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Glossary index A-Z

The glossary index gives you an overview of all contributions from A to Z.

U section (n) U-bolt (n) U-grooves (pl) U-shaped cell U-tube (n) U-tube manometer (n) ultimate energy (n) ultimate tensile strength (n) ultrasonic cleaning (n) ultrasonic inspection (n) ultrasonic probe (n) Ultrasonic process ultrasonic process (n) ultrasonic test (n) ultrasonic test machine (n) ultrasonic testing (n) ultrasonic testing machine (n) ultrasonic wave (n) ultrasonic welding (n) ultrasound (n) ultraviolet (adj) ultraviolet radiation (n) unacceptable (adj) unalloyed (adj) unalloyed construction steel (n) unassigned (adj) unbalance (n) unbolt (v) unbreakable (adj) unbucked rivet diameter (n) uncertainty of measurement (n) unclamp (v) uncoil (v) unconditioned (adj) uncontrolled (adj) undamped oscillation (n) undamped vibration (n) undeformed chip width (n) under clock control (adj) under tension (adj) under-powered (adj) undercarriage (n) undercut (n) undercut (v) undercut (groove) (adj) underfloor drag chain conveyor (n) underground (adj) underground cable (n) underground installation (n) underpressure (n) undershoot (n) underside (n) undersize (n) undervoltage (n) undo (v) uneven (adj) uneven running (n) unfasten (v) unfinished (adj) unfinished part (n) unhinge (v) uniaxial stress state (n) uniform (adj) uniform acceleration (n) uniform corrosion (n) uniform motion (n) uniform stress distribution (n) uniformly accelerated motion (n) uniformly accelerated rotation (n) uninsulated (adj) unintentional (adj) uninterrupted (adj) union (n) union nut (n) unipolar (adj) unit (n) unit circle (n) unit in SI system (n) unit load (n) unit load securing equipment (n) unit of distance (n) unit of mass (n) unit of measurement (n) unit of pressure (n) unit of speed (n) unit of time (n) unit of volume (n) unit tangent vector (n) unit train traffic (n) unit under test (n) unit vector (n) units warehouse (n) univalent bearing (n) univariate model (n) univariate statistics (n) universal controller (n) universal coupling (n) universal current device (n) universal cylindrical grinding machine (n) universal dividing head (n) universal indexing head (n) universal joint (n) universal joint shaft (n) universal lathe (n) universal machine (n) universal miller (n) universal milling machine (n) universal motor (n) universal pliers (f) universal tool milling machine (n) universe (n) unlatch (v) unload (v) unloaded traffic (n) unloading bay (n) unloading machine (n) unloading operation (n) unloading time (n) unloading traffic (n) unlock (n) unlock (v) unlocked (adj) unlocking (n) unlocking triangle (n) unlocking zone (n) unmachined (adj) unmachined part (n) unplug (v) unprocessed (adj) unreel (v) unregulated (adj) unsafe (adj) unsaturated (adj) unscrew (v) unserviceable (adj) unsolder (v) unspillable (adj) unspool (v) unstable (adj) unstable balance (n) unstable equilibrium (n) unstable floating position (n) unsupported (adj) unthreaded (adj) untie (v) untoleranced dimension (n) untreated (adj) untwisting (n) unwind (v) unwrapped (adj) up and down stroke (n) up call (n) up collective (n) up peak (n) up run (n) up time (n) up to date (adj) up travel (n) up-and-down motion (n) up-cut milling (n) up-milling (n) up-peak (n) update service (n) upflow filter (n) upgradable (adj) upgrade (v) upgrading (n) upkeep (n) upper (adj) upper arm (n) upper belt (n) upper edge (n) upper end (n) upper flange (n) upper limit (n) upright (adj) upright (n) upright drilling machine (n) Upsetting upsetting (n) upstream (adj) upward compatibility (n) upward stroke (n) urban logistics (n) urgency (n) urgency check (n) usable (adj) usable life (n) usage (n) usage function (n) use (n) useful (adj) useful cross-section (n) useful life (n) useful load (safe working load minus weight of the sling and load carrying attachment) (n) useful power (n) useful voltage (n) useful work (n) user (n) user friendliness (n) user interface (n) user-friendly (adj) utilisation (n) utilisation strategy (n) Utility model utility model (n) utility patent (n) utilization (n) UV (adj) UV radiation (n)