) viscous behaviour (n) viscous coupling (n) viscous damper (n) viscous friction (n) vise (n) visible (adj) vision panel (n) Visual field visual field (n) visual inspection (n) Visual management Vogel's approximation method (n) voice announcement (n) voice frequency (n) voice output (n) voice synthesizer (n) void (adj) void (n) volatile (adj) voltage (n) voltage between lines (n) voltage controller (n) voltage correction (n) voltage deviation (n) voltage dip (n) voltage divider (n) voltage drop (n) voltage failure (n) voltage fluctuation (n) voltage gain (n) voltage indicator (n) voltage level (n) voltage limiter (n) voltage link (n) Voltage measurement voltage measurement (n) voltage peak (n) voltage pulse (n) voltage range (n) voltage response (n) voltage ripple (n) voltage rise (n) voltage selector (n) voltage source (n) voltage spike (n) voltage surge (n) voltage to earth (n) voltage to ground (n) voltage transformer (n) voltage-carrying (adj) voltage-time function (n) voltmeter (n) volume (n) volume calculation (n) volume centroid (n) volume control (n) volume density of charge (n) volume diffusion (n) volume element (n) volume expansion (n) volume flow (n) volume level (n) volume of a ring (n) volume of liquid (n) volume of traffic (n) volume resistance (n) volume share (n) volume shrinkage (n) volume unit (n) volumetric flow rate (n) volumetric shrinkage (n) volumetric strain energy density (n) voyage (n) vulnerable (adj)