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Glossary index A-Z

The glossary index gives you an overview of all contributions from A to Z.

Early cost identification earmarked (adj) earmarking (n) earplug (n) earth (n) earth (v) earth cable (n) earth conductor (n) earth connection (n) earth connection point (n) earth contact (n) earth detector (n) earth fault (n) earth lead (n) earth potential (n) earth return (n) earth terminal (n) earth wire (n) earth-continuity conductor (n) earth-moving equipment (n) earthed (adj) earthing (n) earthing cable (n) earthing connection (n) earthing lead (n) earthing point (n) earthing system (n) earthing wrist strap (n) earthing wristband (n) ease (v) ease of operation (n) easy (adj) easy movement (n) easy to install (adj) easy to maintain (adj) easy to service (adj) easy-running (adj) easy-running grease (n) eaves (n) eccentric (adj) eccentric bolt (n) eccentric cam (n) eccentric disk (n) eccentric drive (n) eccentric impact (n) eccentric press (n) eccentric shaft (n) eccentricity (n) echo (n) economic component (n) economizer (n) economy connection (n) economy operation (n) economy resistor (n) economy switch (n) Eddy current eddy current (n) eddy current braking (n) eddy current test (n) Eddy current testing edge (n) edge (v) edge clip (n) edge connector (n) edge dislocation (n) edge folding (n) edge loading (n) edge pressure (n) edge safety strip (n) edge spacing (n) edgewise (adj) Edison screw thread (n) effect (v) effect of notches (n) effective (adj) effective diameter (n) effective direction (n) effective impact (n) effective output (n) effective pitch diameter (n) effective power (n) effective range (n) effective separation (n) Effective temperature effective temperature (n) effective value (n) effective voltage (n) effective work (n) efficiency (n) efficiency equation (n) efficiency ratio (n) efficiency shortfall (n) efficiency underrun (n) efficient (adj) effort (n) EFQM egg crate diffuser (n) eigenfrequency (n) eigenfunction (n) Eigenvector eigenvector (n) eject (v) ejection chute (n) ejection technology (n) ejector (m) elapsed time (n) elastic (adj) elastic (n) elastic bending line (n) elastic buckling (n) elastic collision (n) elastic coupling (n) elastic curve (n) elastic deformation (n) Elastic element elastic impact (n) elastic limit (n) elastic modulus (n) elastic range (n) elastic stiffness (n) elasticity (n) elastomer (n) elastomer clutch (n) elastomer coupling (n) elastomer moulding (n) elastomer plastic (n) elastomer press (n) elastomer spring (n) Elastomers elbow (n) elbow lever (n) electric (adj) electric arc (n) Electric arc furnace electric arc furnace (n) Electric arc welding electric arc welding (n) electric carriage (n) electric circuit (n) electric conduction (n) electric control circuit (n) electric conveyor track (n) electric crane (n) electric field (n) electric furnace steel (n) electric gas-ignitor (n) electric hand drill (n) electric hoist (n) electric light-bulb thread (n) electric locomotive (n) electric machine (n) electric monorail system (n) electric motor (n) electric motor component (n) electric motor industry (n) electric motor module (n) electric motor repair (n) electric motor trade (n) electric pallet conveyor (n) electric power (n) electric screwdriver (n) electric steel (n) electric tool (n) electric trade (n) electric work (n) electrical (adj) electrical assembly (n) electrical braking unit (n) Electrical discharge machining electrical discharge machining (n) electrical engineering (n) electrical equipment (pl) electrical fitter (n) electrical gas discharge (n) electrical hoisting device (n) electrical industry service (n) electrical installation (n) electrical installation plant (n) electrical machine (n) electrical overhead crane (n) electrical power engineering (n) electrical recall operation (n) electrical resistance alloy (n) electrical retailer (n) electrical science (n) electrical sheet (n) Electrical sheet (electrical engineering) electrical wholesale (n) electrical work (n) electrically conducting (adj) electrician (n) electricity (n) electricity meter (n) electrification (n) electro erosion plant (n) electro lifting cylinder (n) electro mechanical assembly (n) electro press (n) electrochemical cell (n) electrochemical corrosion (n) electrochemical machining (n) electrochemical series (n) electrode (n) electrode holder (n) electrode potential (n) electrode spacing (n) electrodeposit (v) electrodeposition (n) electroforming (n) Electrolysis electrolyte (n) electrolytic capacitor (n) Electrolytic machining electrolytic machining (n) electrolytic polishing (n) electromagnet (n) electromagnetic belt separator (n) electromagnetic brake (n) electromagnetic chuck (n) electromagnetic clutch (n) Electromagnetic compatibility Electromagnetic couplings and clutches electromagnetic radiation (n) electromagnetic track brake (n) electromechanic linear actuator (n) electromechanical linear drive (n) electromechanical test machine (n) electromechanical testing machine (n) electromechanics (n) electron (n) electron analysis (n) electron analytics (n) electron beam drilling service (n) electron beam machine (n) electron beam process (n) Electron beam technology electron microscope (n) electron treatment unit (n) electron-beam alloying (n) electron-beam hardening (n) Electron-beam welding electron-beam welding (n) electronic analyzing unit (n) electronic assembly (n) electronic control (n) electronic control system (n) electronic device (n) electronic engineering (n) electronic equipment (n) electronic evaluator (n) electronic stability program (ESP) (n) electronics (n) electronics manufacture (n) electronics trade (n) electroplate (v) Electroplating electropolishing (n) electropolishing plant (n) electroslag refining (n) electroslag remelting process (n) electrostatic charge (n) electrostatic component (n) Electrostatic discharge electrostatic discharge (n) Electrostatic induction electrostatic-discharging roller (n) electrostatic-discharging surface (n) electrostatically dissipative (adj) electrostatics (n) element (n) Elementary charge elementary particle (n) elevate (v) elevated railway (n) elevating platform (n) elevating slide (n) elevation (n) elevator (n) elevator cage (n) elevator car (n) elevator industry (n) elevator installation (n) elevator operator (n) eliminate (v) elimination (n) ellipsoid (n) ellipsoidal joint (n) Elliptical gear elongate (v) elongated hole (n) elongation (n) elongation at break (n) elongation curve (n) elongation test (n) embankment (n) embed (v) embedding automat (n) emboss (v) emergency alarm device (n) emergency call (n) emergency cutout (n) emergency door (n) emergency doors to the well (pl) emergency drain (line) (n) emergency electrical operation (n) emergency electrical operation device (n) emergency electrical operation speed (n) emergency electrical operation switch (n) emergency electrical winding equipment (n) emergency generator set (n) emergency lamp (n) emergency lighting (n) emergency lowering (n) emergency luminaire (n) emergency mode (n) emergency operation (n) emergency power supply (n) emergency release of lift passengers (n) emergency shutdown (n) emergency shutoff (n) emergency signal device (n) emergency spray attemperation (n) emergency stock (n) emergency stop (n) emergency stop button (n) emergency stop switch (n) emergency stop valve (n) emergency switch (n) emergency trap door (n) emergency unlocking (n) emergency unlocking device (n) emergency unlocking key (n) emery paper (n) emission (n) emission level (n) emission limit (n) emission of radiation (n) emit (v) emitted interference (n) emitter (n) emitter junction (n) emitter terminal (n) emphasize (v) empties strategy (n) empty (adj) empty (v) empty run (n) emptying apparatus (n) enable (v) enable signal (n) enabled (adj) enabling (n) enabling signal (n) enamel (n) enamel wire (n) Enamelling encapsulate (v) encapsulated (adj) encapsulation (n) encase (v) enclose (v) enclosed (adj) enclosed assembly (n) enclosure (n) enclosure wall (n) encoder (n) end (n) end customer (n) end face (n) end mill (n) end mill cutter (n) end of belt (n) end of rope (n) end play (n) end position (n) end product (n) End quench test end ring (n) end stop (n) end tangent (n) end user (n) end vise (n) end-to-end ... (adj) endaround shift register (n) endless (adj) endless conveyor (n) endobox (n) endoscopy pump (n) endurance impact test (n) Endurance limit endurance limit (n) endurance limit value (n) endurance strength (n) Endurance test endurance test (n) endurance testing (n) energize (v) energized (adj) energized (v) energy (n) energy absorption (n) energy accumulation type (adj) energy aggregate (n) energy analysis (n) energy balance (n) Energy conservation law energy conservation law (n) energy conservation law for the flow (n) energy consumption (n) energy conversion (n) energy conversion capacity (n) energy conversion plant (n) energy demand (n) energy dissipation (n) energy dissipation type (adj) energy distribution plant (n) energy efficiency (n) energy exchange (n) energy flow (n) energy generation plant (n) energy loss (n) energy losses (pl) energy management (n) energy of blow (n) energy of deformation (n) energy of motion (n) energy optimising plant (n) energy plant construction (n) energy recovery (n) energy recovery device (n) energy recovery unit (n) energy regenerating unit (n) energy release (n) energy release rate (n) energy reservoir (n) energy saving (n) energy storage (n) energy storage capacity (n) energy storage system (n) energy supply (n) energy supply system (n) energy system (n) energy system planning (n) energy theorem (n) energy trade (n) energy transformation (n) energy transmission (n) Energy-band model energy-efficient (adj) energy-saving (adj) energy-saving construction (n) engage (v) engaged (adj) engagement (n) engagement impact (n) engagement lockout (n) engagement of the safety gear (n) engine (n) engine barrel (n) engine friction (n) engine lathe (n) engine operator(driver)man (n) engine performance (n) engine plant (n) engine power (n) engine room (n) engine torque (n) engineer (n) engineer (v) Engineered wood Engineered wood made with dimensional timber Engineered wood made with veneers engineering (n) Engineering ceramics engineering change history (n) engineering change notice (n) engineering data (pl) Engineering drawing engineering drawing (n) engineering practice (n) engineering steel (n) engineering strength analysis (n) engineering strength test (n) Engineering surface engrave (v) engraving (n) enhance (v) enhanced-feature lift (n) enhancement (n) enlarge (v) enlarge a bore (v) enlargement (n) enlargement factor (n) enrich (v) enter (v) enthalpy (n) entity (n) entrance (n) entrance area (n) entrance barrier (n) entrance control (n) entrance frame of the car (n) entrapment (n) entropy (n) entry (n) entry fitting (n) entry gland (n) entry-level model (n) envelope (n) envelope curve (n) Envelope principle envelope principle (n) envelope requirement (n) enveloping (adj) enveloping circle (n) environment (n) environmental burdens (pl) environmental condition (n) environmental impact (n) EPA earth cable (n) EPA earth cable connection (n) EPA earthing cable (n) EPA plate (n) EPA sign (n) epicyclic gear (n) Epoxy resin epoxy resin (n) equal lay (n) equalization (n) equalize (v) equalizer (n) equate (v) equation (n) equation of momentum (n) Equation of motion equation of motion (n) equidistant (adj) Equilibrium equilibrium (n) equilibrium axiom (n) equilibrium of forces (n) equilibrium of moment condition (n) equilibrium of moments (n) equilibrium position (n) equilibrium position of floating bodies (n) equilibrium problem (n) equilibrium relationship (n) equip (v) equipment (n) equipment other than operational equipment (pl) equipment planning (n) Equipotential bonding (ESD) equipped (adj) equivalent (adj) equivalent bearing load (n) equivalent circuit (n) Equivalent circuit (electrical engineering) equivalent circuit diagram (n) equivalent dynamic speed (n) equivalent operating value (n) equivalent static bearing load (n) equivalent stress (n) erect (v) erection (n) erection instructions (n) erection platform (n) erection schedule (n) erection supervisory personnel (n) erector (n) ergonomic workbench (n) ergonomic workstation (n) Ergonomics ergonomics (n) erode (v) erosion (n) erroneous (adj) error (n) error cause (n) error check (n) error checking (n) error correction (n) error detection (n) error frequency (n) error message (n) Error of form (engineering surfaces) error of measurement (n) error probability (n) error recovery (n) error scatter (n) error-prone (adj) escalator (n) escape (v) escape lighting (n) escape route (n) ESD chair (n) ESD clothing (n) ESD coordinator (n) ESD damage (n) ESD earthing ESD gun (n) ESD manager (n) ESD packaging (n) ESD protection (n) ESD protection circuit (n) ESD protection element (n) ESD protection zone (n) ESD protective circuit (n) ESD protective element (n) ESD safety (n) ESD sensitivity (n) ESD simulation models ESD standard (n) ESD susceptibility (n) ESD symbol (n) ESD threshold voltage (n) ESD training (n) ESD work area (n) ESD work bench (n) ESD work bench equipment (n) ESD working area (n) ESD workstation (EPA) (n) ESD workstation equipment (n) ESD wrist strap (n) ESP system (n) ESR process (n) etch (printed circuit) (v) Etching Euclid's theorem (n) Euler buckling (n) Euler buckling cases Euler case (n) Euler equation (n) Euler hyperbole (n) Euler method Euler number (n) Euler range (n) Euler's crippling load (n) Euler's critical load (n) Euler's equation (n) Euler's equations Euler's formula (n) Euler's relationship (n) Eulerian column (n) EUR-pallet Eurocard (n) European standard (n) European standard size (n) European standard-size printed circuit board (n) Eutectic alloy eutectic reaction (n) evacuate (v) evacuation (n) evacuation control point (n) evacuation control switch (n) evacuation landing (n) evacuation level (n) evacuation of passengers (n) evacuation service (n) evacuation service control (n) evaluate (v) evaluation (n) evaluation concept (n) evaporate (v) evaporating system (n) evaporative cooling (n) evaporator (n) evaporator tube (n) even (adj) even-numbered (adj) evenness (n) event (n) event storage (n) Event tree analysis exact (adj) exactness (n) examination (n) examine (v) excavator tool (n) exceed (v) exceed and drop below (v) exceed and fall below (v) excess pressure (n) excess voltage (n) excess weight (n) excessive (adj) excessive pressure (n) excessive weight (n) exchange (n) exchange (v) exchange heat (n) exchangeable (adj) exchanger (n) excitation (n) excitation diode (n) excitation field (n) excitation force (n) excitation function (n) excite (v) exciter circuit (n) exciting current (n) exciting frequency (n) exclusive operation control (n) exclusive use of lift well (n) exclusive use of lift well (pl) excursion (n) execute (v) execution (n) execution period (n) execution time (n) exergy loss (n) exert (v) exfoliate (v) exhaust (n) exhaust gas (n) exit (n) exit (v) exit hatch (n) exit ladders (n) expand (n) expand (v) expandable (adj) expanded (adj) expanding (n) expanding arbor (n) expanding arbour (n) expanding force (n) expanding magnet (n) expanding mandrel (n) expanding ring (n) expanding skate (n) expanding spring (n) expansion (n) expansion crack (n) expansion fit (n) expansion gap (n) expansion joint (n) expansion joint sleeve (n) expansion kit (n) expansion sleeve (n) expansion time (n) Expansion-tolerant expansivity (n) expected life (n) expedite (v) expediter (n) expediting (n) expenditure (n) expenditure of work (n) expenses (n) experiment (n) experimental robot (n) experimental shop (n) expert system (n) explanatory model (n) exploded view (n) exploit (v) exploitation (n) explosion door (n) explosion of bill of materials (n) explosion protection (n) explosion view (n) explosion-bonded (adj) explosion-bonded cladding (n) explosion-bonded plate (n) explosion-proof (adj) exponential form (n) exponential smoothing (n) expose (v) exposed (adj) exposed surfaces (pl) exposed wires (pl) exposed wiring (n) exposure test (n) Exposure to noise exposure to noise (n) express ... (adj) express freight train (n) express goods traffic (n) express run (n) extend (v) extended field of vision (n) extended service life (n) extended-lance sootblower (n) extensible (adj) extension (n) extension cable (n) extension force (n) extension kit (n) extensometer (n) extent (n) extent of inspection (n) extent of machining (n) extent of movement (n) extent to which an objective is achieved (n) external blower (n) external broaching machine (n) external call (n) external cylindrical grinding machine (n) external diameter (of a wormwheel) (n) external dimension (n) external effect (n) external fan (n) external force (n) external procurement (n) external shaft dimension (n) external stock-keeping concept (n) external storage concept (n) external thread (n) external transport (n) external warehouse concept (n) external-rotor motor (n) Externally actuated friction clutch extinguish (v) extra cargo (n) extra expenditure (n) extra freight (n) extra-fine thread (n) extra-low voltage (n) extra-thin sheet (n) extract (v) extraction (n) extractor (n) extractor hook (n) extrapolation (n) extreme fibre (n) extreme fibre spacing (n) extreme fibre stress (n) extrend (v) extrude (v) extruded section (n) extruding (n) Extrusion extrusion (n) Extrusion (metal) Extrusion (plastic) extrusion (plastics) (n) extrusion press (n) eye (n) eye action (n) eye hook (n) eye nut (n) eye rod (n) eye-bolt (n) eyebolt (n) eyelet (n) eyelet bolt (n)