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Glossary index A-Z

The glossary index gives you an overview of all contributions from A to Z.

gage (n) gain (n) gain (v) gain characteristic (n) gain control (n) Galileo's law of inertia (n) Galle-type chain (n) gallery (n) galvanic corrosion (n) Galvanising galvanising line (n) galvanize (v) gamma ray (n) gamma-ray radiography (n) gamma-ray testing (n) gang (n) gang cutter (n) gang drill (n) gang drilling machine (n) gang milling cutter (n) gantry (n) Gantry crane gantry crane (n) gantry robot (n) gantry-type milling machine (n) Gantt chart Gantt chart (n) gap (n) Gap seal gap seal (n) garbage (n) gas (n) gas cutting (n) gas discharge lamp (n) gas failsafe device (n) gas inlet branch (n) gas inlet connection (n) gas inlet nozzle (n) gas inlet pressure (n) gas inlet temperature (n) gas pocket (n) Gas sensor gas separator (n) gas shock absorber (n) gas spring (n) Gas welding gas welding (n) gas-fired boiler (n) gas-pressurised shock absorber (n) gaseous fuel (n) Gasket gasket (n) gate (n) gate circuit (n) gate propagation delay time (n) gate valve (n) gauge (n) gauge (v) gauging (n) Gaussian distribution (n) Gear gear (n) gear (v) gear axis (n) gear bank (n) gear blank (n) gear body (n) gear cluster (n) gear cutting (n) gear cutting quality (n) gear drive (n) gear efficiency (n) gear force (n) gear force component (n) gear generation (n) gear generator (n) gear hob (n) gear hobbing (n) gear hobbing cutter (n) gear hobbing machine (n) gear hub (n) gear manufacturing (n) gear mesh frequency (n) Gear metrology gear metrology (n) gear movements (pl) gear oil (n) gear pair (n) gear pump (n) gear ratio (n) gear reduction (n) gear rim (n) gear segment (n) gear shaft (n) gear shaper (n) gear slotter (n) gear teeth (n) gear tooth (n) gear tooth engagement (n) gear tooth tolerance (n) gear train (n) gear transmission (n) gear wheel (n) gear-cutting machine (n) gearbox (n) geared ... (n) geared coupling (n) geared lift (n) geared machine (n) geared motor (n) geared motor drive (n) gearing (n) Gearing (gear) gearing tolerance (n) gearless lift (n) gears (n) gearwheel (n) gearwheel force (n) Gemba Genba general arrangement (n) general arrangement drawing (n) general assembly drawing (n) general cargo (n) general cargo conveying technology (n) General corrosion general development plan (n) general freight (n) general layout (n) general purpose lift (n) general shear stress equation (n) general spatial system of forces (n) general spatial system of sources (n) general system of forces (n) General tolerance general tolerance (n) general view (n) generate (v) generating angle (n) generating set (n) generation angle (n) generation of electrical energy (n) generative computer-aided process planning system (CAPP) (n) generative planning (n) Generative production process generator (n) generator armature (n) generator set (n) generic standard (n) genetic algorithm (n) gentle (adj) genuine (adj) geodetic pressure (n) geodetic pressure head (n) geographical information system (n) geometric addition (n) geometric information (n) geometric mean (n) geometric progression (n) geometric sequence (n) geometric series (n) Geometrical representation geometrical tolerance (n) geometry (n) Gerber beam (n) get stuck (v) gib-head key (n) Gibbs energy (n) Gibbs free energy (n) Gibbs' phase rule (n) gigaliner (m) gill pitch (n) girder (n) giva a call (n) give (a call) (v) give off (v) gland (n) gland packing (n) glandless (adj) Glass glass (n) glass-fiber cable (n) glass-fibre cable (n) glass-fronted box (for fire-lift switch) (n) glaze (v) glazing (n) glide (v) glide plan (n) globe (n) globe valve (n) globular (adj) gloss (n) glow (v) glow discharge (n) glowing (adj) glue (n) glue (v) gluer (n) gluing (n) go below (v) go below a value (v) go beyond (v) go end (n) go into operation (n) go outside (v) go side (n) go slack (adj) go thread gage (n) go thread gauge (n) go with (v) go-gage (n) go-gauge (n) go-no-go gage (n) go-no-go gauge (n) goal (n) goal hierarchy (n) goggles (n) gold-plate (v) Golden ratio golden ratio (n) Goliath Edison screw thread (n) gong (n) good (n) good tempering properties (n) goods (n) goods distribution centre (n) goods for disposal (n) goods issue (n) goods lift (n) goods receipt (n) goods receiving department (n) goods traffic (n) goods vehicle (n) goods wagon (n) goods-only lift (n) govern (v) governor (n) governor sheave (n) Gozinto graph (n) grab (n) grab (v) grabber (n) Grabs gradation (n) grade (v) grade of steel (n) grade resistance (n) grade resistance component (n) gradient (n) grading (n) graduate (v) graduated dial (n) graduation (n) graduation line (n) grain boundary (n) grain flow (n) grain growth (n) grain size (n) grain structure (n) grain texture (n) grain-size distribution curve (n) grains (n) gram (n) gramme (n) grant (n) grant (v) granular pattern (n) granular powder (n) granulating machine (n) granulator (n) graph (n) graph of torque fluctuations (n) graphic symbol (n) graphical calculation of the resultant (n) graphical condition of equilibrium (n) graphical symbol (n) graphics symbol (n) graphite (n) graphite precipitation (n) grapple (n) grasp (v) grasping force (n) grate (n) grate air seal (n) grate bar (n) grate capacity (n) grate carriage (n) grate drive (n) grate firebar (n) grate module (n) grate shaft (n) grate surface area (n) grate track (n) grating (n) gravel filter (n) gravitational acceleration (n) gravitational field (n) Gravitational field strength - indicates the field strength acting on a mass within a field due to the force of gravity. It is defined as the quotient of the gravitational force acting on the mass of a body at a specific point and is measured in$m/ gravitational force (n) gravitational potential energy (n) gravity (n) gravity axis (n) gravity die casting (n) gravity drop hammer (n) gravity line (n) gravity pendulum (n) gravity plane (n) gravity stopping distance (n) gravity-force mill (n) gray cast iron (n) grease (n) grease (v) grease channel (n) grease compartment (n) grease cup (n) grease filling (n) grease gun (n) grease hole (n) grease lubrication (n) grease nipple (n) grease packing (n) grease passage (n) grease service life (n) grease-filled (adj) grease-packed (adj) greased-for-life bearing (n) great (adj) green (adj) Grey cast iron grey cast iron (n) grey iron (n) grid (n) grid dimensions (pl) gridiron (n) grille (n) grind (v) grind off (v) grinder (n) Grinding grinding (n) grinding allowance (n) grinding ball (n) grinding bowl (n) grinding compound (n) grinding disc (n) grinding finish (n) grinding machine (n) grinding operation (n) grinding ring (n) grinding robot (n) grinding shop (n) grinding table (n) grinding wheel (n) grip (n) grip (v) grip rail (n) grip ring (n) grip shape (n) grip type (n) grip type group (n) grip wedge (n) gripper (n) gripper unit (n) gripping (n) gripping device (n) gripping wedge (n) grommet (n) groove (n) groove (v) groove angle (n) groove direction (n) groove pitch (n) groove profile (n) grooved (adj) grooved dowel pin (n) grooved nail (n) grooved pin (n) grooved pulley (n) grooved ring (n) grooving plane (n) grooving saw (n) gross energy (n) gross material costs (n) gross requirements (n) gross volume (n) ground (adj) ground (n) ground (v) ground bracelet (n) ground cable (n) ground clearance (n) ground conductor (n) ground contact (n) ground conveyor (n) ground force (n) ground level (n) ground plan (n) ground potential (n) ground terminal (n) ground wire (n) ground-base circuit (n) grounded (adj) grounding (n) grounding system (n) group (n) group (v) group collective control (n) group control (n) group control computer (n) group of four lifts (n) group of lifts (n) group of three cars (n) group of three lifts (n) group of two cars (n) group of two lifts (n) group supervisory control (n) group technology (n) group type (n) grout (v) grow (v) growth (n) growth capacity (n) Grub screw grub screw (n) GTO thyristor GTO thyristor (n) guarantee coal (n) guard (n) guard (v) guard rail (n) guard railing (n) guard strip (n) guard-rails (n) guarded (adj) guarding (n) GUI workstation (n) guidance (n) guidance function (n) guidance note (n) guidance value (n) guide (n) guide (v) guide bar (n) guide batch (n) guide blade (n) guide bracket (n) guide bracket fixing (n) guide bracket span (n) guide bush (n) guide bushing (n) guide edge (n) guide gib (n) guide length (n) guide plate (n) guide pulley (n) guide rail (n) guide rail (car and counterweight) (n) guide rail backing (pl) guide rail gauge (n) guide roller (n) guide shoe (n) guide slot (n) guide surface (n) guide-rail bracket (n) guideline (n) guideway (n) guiding force (n) guiding roller (n) guillotine damper (n) guillotine shears (n) Guldin's rules (n) Guldin's surface rule (n) Guldin's volume rule (n) gum (v) gun metal (n) gunning (n) gusset (n) gusset plate (n) gutting machine (n) guy (n) guy (v) guy cable (n) guy rope (n) guyed (adj) gyrate (v) gyration (n) gyratory (adj)