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Glossary index A-Z

The glossary index gives you an overview of all contributions from A to Z.

A blowing agent is added to a molten starting material to create an expandable mixture. When it is reheated, the blowing agent expands and creates bubbles a factor in purchasing decisions (n) ABC analysis (n) ABC article distribution (n) ABC classification (n) ABC cost allocation (n) ABC distribution curve (n) ability of material to remember (n) abort (from a selected function) (v) above-average (adj) abrade (v) abrade with emery (v) abraded matter (n) abrasion (n) abrasion-resistant (adj) abrasive action (n) abrasive disc (n) abrasive paper (n) Abrasive wear abrasive wheel (n) abrasive-belt polishing (n) ABS system (anti-lock braking system) (n) Absenteeism absenteeism (n) absolute acceleration (n) absolute error level (n) absolute position measurement (n) absolute pressure (n) absolute value sign (n) absolute zero (n) absorb (v) absorb heat (n) absorbency (n) absorber (n) absorption (n) absorptive capacity (n) absorptive power (n) abusive (adj) abut (v) abutment (n) abutting (adj) abutting speed (n) AC (n) AC component (n) AC machine (n) AC motor (n) AC voltage (n) AC-DC set (n) accelerate (v) accelerated motion (n) accelerated test (n) accelerating force (n) accelerating torque (n) Acceleration acceleration (n) acceleration characteristic (n) acceleration component (n) acceleration distance (n) acceleration due to gravity (n) acceleration force (n) acceleration governor (n) Acceleration metrology acceleration metrology (n) acceleration of free fall (n) acceleration pick-up (n) acceleration process (n) acceleration profile (n) acceleration sensor (n) acceleration time (n) acceleration torque (n) acceleration vector (n) acceleration work (n) acceleration-time diagram (n) acceleration-time law (n) acceleration-time line (n) accelerator (n) accelerometer (n) accept (v) accept lamp (n) acceptable range (n) acceptance (n) acceptance certificate (n) acceptance drawing (n) acceptance inspection (n) acceptance report (n) acceptance specification (n) acceptance test (n) accepted indicator (n) access (n) access door (n) access hatch (n) access ladders (n) access time (n) access trap (n) accessible (adj) accessible to persons (adj) accessories (pl) accessories warehouse (n) accessory (n) accessory set (n) accident analysis (n) accident condition (n) accident hazard (n) accident risk (n) accident-prevention regulations (pl) accidental (adj) accommodate (v) accompanying papers (pl) Accumulating conveyor accumulating conveyor (n) accumulating roller conveyor (n) accumulator (n) accumulator charger (n) accuracy (n) accuracy class (n) accuracy of levelling (n) accuracy of position (n) accuracy of the bearing seat surface (n) accurate (adj) accurate to size (adj) accurately machined (adj) Achievable surface structure achromatic (adj) acid resistance (n) acid-cleaning (n) acid-resistant liner (n) acknowledge (v) acknowledgement (n) acknowledgement signal (n) acme thread (n) acorn nut (n) acoustic absorption (n) acoustic pressure (n) acoustic radiation (n) acoustical insulation (n) acoustics (n) acrylic fiber (n) acrylic fibre (n) act (v) act on (v) action (n) action chart (n) action limit (n) action line (n) activate (v) activated (adj) activation (n) active current (n) active forces (pl) active load (n) active power (n) active RFID transponder (n) actual clearance (n) actual deviation (n) Actual dimension actual dimension (n) actual interference (n) actual load (n) actual pitch (n) actual position (n) actual power (n) actual profile (n) actual size (n) actual speed (n) actual throughput (n) actual time (n) actual value (n) actual voltage (n) actual-value sensor (n) actuate (v) actuating cam (n) actuating element (n) actuating force (n) actuating lever (n) actuating range (n) actuating switch (n) actuation (n) Actuator actuator (n) actuator bearing (n) acute (adj) ADA compliant (ADA = Americans with Disabilities Act) (adj) adapt (v) adaptability (n) adaptable (adj) Adaptable production systems adaptation (n) adapter (n) adapter arbor (n) adapter arbour (n) adapter screw (n) adapter sleeve (n) Adaptive control adaptive control (n) adaptive method (n) add (v) add on (v) add-on device (n) add-on kit (n) add-on module (n) add-on part (n) add-on piece (n) add-on unit (n) addendum (n) addendum diameter (n) addendum flank (n) addendum modification coefficient (n) addition (n) addition formula (n) addition of vectors (n) addition theorem (n) additional mass (n) additional pipe force (n) additional time (n) additivation (n) additive (n) additive model (n) adhere (v) adhere to (v) adherence to delivery dates (n) adherence to schedules (n) adhesion (n) adhesion friction coefficient (n) adhesive (n) Adhesive bonding adhesive film (n) adhesive force (n) Adhesive joint adhesive strength (n) adhesive tape (n) Adhesive wear adhesiveness (n) adjacent (adj) adjacent pitch error (n) adjacent transverse pitch error (n) adjust (v) adjust itself (v) adjustable (adj) adjustable in height (adj) adjustable reading distance (n) adjusted bearing arrangement (n) adjuster (n) adjusting device (n) adjusting error (n) adjusting knob (n) adjusting nut (n) adjusting range (n) adjusting ring (n) adjusting run (n) adjusting screw (n) adjusting spindle (n) adjusting terminal (n) adjusting travel (n) adjustment (n) adjustment fault (n) adjustment instructions (n) adjustment potentiometer (n) adjustment range (n) adjustment screw (n) admissible (adj) admission (n) admit (v) admittance (n) advance (n) advance (v) advance angle (n) advance control (n) advance development (n) advance engineering (n) advance procurement (n) advance purchasing (n) adz (n) adze (n) aeration cell (n) aerial (n) aerial cable (n) aerodynamic (adj) aerodynamics (n) aeroplane (n) aerosol (n) aesthetics (n) affect (v) after-cure (v) after-treat (v) after-treatment (n) age (v) aged (adj) ageing (n) ageing temperature (n) ageing treatment (n) agent (n) aggravate (v) aggregate (n) agitate (v) agree (v) aid (n) aim (n) air (n) air (v) air cock (n) air cooling (n) air cushion vehicle (n) air dashpot (n) air density (n) air drill (n) air freight (n) air freight container (m) air freight hub (n) air hammer (n) air handling (n) air lock (n) air pocket (n) air pressure (n) air pressure gage (n) air pressure gauge (n) air quality (n) air relief valve (n) air resistance (n) air speed (n) air swirler (n) air temperature (n) air tool (n) air traffic (n) air transport (n) air velocity (n) air-blast burner (n) air-borne dust (n) air-borne noise (n) air-discharge silo wagon (n) air-handling ceiling (n) air-handling luminaire (n) air-harden (v) air-hardening steel (n) airborne noise (n) airborne sound (n) aircraft (n) airport passenger boarding bridge (n) aisle (n) aisle width (n) ajar (e.g.: the door is ajar) (adj) alarm (n) alarm bell (n) alarm button (n) alarm device (n) alarm display (n) alarm horn (n) alarm message (n) alarm signal (n) alarm switch (n) alarm transmission (n) alert (n) alert (v) alert notice (n) alert signal (n) algebra (n) algebraic equation (n) algebraic sign (n) algebraic sum (n) alight (v) align (v) align perpendicularly (adj) align vertically (adj) aligned (adj) aligning needle bearing (n) alignment (n) alignment error (n) alkali resistance (n) all-... (adj) all-automatic ... (adj) all-clear signal lamp (n) all-electric (adj) all-electronic ... (adj) all-glass door (n) all-in time (n) all-insulated (adj) all-metal housing (n) all-purpose adhesive (n) all-purpose lathe (n) all-purpose machine (n) all-ready signal lamp (n) all-steel friction drive (n) Allen screw (n) Allen wrench (n) alleviate (v) alley (n) alleyway (n) allocate frequencies (n) allocation problem (n) allot frequencies (n) allow (v) allowable stress (n) allowance (n) Alloy alloy (n) alloy (v) alloy concentration (n) alloy element (n) alloy steel (n) alloyed (adj) alloyed steel (n) alloying element (n) alongside (adj) alter (v) alteration (n) alteration history (n) alteration notice (n) alteration service (n) alternate (v) alternating (adj) alternating current (n) Alternating current (AC) alternating field (n) alternating load (n) alternating load type (n) alternating one-way traffic (n) Alternating stress alternating stress (n) alternating tensile-compressive stress (n) alternating voltage (n) alternating-current motor (n) alternative (n) alternative channel (n) alternator (n) altitude (n) Aluminium aluminium (n) Aluminium alloy aluminium alloy (n) aluminium sheet (n) aluminum (n) aluminum alloy (n) aluminum sheet (n) ambient air (n) ambient condition (n) ambient light (n) ambient lighting (n) ambient temperature (n) ambulant disabled (pl) amend (v) ammeter (n) amorphous carbon layer (n) amorphous thermoplastic (n) amorphous thermoplastics (n) amount (n) amount of inspection (n) amperage (n) ampere (n) ampere hour (n) ampere-turn (n) ampere-turns (n) amperehour meter (n) amperemeter (n) amplification (n) amplification function (n) amplifier (n) amplifier board (n) amplify (v) amplifying circuit (n) amplitude (n) amplitude (of vibration/oscillation) (n) amplitude discriminator (n) amplitude distortion (n) amplitude frequency diagram (n) amplitude modulation (n) amplitude response (n) amplitude swing (n) amplitude variation (n) analog computer (n) analogue data logging (n) analogue-digital converter (n) analogy (n) analogy process (n) analyses (n) analysis (n) analysis of time series (n) analysis of variance (n) analyze (v) analyzer (n) anchor (n) anchor (v) anchor bolt (n) anchor nut (n) anchor points (pl) anchor rails (pl) anchorage (n) Andler's batch size (n) Andler's batch sizing formula (n) Andon angle (n) angle (v) angle cutter (n) angle error (n) angle joint (n) angle milling cutter (n) angle of application (n) angle of approach (n) angle of bevel (n) angle of capsize (n) angle of contact (n) angle of deflection (n) angle of force application (n) angle of friction (n) angle of grip (n) angle of inclination (n) angle of rake (on the cutting edge) (n) angle of rebound (n) angle of rotation (n) angle of rotation formula (n) angle of slide (n) angle of static friction (n) angle of traction (n) angle of vee grooves (n) angle of wrap (n) angle section (n) angle setting (n) angle steel (n) angle-type valve (n) angle/lever (n) angled (adj) Angular acceleration angular acceleration (n) Angular ball bearing angular ball bearing (n) angular deceleration (n) angular dimension (n) Angular frequency angular frequency (n) angular frequency ratio (n) angular measure (n) angular milling cutter (n) angular momentum (n) angular needle ball bearing (n) angular pitch (n) angular setting (n) angular speed (n) Angular velocity angular velocity (n) angular-contact ball bearing (n) angular-contact roller bearing (n) anneal (v) Annealing annealing (n) annealing (heat treatment) (n) annealing colour (n) annealing gas (n) annealing machines (n) annealing temperature (n) announcement text (n) announcer (n) annular (adj) annular groove (n) annular orifice (n) annular segment (n) annular spring (n) annunciator (n) annunciator board (n) anode (n) anode terminal (n) anode voltage (n) anodic stress-corrosion cracking (n) anodize (v) anodized (adj) anodized coating (n) answer (v) answer-back (n) antenna (n) Anthropometry anthropometry (n) anti-backlash (n) anti-blocking device (n) anti-burglary protection element (n) anti-clockwise (adj) anti-clockwise (adv) anti-clockwise rotation (n) anti-corrosion priming coat (n) anti-corrosive (adj) anti-corrosive agent (n) anti-corrosive coat (n) anti-creep device (n) anti-creep valve (n) anti-drumming agent (n) anti-drumming compound (n) anti-drumming solution (n) anti-fatigue bolt (n) anti-freeze (n) anti-freeze agent (n) anti-freeze solution (n) anti-friction bearing (n) anti-friction bush (n) anti-friction surface (n) anti-interference capacitor (n) anti-kink spring (n) anti-lock braking system (ABS) (n) anti-nuisance feature (n) anti-nuisance protection (n) anti-quick reversal (n) anti-rebound device (n) anti-resonance circuit (n) Anti-rotation device anti-rotation device (n) anti-rotation element (n) anti-rust ... (adj) anti-rust paint (n) anti-seize (n) anti-skid device (n) anti-vandal ... (adj) anti-vandalism (n) anti-vibration compound (n) anti-vibration mounting (n) anti-vibration pads (n) anticlockwise rotation (n) antistatic (adj) antistatic band (n) antistatic strap (n) antistatic wrist strap (n) antiwear additive (n) anvil (n) anvil mass (n) aperature (n) aperture (n) apparatus (n) apparent output (n) Apparent power apparent power (n) appearance (n) appliance (n) appliances with automatic caging (pl) applicable (adj) application (n) application function (n) application of force (n) application of load (n) applications (n) applied for (adj) applied forces (pl) applied load (n) apply (v) apply (force) (v) apply (the brake) (v) apply (voltage) to (v) apply voltage to (n) appraisal (n) apprenticeship (n) approach (n) approach (v) approach accuracy (n) approach condition (n) approach direction (n) approach mode (n) approach speed (n) approval (n) approval drawing (n) approval procedure (n) approval symbol (n) approval test (n) approve (v) approved drawing (n) approximate (adj) approximate (v) approximate value (n) approximated (adj) approximation (n) approximation method (n) approximation value (n) apron (n) Apron conveyor apron conveyor (n) arbor (n) arbor bearing (n) arbor taper (n) arbour (n) arbour bearing (n) arbour taper (n) arc (n) arc furnace (n) arc height (n) arc length (n) arc thickness (n) arc tooth thickness (n) arc welder (n) arc welding (n) arc welding machine (n) arch (n) arch-like (adj) arch-shaped (adj) arched (adj) architectural diagram (n) architecture (n) architrave (n) area (n) area centroid (n) area moment (n) Area moment of inertia area of contact (n) area of moments (n) areas of business (n) argument (n) arithmetic (n) arithmetic average (n) arithmetic mean (n) arithmetic progression (n) arithmetic sequence (n) arithmetic series (n) armature (n) armature coil (n) armature core (n) armature gap (n) armature load (n) armature reaction (n) armature resistance (n) armature shaft (n) armature slot (n) armature voltage (n) armature winding (n) armor (n) armor (v) armor plate (n) armor-plate (v) armor-plated (adj) armored (adj) armored cable (n) armored conduit (n) armoring (n) armour (n) armour (v) armour plate (n) armour-plate (v) armour-plated (adj) armoured (adj) armoured cable (n) armoured conduit (n) armouring (n) arrange (v) arranged in tandem (adj) arrangement (n) arrangement drawing (n) arrangement of the rolling element row (n) array (n) arrest (v) arrestor (n) arris saw (n) arrival (n) arrival bell (n) arrival chime (n) arrival curve (n) arrival gong (n) arrive (v) arrow projection method (n) art (n) article (n) articulated arm (n) articulated joint (n) articulated lorry (n) articulated rod (n) Articulated shaft articulated shaft (n) articulated vehicle (n) artificial (adj) artificial light (n) as-build drawing (n) as-built drawing (n) as-delivered condition (n) as-fired moisture (n) as-found test (n) as-installed drawing (n) as-received condition (n) ascend (v) ascending (adj) ascending car overspeed protection (n) ascending car overspeed protection means (n) ascent (n) ascent (v) Ascertaining surface structure ash collecting hopper (n) asphalt cutter (n) asphalt cutting machine (n) aspirating engine (n) assemble (v) Assembly assembly (n) assembly accuracy (n) assembly aids (pl) assembly defect (n) assembly detail (n) assembly drawing (n) assembly element (n) assembly force (n) assembly instructions (n) assembly line (n) assembly line production (n) assembly mandrel (n) assembly part (n) assembly platform (n) assembly robot (n) assembly tool (n) assembly trolley (n) assembly unit (n) Assembly-optimised assess (v) assessment (n) assign frequencies (n) assignment of production resources/tools (n) assignment of tasks (n) assignment problem (n) assistance (n) assisted-circulation boiler (n) associative law (n) assortment (n) assume (v) assume a value (v) assumed (adj) assumed load (n) assumption (n) assumption of direction (n) Astable multivibrator circuit - when a control signal is applied, the circuit does not assume a stable state asymmetric cross-section (n) asymmetric(al) (adj) asymmetry (n) Asymptote asymptote (n) asynchronous (adj) asynchronous control (n) asynchronous counter (n) Asynchronous machine asynchronous machine (n) asynchronous material transport (n) asynchronous mode (n) asynchronous motor (n) asynchronous operation (n) at no load (adj) at right angles (adj) atmospheric pressure (n) atmospheric relief system (n) atmospherics (pl) atom (n) atomic concentration (n) atomic mass (n) atomic number (n) atomic physics parameter (n) atomic radius (n) atomic weight (n) atomisation (n) atomize (v) atomizer (n) attach (v) attachment (n) attack (n) attack (v) attemperation spray section (n) attemperator (n) attemperator station (n) attempt (n) attend (v) attend (to somebody) (v) attend to (v) attendance (n) attendant (n) attendant control (n) attended (adj) attenuate (v) attenuation (n) attenuation compensation (n) attenuation equalization (n) attenuation equalizer (n) attenuation factor (n) attenuator (n) attract (v) attraction (n) attractive force (n) attrition (n) auction for construction machines (n) audible (adj) audible alarm (n) audible alert (n) audible frequency (n) audible signal (f) audible sound (n) audio frequency (n) audio sound (n) audio station (n) audit (n) audit (v) auger mining (process) (n) austempering (n) austenite former (m) austenitic cast iron (n) austenitic steel (n) authentic (adj) authorization (n) authorization (of vendors) (n) authorize (v) Autoclaved aerated concrete autocorrelation (n) autocorrelation analysis (n) autocorrelation coefficient (n) autocorrelation function (n) autogenous cutting (n) autogenous welding (n) automate (v) Automated guided vehicle system automated guided vehicle system (n) automated guided vehicle system (AGV) (n) automated process planning/work scheduling (n) automated storage and retrieval system (n) automatic balancing (n) automatic brake control system (n) automatic by-pass (n) automatic circuit-breaker (n) automatic control (n) automatic control engineering (n) automatic control loop (n) automatic controller (n) automatic controlling and regulating system (n) automatic cutout (n) automatic die bonder (n) automatic drilling machine (n) automatic grinder (n) automatic grinding machine (n) automatic hobbing machine (n) automatic lathe (n) automatic miller (n) automatic milling machine (n) automatic packaging machine (n) automatic pushbutton control (n) automatic rack serving units (pl) automatic railway telephone system (n) automatic sawing machine (n) automatic shut-down control (n) automatic shutter (n) automatic speed control (n) automatic speed selector (n) automatic start emergency generator service (n) automatic switch-off (n) automatic switch-on (n) automatic switchover (n) automatic thread cutting device (n) automatic welding machine (n) automatic worm hobbing machine (n) automation (n) Automation technology autotransformer (n) autowalk (n) auxiliary equipment for unit loads (n) auxiliary power requirement (n) auxiliary power supply (n) auxiliary products warehouse (n) auxiliary storage equipment (n) availability (n) availability check (n) availability time (n) available (adj) available area (n) available car area (n) available load (n) average (n) average (v) average lead time (n) average roughness (n) average speed (n) average stationarity (n) average stock (n) average value (n) average velocity (n) averaged (adj) averaging (n) avoidance (n) awareness (n) axes (fpl) axes of a robot (pl) axes of coordinates (n) axial angular ball bearing (n) axial area moment of inertia (n) axial ball bearing (n) axial bearing (n) axial bearing seat (n) axial bolt force (n) axial clearance (n) axial deep groove ball bearing (n) axial difference between adjacent pitches (n) axial difference between adjacent single pitches (n) axial direction (n) axial displacement (n) axial factor (n) axial feed (n) axial force (n) axial groove ball bearing (n) axial labyrinth seal (n) axial lip seal (n) axial load (n) axial loading (n) axial location (n) axial module (n) axial moment of area (n) axial moment of area nth degree (n) axial pitch (n) axial pitch error (n) axial plane (n) axial play (n) axial position (n) axial pressure (n) axial resistance moment (n) axial roller (n) axial roller bearing (n) axial run-out (n) axial runout (n) axial self-aligning roller bearing (n) axial spring-loaded sealing plate (n) axial stress (n) axial tapered roller bearing (n) axial thrust (n) axial thrust plate (n) axial thrust washer (n) axial welding (n) axial-radial bearing (n) axially prestressed tapered interference fit (n) axiom (n) axis (n) axis control (n) axis of motion (n) axis of rotation (n) Axle axle (n) axle spacing (n) axonometric representation (n)