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Glossary index A-Z

The glossary index gives you an overview of all contributions from A to Z.

wafer (n) waffle slab ceiling (n) wage group (n) wagonload traffic (n) WAHR (adj) wait (v) wait to be answered (v) wait to be served (v) waiting time (n) walk into (v) walk out (v) walk-in ... (adj) walk-way (n) walking robot (n) wall bracket (n) wall cladding (n) wall climber (n) wall climbing lift (n) wall cutout (n) wall entrance (n) wall luminaire (n) wall mounting (n) wall opening (n) wall outlet (n) wall panel abutment (n) wall socket (n) wall switch (n) wall thickness (n) wall-mounted cabinet (n) wall-mounted luminaire (n) wall-mounted slewing crane (n) Warehouse warehouse (n) warehouse capacity (n) warehouse concept (n) warehouse organisation (n) warehouse planning (n) warehouse space requirements (n) warehouse stock (n) warehouse with fixed storage spaces (n) warehousing (n) warehousing costs (n) warehousing strategy (n) warehousing system (n) Warm range warm-up time (n) warning (n) warning bell (n) warning buzzer (n) warning label (n) warning light (n) warning message (n) warning notice (n) warning signal (n) warp (v) Warrington rope (n) Washer washer (n) waste (n) waste bin (n) waste disposal (n) waste disposal box (n) waste disposal container (n) waste disposal system (n) waste disposal vehicle (n) waste gas (n) waste heat (n) waste heat boiler (n) waste heat recovery boiler (n) waste of energy (n) waste reduction (n) watch (v) watchdog (n) watchdog timer (n) watchman (n) water column (n) water hammer (n) water level (n) water pressure lifting jack (n) water traffic (n) water tube (n) water-cooled (adj) water-hardening steel (n) water-soluble (adj) water-steam header (n) water-wall header (n) waterborne traffic (n) waterproof (adj) watertight (adj) watmeter (n) watt (n) watt hour (n) watt-second (n) wattage (n) watthour meter (n) wattless power (n) wave (n) waveguide (n) wavelength (n) Waviness (engineering surfaces) waviness profile (n) waypoint (n) weak (adj) weak and power current engineering (n) weak current (n) weak point (n) weak-current engineering (n) weaken (v) weakening (n) weakening ratio (n) Wear wear (n) wear (v) wear and tear (n) wear bar (n) wear calculation (n) wear in (v) wear out (v) wear performance (n) wear protection additive (n) wear resistance (n) Wear-optimised wear-resistant (adj) wearing (n) wearing part (n) weather groove (n) weathering test (n) weatherstrip (n) web (n) web guide roller (n) web offset press (n) web travel (n) web width (n) wedge (n) wedge (v) wedge angle (n) wedge friction coefficient (n) wedge friction force (n) wedge safety (n) wedge socket (n) wedge-shaped (adj) wedge-type safety (n) weekly batch (n) Weibull cumulative distribution function (n) Weibull distribution (n) weighing machine (n) weight (n) weight (v) weight value (n) weighted average (n) weighted moving average (n) weighting (n) weighting curve (n) weighting factor (n) weir (n) weld (n) weld (v) weld bead support (n) weld crack (n) Weld joint weld on (v) weld root (n) Weld seal Weld seam weld to (v) weld-on union (n) weldability (n) welded (adj) welded connection (n) Welded joint welded joint (n) welded seam (n) welded steel construction (n) welder (n) welder identification (n) welder qualification (n) Welding welding (n) welding bead (n) welding circuit (n) welding crack (n) welding electrode (n) welding engineering (n) welding filler (n) welding gas (n) welding machine (n) welding method (n) welding neck (n) welding point (n) welding position (n) welding practice (n) welding process (n) welding robot (n) welding rod (n) welding seam (n) welding set (n) welding torch (n) welding unit (n) welding wire (n) well (n) well drill (n) well drill tool (n) well enclosure (n) well lighting (n) well-proven (adj) wet (adj) wet (v) wet scraper ash extractor (n) wettability (n) wheel (n) wheel axis (n) wheel conveyor (n) wheel dresser (n) wheel house (n) wheel hub (n) wheel rim (n) wheel set (n) wheel set bearing arrangement (n) wheel shaft (n) wheel-rail system (n) wheelset bearing unit (n) where-used list (n) whet (v) white metal (n) white noise (n) Whitworth fine thread (n) Whitworth pipe thread (n) Whitworth thread (n) wholesale trade (n) wide (adj) wide band (n) wide flats (n) wide loom (n) wide-band noise (n) wide-mouth glass container (n) wideband cable (n) widened (skate, vane) (adj) width (n) width across flats (n) width angle of wormwheel (n) width series (n) width tolerance (n) winch (n) winch drive (n) wind (v) wind off (v) wind up (v) winding (n) winding drum (n) winding gear (n) winding stick (n) winding support (n) wing (n) wing bolt (n) wing nut (n) wing screw (n) Winters method (n) wipe (v) wipe off (v) wiper (n) wire (n) wire (v) wire braiding (n) wire break (n) wire brush (n) wire cable (n) wire coils (n) wire cross section (n) wire cutter (n) wire dispenser (n) Wire drawing wire drawing (n) wire edge (n) wire gauge (n) wire jumper (n) wire mat (n) wire mesh (n) wire rope (n) wire strain gage (n) wire strain gauge (n) wire stripper (n) wire wrapping tool (n) wire-end sleeve (n) wire-mesh glass (n) wire-mesh pallet (n) wire-wound resistor (n) wire-wrap post (n) wireless (adj) wireless (n) wiring (n) wiring conduit (n) wiring diagram (n) with graphics capability (adj) withdraw (v) withdraw (the key from the lock) (v) withdrawable (adj) withdrawable unit (n) withdrawal (n) withdrawal strategy (n) withdrawing tool (n) without burrs (adj) withstand (v) withstand (pressure) (v) witnessed test (n) wobble (v) wobble disk (n) wobble plate (n) Wöhler curve (n) Wöhler diagram (n) Wood wood (n) Wood-fibre materials Wood-particle materials woodchipper (n) wooden mallet (n) Woodruff key (n) woodruff key pressure (n) Work work (n) work (v) work bench (n) work bench design (n) work centre processing time (n) Work chair work clamping device (n) work dia. (n) work diagram (n) work diameter (n) work done in bending a spring (n) work element (n) work hardening (n) work holder (n) work holding fixture (n) work in progress (n) work loose (adj) work loose (v) work machine (n) work management (n) work of a potential force (n) work of a variable force (n) work of deformation (n) work order time (n) Work organisation work organisation (n) Work output work output (n) work plan (n) work process (n) work process encryption (n) work progress (n) Work scheduling work scheduling (n) work spindle (n) work step splitting (n) Work strain work system (n) work value (n) work-holding fixture (n) work-holding table (n) work-in-process storage (n) work/services to be provided by others (pl) workable (adj) workbench (n) workholder (n) working (n) working capacity (n) working cycle (n) working depth (n) working drawing (n) Working height working height (n) working hours (pl) working life (n) working materials (n) working materials design (n) working platform (n) working pressure (n) working principle (n) working resistance (n) working side (n) working space (n) working speed (n) working standard (n) Working surface working surface (n) working system (n) working value (n) working voltage (n) Workload workload (n) Workload profile workload profile (n) workmanship (n) workpiece (n) workpiece carrier (n) workpiece change (n) workpiece clamping (n) workpiece classification (n) workpiece contour (n) workpiece drawing (n) workpiece fixture (n) workpiece thread (n) workpiece zero point (n) workplace (n) Workplace design workplace design (n) workplace organisation (n) works (n) works traffic (n) workshop (n) workshop control (n) workshop drawing (n) workshop management (n) workspace (n) workspindle (n) workstation (n) workstation design (n) worm (n) worm and thread grinding machine (n) worm axis (n) worm conveyor (n) worm drive (n) Worm gear worm gear (n) worm gear drive (n) worm gear pair (n) worm gear stage (n) worm geared machine (n) worm gearing (n) worm generating hob (n) worm milling machine (n) worm pitch diameter (n) worm rack (n) worm shaft (n) worm thread (n) worm wheel (n) wormgear (n) wormgear winch (n) wormwheel rim (n) worn (adj) worn out (adj) wound (adj) wound-pattern furnace wall (n) wrap (n) wrap (v) wrap around (ropes wrap around a sheave) (v) wrap post (n) wrapping (n) wrapping angle (n) wrapping machine (n) wrapping tool (n) Wrench wrench (n) wrench radius (n) wrist (n) wrist strap (n) wrist strap tester (n) wristband (n) wristband tester (n) write (v) written form (n) wrong (adj) Wrought alloy wrought alloy (n) wrought aluminium alloy (n) Wunsch-Bell model (n) wye connection (n)