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Glossary index A-Z

The glossary index gives you an overview of all contributions from A to Z.

C-washer (n) C.D.I. (n) C.O.P. (n) C.P.I. (n) cab (n) cabin (n) cabinet (n) Cable cable (n) cable (v) cable armor (n) cable armour (n) cable binder (n) cable break (n) cable bushing (n) cable clamp (n) cable clip (n) cable conductor (n) cable conduit (n) cable connection (n) cable connector (n) cable core (n) cable coupler (n) cable cross-sectional area (n) cable dereeler (n) Cable drive cable drive (n) cable drum (n) cable duct (n) cable end (n) cable entry (n) cable fittings (n) cable gland (n) cable grip (n) cable harness (n) cable installation (n) cable jacket (n) cable laying (n) cable outlet (n) cable pull (n) cable rack (n) cable reel (n) cable route (n) cable routing (n) cable runway (n) cable rupture (n) cable sheath (n) cable sheave bearing (n) cable spacing (n) cable splice (n) cable strand (n) cable strap (n) cable stripper (n) cable stripping knife (n) cable support (n) cable suspension (n) cable terminal (n) cable terminal box (n) cable termination (n) cable tie (n) cable tray (n) cable winch (n) cable wrapping (n) cabling (n) CAC system CAD cage (n) cage design (n) cage winding (n) cageless (adj) calbe-operated switch (n) calculate (v) calculated life prediction (n) calculation (n) calculation concept (n) calculation of centre of gravity (n) calculation of gross requirements (n) calculation of moments of area (n) calculation of net requirements (n) calculation of service life (n) calculation of solids (n) calculation of the service life (n) calculation sheet (n) calculation software (n) Calendering calendering (n) calibrate (v) calibration (n) calibration accuracy (n) calibration block (n) calibration chart (n) calibration curve (n) calibration error (n) calibration gas (n) calibration instrument (n) calibration mark (n) calibration report (n) calibration standard (n) calibrator (n) call (n) call acceptance (n) call accepted indicator (n) call answering (n) call center service (n) call centre service (n) call point (n) call re-allocation (n) call sequence (n) call suspension (n) call time meter (n) call time metering program (n) calling landing (n) calls wait to be served (n) cam (n) cam and follower (n) cam contour (n) cam control (n) cam follower (n) cam lever (n) cam milling machine (n) cam path (n) cam profile (n) cam roller (n) cam template (n) cam throw (n) cam track (n) cam-controlled (adj) cam-operated switch (n) camber weld (n) camshaft (n) can (v) can-making machine (n) canal boat (n) cancel (v) cannibalize (v) canopy (n) canopy lighting (n) cant (v) cantilever (n) cantilever beam (n) cantilever rack (n) cantilever sling (n) cantilevered sling (n) cap (n) cap bolt (n) cap iron (n) cap nut (n) cap screw (n) Cap screws/bolts capable of full group operation (adj) capable of grouping (adj) Capacitance Capacitive displacement transducers make use of the geometrical dependence of a plate capacitor: The capacitance increases with inverse proportionality to the plate distance. Due to the non-linearity, capacitive displacement transducers require a special Capacitor capacitor (n) capacity (n) capacity adjustment (n) capacity coordination (n) capacity flexibility (n) capacity limit (n) capacity plan (n) capacity planning (n) capacity plate (n) capacity requirements planning (n) capacity restriction (n) capacity schedule (n) capacity scheduling (n) capacity smoothing (n) capacity surplus (n) capacity to withstand stresses (n) capital investment costs (n) capital tie-up costs (n) capsize point (n) capsizing (n) capstan (n) capstan head (n) caption (n) captive (adj) Captive fastener captive roller (n) captive roller type instantaneous safety gear (n) captive roller-type instantaneous safety gear (n) captive-type ... (adj) car (n) car apron (n) car arrival indicator (n) car button call (n) car call (n) car ceiling (n) car control panel (n) car control station (n) car direction indicator (n) car dispatch (n) car dispatch call (n) car door (n) car enclosure (n) car entrance (n) car entry (n) car finish (n) car frame (n) car gate (n) car inclination (n) car indicator (n) car jack (n) car operating panel (n) car overtravel (n) car overtravel distance (n) car partition door (n) car platform (n) car platform area (n) car position indicator (n) car preference (n) car preference switch (n) car pushbutton box (n) car riding lantern (n) car roof (n) car sill (n) car sling (n) car station (n) car suspension means (pl) car toe-guard (n) car top (n) car top control station (n) car top operating panel (n) car travel (n) car uncontrolled low speed protection (n) car with adjacent openings (pl) car-mounted crane (n) car's force due to weight (n) carbide insert (n) carbide metal (n) carbide tipping (n) carbide-tipped (adj) carbide-tipped cutting edge (n) carbide-tipped tool (n) Carbon carbon (n) carbon brush (n) carbon equivalent (n) carbonate removal (n) card (n) Cardan shaft cardan shaft (n) care (n) caretaker (n) cargo (n) cargo handling (n) cargo lift (n) carousel (n) Carousel rack carousel rack (n) carousel storage and retrieve system (n) carousel store (n) carousel system (n) carpenter's plane (n) carriage (n) carriage feed (n) carriage guideways (n) carrier (n) carrier air (n) carrier frequency (n) carrier input (n) carrier line (n) carrier signal (n) carrier wave (n) carry (v) carry along (v) carry off (v) carry out (v) carry to outside (v) carrying (adj) carrying (n) carrying belt (n) carrying capacity (n) carrying chain (n) carrying rope (n) carrying unit (n) carrying-chain conveyor (n) Cartesian product (n) carton (n) cascade (n) cascade (v) cascade circuit (n) cascade connection (n) cascade evaporator (n) cascade voltage transformer (n) case (n) case depth (n) case hardening (n) case hardening steels (pl) case hardness (n) case of damage (n) case of fire (n) case of loss (n) case study (n) case-harden (v) case-hardened (adj) case-hardened roller bearing steel (n) Case-hardening steel case-hardening steel (n) casing (n) casing tolerance (n) cask (n) cast (adj) cast (v) cast alloy (n) Cast iron cast iron (n) cast iron material (n) cast resin (n) Cast steel cast steel (n) cast-iron housing (n) cast-on test piece (n) castability (n) castellated nut (n) Castigliano's method (n) Castigliano's theorem Castigliano's theorem (n) Casting casting (n) Casting alloy casting alloy (n) casting defect (n) casting method (n) casting process (n) castle nut (n) castor (n) catalyst basket (n) catch (n) catch (v) catch lock (n) catch spring (n) catchpot (n) catenary (n) catenary wire (n) caterpillar (track) (n) cathode (n) cathode-ray tube (n) causal relationship (n) cause (v) cause a voltage rise (n) cause of failure (n) cause of trouble (n) Cause-and-effect diagram cause/effect relationship (n) Caution! (n) Cavitation cavitation (n) Cavitation corrosion cavity (n) cavityless casting (n) CE Marking - image cease swinging (v) ceiling (n) ceiling ... (adj) ceiling duct (n) ceiling lighting (n) ceiling opening (n) cellophane wrapping machine (n) Cellular assembly Cement cement (n) cement (v) cemented carbide (n) cemented insert (n) center (n) center (v) center distance (n) center distance tolerance (n) center lathe (n) center line (n) center of gravity (n) center of rotation (n) center point (n) center position (n) center punch (n) center sleeve (n) center tap (n) center-offset (n) center-punch (v) center-to-center distance (n) center-to-center spacing (n) centering (n) centering steady rest (n) centerless (adj) centerless lathe (n) central emergency alarm station (n) central force impact (n) central impact (n) central lubrication (n) central point (n) central position (n) central system of sources (n) central warehouse (n) centralised production (n) centralised storage (n) centralized lubrication (n) centrally mounted (adj) centre (n) centre (v) centre angle (n) centre distance (n) centre distance tolerance (n) centre lathe (n) centre line (n) centre of an area (n) centre of buoyancy (n) centre of curvature (n) Centre of gravity centre of gravity (n) centre of gravity of composite areas (n) centre of gravity path (n) centre of impact (n) centre of mass (n) centre of percussion (n) centre of pressure (n) centre of rotation (n) centre of transverse force (n) centre point (n) centre position (n) centre punch (n) centre sleeve (n) centre tap (n) Centre-of-mass law centre-of-mass law (n) centre-of-mass theorem (n) centre-offset (n) centre-punch (v) centre-to-centre distance (n) centre-to-centre spacing (n) centred moving average (n) centric (adj) centric pins (n) centrical (adj) centrifugal brake (n) centrifugal casting (n) centrifugal clutch (n) centrifugal disc (n) centrifugal force (n) centrifugal governor (n) centrifugal moment (n) centrifugal moulding (n) centrifugal pump (n) centrifugally operated switch (n) centring (n) centripetal acceleration (n) centripetal force (n) centroid (n) centroid axis (n) centroid of a line (n) centroid of an area (n) centroid of volume (n) centroidal axis (n) centroidal distance (n) ceramic hybrid spindle bearing (n) ceramic material (n) Ceramic moulding ceramic moulding (n) ceramic substance (n) ceramic surface coating (n) Ceramics ceramics (n) certificate (n) certificate of compliance (n) certificate of conformance (n) certification (n) certification body (n) certification program (n) certification scheme (n) certifying authority (n) chafe (v) Chain chain (n) chain (v) chain block (n) chain bucket elevator (n) chain conveyor (n) Chain drive chain drive (n) chain gear (n) chain guard (n) chain idler (n) chain lift (n) chain line (n) chain link (n) chain lock (n) chain pulley block (n) chain return sprocket wheel (n) chain return sprocket wheel assembly (n) chain rule (n) chain stud (n) chain tackle (n) chain tensile force (n) chain tensioner (n) chain transfer (n) chain transmission (n) chain wheel (n) chain-and-flight conveyor (n) chaining (n) chair (n) Chaku-Chaku chamber (n) chamfer (n) chamfer (v) chamfer edges (n) chamfered (adj) chamfering (n) chamfering and deburring machine (n) change (n) change (v) change gear (v) change in angular speed (n) change in angular velocity (n) change in material (n) change in momentum (n) change in motion (n) change in volume (n) change management (n) change of location (n) change of motion (n) change of movement (n) change of place (n) change of shape (n) change of velocity (n) change over (v) change status (n) change the terminal connections (v) change-gear drive (n) change-over contact (n) change-over switch (n) changeover contact (n) changeover time (n) channel (n) channel cover (n) channel head (n) channel iron (n) channel rack (n) channel ring (n) channel section (n) channel shell (n) channel spacing (n) channel-section steel (n) character (n) character set (n) characteristic (n) characteristic curve (n) characteristic data (pl) characteristic value (n) characteristic vector (n) characteristics (pl) characterize (v) charge (n) charge (v) charge carrier (n) charge device model (CDM) (n) charge suppressor (n) charged (adj) charger (n) charging (n) charging current (n) charging machine (n) charging mode (n) charging set (n) charging unit (n) chart (n) chase (n) chase (v) chaser (n) chassis (n) chassis brake (n) chassis ground (n) chatter marks (pl) check (n) check (v) check digit calculation (n) check for accuracy (v) check lamp (n) check nut (n) check valve (n) check-back signal (n) check-up (n) checking (n) cheese-head screw (n) chemistry (n) chequer-plate flooring (n) chest (n) chevron type separator (n) chief erector (n) child ... (adj) chill (v) chill casting (n) chill roll (n) chilled cast iron (n) chilling (n) chime (n) chime, alarm bell) (v) Chinese postman problem (n) chip (n) chip breaker (n) chip conveyor (n) chip disposal (n) chip groove (n) chip off (v) chip production (n) chip removal (n) chip space (n) chippings (n) chips (n) chips (pl) chisel (n) chlorine (n) chlorine dioxide system (n) choice of location (n) choke (n) choke (v) choose (v) chopper (n) chord length (n) chrome (n) chrome steel (n) chrome-plate (v) chrome-plating (n) chromium (n) chromium steel (n) chromium-plate (v) chromium-plated (adj) chromium-plating (n) chronometer (n) chuck (n) chuck (v) chuck body (n) chuck jaw (n) chuck jaws (pl) chuck tool (n) chuck wrench (n) chucking device (n) chucking lathe (n) churning (n) chute (n) chute picking system (n) circle (n) Circle of curvature circle of curvature of the trajectory (n) circle size (n) circlip (n) circlips (n) circuit (n) circuit arrangement (n) circuit breaker (n) circuit configuration (n) circuit design (n) circuit development (n) circuit diagram (n) circuit engineering (n) circuit logic (n) circuit technology (n) circuit-breaker (n) circuit-breaking capacity (n) circuitry (n) circuitry (pl) circular (adj) circular arc (n) Circular arc gearing circular bench saw (n) circular chain conveyor (n) circular cone (n) circular conveyor (n) Circular conveyors circular cross section (n) circular cylinder (n) circular frequency (n) circular frequency ratio (n) circular grinder (n) circular grinding machine (n) circular guide (n) circular indexing table (n) circular measure (n) circular milling (n) circular milling machine (n) circular motion (n) circular path (n) circular pitch (n) circular saw (n) circular saw bench (n) circular saw-blade (n) circular section (n) circular sector (n) circular table (n) circular table saw (n) circular thickness (n) circular thread chaser (n) circular tooth thickness (n) circular-ring sector (n) circulate (v) circulating areas (pl) circulating oil (n) circulating pump (n) circulating-oil lubrication (n) circulation (n) circulation index (n) circulation lubrication (n) circulation pump (n) circumference (n) circumferential force (n) circumferential load (n) circumferential speed (n) circumferential stress (n) circumferential surface (n) circumferential velocity (n) circumstance (n) city logistics (n) civil-engineering drawing (n) clad (v) Cladding cladding (n) clamp (n) clamp (v) clamp base (n) clamp bearing (n) clamp bearing with clamping ring (n) clamp bolt (n) clamp collar (n) Clamp connection clamp connection (n) clamp dog (n) clamp joint (n) clamp screw (n) clamp sleeve (n) clamp strap (n) clamp tool (n) clamped (adj) clamping (n) clamping bar (n) clamping bolt (n) clamping bracket (n) clamping chuck (n) clamping claw (n) clamping collar (n) clamping condition (n) clamping coupling (n) clamping device (n) Clamping element clamping fittings (pl) clamping fixture (n) clamping flange (n) clamping force (n) clamping jaw (n) clamping jaws (pl) clamping length (n) clamping lever (n) clamping piece (n) clamping plate (n) clamping point (n) clamping position (n) clamping rail (n) clamping ring (n) clamping screw (n) clamping spring (n) clamping surface (n) clamping table (n) class interval (n) class range (n) class size (n) classification (n) classification number (n) classify (v) claw (n) Claw coupling/claw clutch clay (n) clean (adj) clean (v) clean room (n) clean-room area (n) cleaning (n) cleaning agent (n) cleaning door (n) cleaning material (n) cleaning opening (n) cleanliness (n) Cleanroom cleanse (v) cleansing (n) clear (adj) clear (v) clear a fault (v) clear down (v) clear faults (v) clearance (n) clearance angle (n) clearance compensation (n) clearance fit (n) clearing (n) clearing down (n) cleat (n) cleavage fracture (n) clench grip (n) clevis (n) click (v) client (n) climb (v) climb milling (n) climb-cut milling (n) cling (v) cling together (v) clip (n) clip (v) clip-on ... (adj) clip-on ammeter (n) clip-on mounting (n) clipper (veneer) (n) clipping circuit (n) clock (v) clock driver (n) clock frequency (n) clock generator (n) clock hand (n) clock pulse (n) clock rate (n) clock signal (n) clock speed (n) clock time (n) clock-pulse generator (n) clock-pulse rate (n) clockwise direction (n) clockwise rotation (n) clog (v) close (adj) close (v) close a circuit (v) close fit (n) close to (adj) close-up view (n) closed (adj) closed circuit (n) closed force polygon (n) closed position (n) closed-loop control (n) Closed-loop control system closing contact (n) closing date (n) closing edge (n) closing force (n) closing force limiter (n) closing function (n) closing head (n) closing motion (n) closing pressure (n) closing speed (n) closing spring (n) closing travel (n) closing weight (n) closure (n) cloth (n) clothing machinery (n) clover huller (n) cluster analysis (n) cluster of firebars (n) Clutch clutch (n) clutch (v) clutch disc (n) clutch lining (n) CNC lathe (n) co-ordination (n) co-rotate (v) coach (n) coal (n) coal beneficiation (n) coal bunker (n) coal burner (n) coal cleaning (n) coal down-chute (n) coal down-pipe (n) coal dressing (n) coal gate (n) coal mill (n) coal preperation (n) coal pulverizer (n) coal pulverizing mill (n) coal refining (n) coal storage (n) coal throughput (n) coal treatment (n) coal washing (n) coal-preparation process (n) coarse (adj) coarse adjustment (n) coarse fit (n) coarse pitch thread (n) coarse thread (n) coarse-grained (adj) coast (v) coast-down distance (n) coastal navigation (n) coastal shipping (n) coastdown (n) coastdown test (n) coastdown time (n) coat (n) coat (v) coat of paint (n) coat with zinc (v) Coating coating (n) coating on metals (n) coating thickness (n) coating unit (n) coax cable (n) coaxial (adj) coaxial cable (n) coaxial connector (n) coaxiality (n) cock (n) Codablock (n) code (n) code of practice (n) code size (n) code-compliant (adj) codification (n) coding (n) coefficient (n) coefficient of area expansion (n) coefficient of autocorrelation (n) coefficient of determination (n) coefficient of expansion (n) coefficient of friction (n) coefficient of heat transmission (n) coefficient of journal friction (n) coefficient of kinetic friction (n) coefficient of linear expansion (n) coefficient of pin friction (n) coefficient of pipe friction (n) coefficient of pivot friction (n) coefficient of restitution (n) coefficient of rolling resistance (n) coefficient of slenderness (n) coefficient of sliding friction (n) coefficient of static friction (n) coefficient of surface expansion (n) coefficient of thermal expansion (n) coefficient of tractive resistance (n) coefficient of trunnion friction (n) coefficient of variation (n) coefficient of wedge friction (n) coffered ceiling (n) coherent (adj) cohesion-adhesion failure (n) cohesive friction force (n) coil (n) coil (v) coil core (n) coil resistance (n) coil spring (n) coil spring pendulum (n) coil winding (n) coil-loaded (adj) coil-loaded cable (n) coiled pipe (n) coiled spring (n) coiler (n) coin (v) coincide (v) cold bend test (n) cold chisel (n) cold end section (n) cold formability (n) cold forming (n) Cold range cold workability (n) cold-bend (v) cold-draw (v) cold-forming steel (n) cold-roll (v) cold-rolled (adj) cold-work (v) cold-work steel (n) collaboration model (n) collapse (n) collapse (v) collapsible (adj) collapsible gate (n) collar (n) collar bearing (n) collar bearing force (n) collar nut (n) collar screw (n) collar seal (n) collar step bearing (n) collect (calls) (v) collecting unit (n) collecting vessel (n) collective control (n) collective fault signal (n) collector (n) collector ring (n) collet (n) collet chuck (n) collide (v) collinear impact (n) Collision collision (n) collision frequency (n) collision process (n) collision rate (n) collision rate equation (n) color (n) colour (n) colour coding (n) Colour temperature colour temperature (n) colour-fast (adj) column (n) column (frames) (n) column drilling machine (n) column grinder (n) column stacking (n) column-and-knee milling machine (n) combi-lifter (n) combination (n) combination plane (n) Combinatorics combine (v) combined load (n) combined needle bearing (n) combined needle bearings (n) combined planing and milling machine (n) combined transport (n) combustibility (n) combustible (adj) combustible gas (n) combustion (n) combustion chamber (n) combustion chamber boiler (n) combustion chamber bottom (n) combustion chamber cooling tube (n) combustion chamber floor (n) combustion chamber front wall (n) combustion chamber heat release (rate) (n) combustion chamber rear wall (n) combustion chamber roof (n) combustion chamber side wall (n) combustion chamber wall (n) Combustion chemical vapour deposition combustion plants (n) come on line (v) come to rest (v) Comfortable range comfortable range (n) coming on line (n) comma-shaped chip (n) command (n) command variable (n) commence (v) commencement (n) commercial (adj) commercial representative (n) commercial traffic (n) commercial vehicle (n) commission (n) commission agent (n) commissioning instructions (n) commissioning test (n) common centre of gravity (n) common mode (n) common steam mains (n) common steam range (n) common-mode rejection (n) communicating pipes (n) communications engineering (n) commutating reactor (n) commutation choke (n) commutative law (n) commutator (n) commuter traffic (n) compact (adj) compact (v) compact design (n) compact motor (n) compaction (n) compactness (n) companion (n) companion flange (n) companion sheet (n) comparator (n) compare (v) comparison (n) comparison catalogue of relative costs (n) comparison moment (n) compartment (n) compartmentalised production (n) compass plane (n) compasses (n) compatibility (n) compatibility condition (n) compatible (adj) compensate (v) compensating chain (n) compensating coupling (n) compensating element (n) compensating resistor (n) compensating rope (n) compensating spring (n) compensating washer (n) compensation (n) compensation element (n) compensation tension weight (n) compensation weight (n) compensator (n) competition (n) competitive strategy (n) complaint rate (n) complaints rate (n) complete (adj) complete failure (n) complete profile (n) completed (adj) completion card (n) completion date (n) Complex number complex number (n) compliance (n) compliant (adj) comply with (v) component (n) component dimensioning (n) component insertion (n) component mounting diagram (n) component placement (n) component representation (n) component sizing (n) component volume (n) components manufacturer (n) components side (n) composite (n) composite cross-section (n) composite design (n) composite deviation (n) composite error (n) composite load (n) composite material (n) composite metal (n) composite stress (n) composite tolerance (n) compound (n) compound miter saw (n) compound rule of three (n) compounder (n) compress (v) compressed air (n) compressed-air drive (n) compression (n) compression coupling (n) compression gland (n) compression load (n) Compression period compression period (n) compression spring (n) compression stress (n) Compression test compression test (n) compressive force (n) Compressive forming compressive forming (n) compressive strength (n) compressive stress (n) compressive yield point (n) compressor (n) computation (n) compute (v) computer program (n) computer tomograph (n) Computer workstation computer workstation (n) computer-aided process planning (CAPP) (n) concatenate (v) concave (adj) concave cutter (n) concave fillet joint (n) concave fillet weld (n) concave mirror (n) concealed (adj) concealed (v) concealed installation (n) concealed wire (n) concealed wiring (n) concentrate (v) concentrated load (n) concentration (n) concentration cell (n) concentric (adj) concentric running (n) concentricity (n) concept for comparing components (n) concept phase (n) conceptual phase (n) concertina expansion joint (n) concession (n) conclusion by analogy (n) Concrete concrete (n) concrete foundation (n) concrete pier (n) concrete reinforcement steel (n) concrete slab (n) concrete steel (n) concurrent (adj) condensate (n) condensation (n) condensation boiler (n) condensation polymer (n) condensation water (n) condense (v) condenser (n) condensing boiler (n) condition (n) condition (v) condition for use (n) condition monitoring (n) condition of equilibrium (n) condition of loading (n) condition of rotation (n) condition of use (n) conditioning (n) conduct (v) conduct heat (n) conductance (n) conducting (adj) conducting-state voltage (n) conduction (n) conductive (adj) conductive pattern (n) Conductivity conductivity (n) Conductor conductor (n) conductor cross section (n) conductor cross-section (n) conductor function (n) conductor pull (n) conductor spacing (n) conduit (n) conduit box (n) conduit entry (n) condyloid joint (n) cone (n) cone brake (n) Cone clamping element cone clutch (n) cone diameter (n) conference traffic (n) confidence interval (n) confidence level (n) confidence region (n) configuration (n) confined (adj) confirmation (n) conform to (v) conforming to standards (adj) congestion (n) congruent path (n) Congruent paths conical (adj) conical brake (n) conical interference fit (n) conical seat (n) conical spring (n) conical surface (n) conjoint analysis (n) conjugation (n) connect (v) connect (into circuit) (v) connect back to back (v) connect in parallel (v) connect in series (v) connect on line side (v) connect through (v) connect to (v) connect to ground (v) connect to terminals (v) connected in series (adj) connected load (n) connecting cable (n) connecting link (n) connecting piece (n) connecting rod (n) connecting rod marking system (n) connection (n) connection cable (n) connection line (n) connection of load (n) connection to frame (n) connection to power supply (n) connector (n) connector pin assignment (n) consequential damage (n) consequential loss (n) conservation (n) conservation of angular momentum (n) conservation of momentum (n) conserve (v) consignee (n) consignment note (n) console (n) console beam (n) console milling machine (n) console plate (n) consolidation (n) conspicuous (adj) constant average (n) constant pressure button (n) constant speed travel time (n) constant velocity joint (n) Constant velocity shaft constituent (n) constraining force (n) constrict (v) constriction (n) construct (v) construction (n) construction activity (n) construction car (n) construction crane complete assembly (n) construction defect (n) construction drawing (n) construction elevator (n) construction fault (n) construction hoist (n) construction machine (n) construction machine industry (n) construction machine leasing (n) construction machine model (n) construction machine rental business (n) construction machine repair work (n) construction machine sale (n) construction machine service (n) construction machine trade (n) construction machinery and equipment repair (n) construction machinery sales (n) construction material (n) construction parameter (n) construction ratio (n) construction rope (n) construction screw (n) construction site (n) construction site hoist (n) construction steel (n) construction superintendent (n) construction type (n) construction waste recycling plant (n) construction-site manufacturing (n) consultancy service for construction machinery and equipment (n) consume (v) consumer (n) consuming device (n) consumption (n) consumption of raw materials (n) consumption-driven (adj) contact (n) contact (v) contact angle (n) contact area (n) contact behavior (n) contact behaviour (n) contact bounce (n) contact breaker (n) contact chatter (n) contact clearance (n) contact closure (n) contact control (n) contact control system (n) contact corrosion (n) contact flange (n) contact force (n) contact grip (n) contact impact (n) contact line (n) contact making (n) contact member (n) contact metal (n) contact pairing (n) contact pattern (n) contact performance (n) contact pitch (n) contact point (n) contact point (roll partner) (n) contact potential difference (n) Contact pressure contact pressure (n) contact pressure at rivets (n) contact pressure at screws (n) contact pressure equation (n) contact pressure in plain bearings (n) contact pressure on suitable areas (n) contact pressure on thread (n) Contact ratio (gear) contact ratio factor (n) contact roller (n) contact seal (n) Contact seal (dynamic) contact stiffness (n) contact support (n) contact surface (n) contact travel (n) Contact voltage contact wire (n) contacting (n) contactless (adj) contactor (n) contain (v) container (m) container (n) container for liquids (n) container for small parts (n) container handling equipment (n) container loading (n) Container rack container rack (n) container stowage (n) container traffic (n) container transport (n) container transport system (n) contaminate (v) contamination (n) content (n) contingency time (n) continuity (n) continuity equation (n) continuity test (n) continuity tester (n) continuous (adj) continuous articulated beam (n) Continuous casting continuous casting (n) Continuous casting mould continuous casting mould (n) continuous chip (n) Continuous controllers continuous controllers (n) continuous conveyor (n) Continuous conveyors continuous duty (n) continuous duty cycle (n) continuous flow production (n) continuous form printing machine (n) Continuous improvement process continuous improvement process (CIP) (n) continuous line (n) continuous load (n) continuous loading (n) continuous material flow (n) continuous operation (n) continuous path control (n) continuous rating (n) continuous rolling (n) continuous scheduling (n) continuous vibration test (n) continuous-path (CP) control system (n) continuous-path control (n) continuously cast section (n) contour (n) Contour crafting contour grinder (n) contour measurement (n) contour miller (n) contour milling (n) contour-milling machine (n) contouring lathe (n) contract (v) contract manufacturing (n) contract speed (n) contracting out (n) contraction (n) contraction coefficient (n) contraction strain (n) contractor (n) contractor's pump (n) contrasting sample (n) control (n) control (v) control action (n) control amplifier (n) control and display panel (n) control automatically (v) control block (n) control block model (n) control block throughput time (n) control board (n) control box (n) control bus (n) control button (n) control cabinet (n) control cam (n) control center (n) control centre (n) Control characteristic control characteristic (n) control circuit (n) control console (n) control costs (n) control cubicle (n) control desk (n) control device (n) control electronics (n) Control element control element (n) control engineering (n) control equipment (n) control in case of fire (n) control knob (n) control lever (n) Control loop control loop (n) control mechanism (n) control of lift operations (n) control panel (n) control pendant (n) control phase (n) control potentiometer (n) control procedure (n) Control quality control quality (n) control range (n) control relay (n) control response (n) control room (n) control section (n) control signal (n) control slide (n) Control stability control stability (n) control stage (n) control stand (n) control station (n) control station on the car roof (n) control switch (n) control system (n) control technology (n) control unit (n) control valve (n) control variable (n) control volume (n) controllable (adj) Controlled system controlled system (n) Controlled variable controlled variable (n) controller (n) controller enable (n) controller inhibit (n) controller response (n) controls (pl) controls and displays (pl) controls and indicators (pl) convection cooling (n) convection pass (n) conventional milling (n) conventional milling machine (n) conversion (n) conversion kit (n) conversion table (n) convert (v) converter (n) converter steel (n) converter-fed (adj) convex (adj) convex fillet weld (n) convey (n) convey (v) conveying (n) conveying capacity (n) conveying system (n) Conveying technology conveying technology (n) conveyor (n) conveyor belt (n) conveyor chain (n) conveyor equipment (n) conveyor friction (n) conveyor line (n) conveyor plant (n) conveyor section (n) conveyor segment (n) conveyor system (n) conveyor system manufacturing (n) conveyor washing machine (n) cool (v) coolant (n) cooler (n) cooling (n) cooling agent (n) cooling coil (n) cooling fin (n) cooling power (n) cooling rate (n) cooling rib (n) cooling speed (n) cooling tower basin (n) cooling tower pond (n) cooperation model (n) coordinate (n) coordinate (v) coordinate axis (n) coordinate basic origin (n) coordinate condition (n) coordinate difference (n) coordinate drilling machine (n) coordinate measuring instrument (n) coordinate representation (n) coordinate system (n) coordination (n) coping saw (n) copolymerisation (n) Copper copper (n) Copper alloys copper conductor (n) copper pipe (n) copper refining (n) copper sheet (n) copper strand (n) copper tubing (n) copper wafer (n) copper wire (n) copper-plate (v) copy milling (n) copy turning (n) copy-milling machine (n) copying control (n) copying lathe (n) copyright (n) cord (n) cordless (adj) corduroy-cutting machine (n) core (n) core boring (n) core cross-section (n) core cross-sectional area (n) core diameter (n) core drill (n) core drill boring (n) core drilling (n) core hardening (n) core identification (n) core process (n) coreboard (n) coring (n) corner (n) corner angle (n) corner chamfer (n) corner joint (n) corner ledge (n) corner plate (n) corner point (n) corner radius (n) corner-tube boiler (n) cornered (adj) corona discharge (n) correct (adj) correct (v) correcting variable (n) correction (n) correction of faults (n) corrective motion (n) correlation (n) correlation analysis (n) correlation coefficient (n) correlation diagram (n) correlation matrix (n) correlogram (n) corrode (v) Corrosion corrosion (n) corrosion by condensed water (n) corrosion cell (n) corrosion damage (n) Corrosion fatigue corrosion fatigue (n) corrosion inhibitor (n) corrosion pit (n) corrosion potential (n) corrosion prevention (n) Corrosion protection corrosion protection (n) corrosion rate (n) corrosion resistant (adj) corrosion test (n) Corrosion testing corrosion testing (n) corrosion-inhibiting (adj) Corrosion-optimised corrosion-protected (adj) corrosion-resistant (adj) corrosive action (n) corrosive attack (n) corrugated (adj) corrugated core-beam making machine (wood working) (n) corrugated pipe (boiler) (n) corrugated-furnace boiler (n) corrugating machine (n) cosine rule (n) cosmetic welding (n) cosmic radiation (n) cosmic ray (n) Cost accounting cost balancing concept (n) cost centre accounting (n) cost element accounting (n) cost minimisation (n) cost of casing (n) cost of enclosure (n) cost of housing (n) cost of premises (n) cost planning (n) cost saving (n) cost unit accounting (n) cost-effective order quantity (n) cost-effective procurement quantity (n) cost-efficiency of supply (n) cost-experience curve (n) costing (n) costs (n) cotter (n) cotter pin (n) cotton cleaning equipment (n) cotton twister (n) cotton waste (n) couch roll (n) Coulomb force Coulomb's law of (kinetic) friction (n) Coulomb's law of sliding friction (n) count (v) counter (n) Counter cutting counter cutting (n) counter mechanism (n) counter pressure (n) counter reset (n) counter-clockwise (adj) counter-clockwise (adv) counter-clockwise roation (n) counter-clockwise rotation (n) counter-flange (n) Counterbalance fork-lift truck counterbalance fork-lift truck (n) counterbalance spring (n) counterbore (n) counterbore (v) counterclockwise rotation (n) countercurrent reactor (n) countershaft (n) countersink (n) countersink (v) countersink bit (n) countersinker (n) countersunk (adj) countersunk bolt (n) countersunk rivet (n) countersunk screw (n) counterweight (n) counterweight enclosure (n) counterweight fillers (pl) counterweight frame (n) counterweight screen (n) counterweight sheave (n) counterweight tie rod (n) counting mechanism (n) counting pulse (n) couple (n) couple (v) coupled vibration (n) coupler (n) coupling (n) coupling coefficient (n) coupling sleeve (n) coupling type (n) Couplings and clutches course (n) covalent bond (n) covariance (n) covariance analysis (n) covariance stationarity (n) cove lighting (n) coved seam (n) cover (n) cover (v) cover band (n) cover disc (n) cover plate (n) cover sheet (n) cover strip (n) coverage (n) covered (adj) covered goods wagon (n) covering (n) cowl (n) crab (n) crack (n) crack (v) crack arrest values (pl) crack arrester (n) crack closure (n) crack evaluation (n) crack form factor (n) crack formation (n) crack growth (n) crack growth rate (n) crack propagation (n) crack propagation rate (n) crack propagation resistance under alternating stress (n) crack propagation velocity (n) crack size (n) crack tip (n) crack tip opening displacement (n) crack-to-fracture-length ratio (n) cracked zone (n) cracking (n) craft (n) craftsman (n) cramp (n) Crane crane (n) crane hook (n) Crane trolley crane trolley (n) crank (n) crank arm (n) crank drive (n) crank drive mechanical system (n) crank end guidance (n) crank gear (n) crank handle (n) crank pin (n) crank press (n) crank shaft (n) cranked (adj) cranked handle (n) Crankshaft crash (n) crate (n) crawl (v) crawl beam (n) crawler (n) crawler tractor (n) craze (n) creast clearance (n) creation of routing (n) Creep creep (n) creep (v) creep deformation (n) creep distance (n) creep fatigue (n) creep feed (n) creep fracture (n) creep rupture (n) creep rupture mechanics (n) creep speed (n) creep tendency (n) creeper tractor (n) creeping (n) creeping feed (n) creeping performance (n) creeping speed (n) crest (n) crest diameter (n) crest value (n) crevice (n) crevice corrosion (n) crewed conduit coupling sleeve (n) crimp connection (n) crimp connector (n) crimp contact (n) crimp snap-in contact (n) crimp snap-on connection (n) crimped connection (n) crimping cable lug (n) crimping tool (n) cross (adj) cross (n) cross adjustment (n) cross axis (n) cross bar (n) cross beam (n) cross feed (n) cross hole (n) cross jet (n) cross load (n) cross pass (n) cross product (n) cross reference (n) cross roller bearing (n) cross section (n) cross section drawing (n) cross slide (n) cross tension test (n) cross travel contactor (n) cross travel motor (n) Cross-belt sorter cross-belt sorter (n) cross-drum boiler (n) cross-functional (adj) cross-over pipe (n) cross-section (n) cross-section shapes (n) cross-sectional area (n) cross-sectional area of conductor (n) cross-sectional plane (n) cross-sectional shape (n) cross-slide (n) crosscut saw (n) crossed helical gear (n) crossed roller bearing (n) crosshead (n) crossing (n) crosstalk (n) Croston method (n) Croston's method (n) crowbar (n) crown (n) Crown gear crown gear (n) crown height (n) crown wheel (n) crowned (adj) crowning (n) CRT (n) cruciform joint (n) crude (adj) crude oil pipeline (n) cruise (n) cruise (v) crush (v) crusher with sizing grid (n) crystal (n) crystal control (n) crystal generator (n) Crystal lattice structures (metals) crystal structure (n) crystal-controlled (adj) crystal-controlled clock (n) crystalline solid solution (n) crystalline structure (n) crystallisation (n) crystallographic defect (n) CT scanner (n) CTOD (n) cube (n) cubic boron nitride tool (n) cubic parabola (n) cubicle (n) cuboid (n) Culmann method (n) Culmann straight line (n) Culmann's method (n) cumulative circular pitch over k pitches (n) cumulative damage (n) cumulative failure rate (n) cumulative frequency curve (n) cumulative mean absolute error (n) Cumulative quantity cumulative quantity (n) cumulative quantity control chart (n) cumulative quantity curve (n) cup grease (n) cup packaging machine (n) cup seal (n) cup spring (n) cup wheel (n) curability (n) curb (n) curbstone grab (n) cure (v) current (adj) current (n) current coil (n) current controller (n) current density (n) current input (n) current inrush (n) current intensity (n) Current measurement current measurement (n) current output (n) current peak (n) current ratio (n) current reducing switch (n) current regulator (n) current ripple (n) current rush (n) current sink (n) current source (n) current status (n) current supply (n) current surge (n) current terminal (n) current-carrying (adj) currrent limiter (n) cursor (n) curtains (pl) curvature (n) curvature height (n) curvature length (n) curve (n) curve radius (n) curve shears (n) curved (adj) curved roller (n) curved teeth coupling (n) Curved tooth coupling curvilinear motion (n) cushion (n) cushion (v) cushioning (n) custodian (n) custom ... (adj) custom made (n) custom-built (adj) custom-built (n) custom-design ... (adj) custom-made (adj) custom-made unit (n) customary (adj) customer (n) customer number (n) customer order (n) customer order diagram (n) customer structure (n) customized ... (adj) cut (n) cut (v) cut a gear (v) cut edge (n) cut face (n) cut in (v) cut off (v) cut out (v) cut to length (v) cut to size (v) cut-away (adj) cut-in current (n) cut-in voltage (n) cut-off frequency (n) cut-off piece (n) cut-off valve (n) cutoff relay (n) cutoff switch (n) cutout (n) cutout switch (n) cutter (n) cutter arbor (n) cutter arbour (n) cutter compensation (n) cutter head (n) cutter path (n) cutter radius compensation (n) cutter radius offset (n) cutter slide (n) cutter spindle (n) cutter spindle bearing (n) Cutting cutting (n) cutting allowance (n) cutting capacity (n) cutting depth (n) cutting direction (n) cutting distance (n) cutting edge (n) cutting face (n) cutting feed (n) cutting fluid (n) cutting force (n) cutting force measuring device (n) cutting insert (n) cutting lane (n) cutting machine (n) cutting method (n) cutting moment (n) cutting motion (n) cutting path (n) cutting pattern (n) cutting plane (n) cutting power (n) cutting rake (n) cutting ring (n) cutting speed (n) cutting stroke (n) cutting technique (n) cutting thrust (n) cutting to length (n) cutting to size (n) cutting tool (n) cutting torch (n) cutting torque (n) cutting travel (n) cutting-in speed (n) cutting-tool infeed (n) cycle (n) cycle duration (n) cycle of operation (n) cycle time (n) Cycle time (storage) cycle time calculation (n) cyclic (adj) cyclic creep (n) cyclic deformation curve (n) cyclic fatigue failure (n) cyclic hardening (n) cyclic relaxation (n) cyclic softening (n) cyclic strain (n) cyclic stress-strain curve (n) cyclic testing (n) cyclical component (n) cyclical fluctuation (n) Cycloid gearing cyclone-furnace boiler (n) cylic duration factor (n) cylinder (n) cylinder barrel (n) cylinder bore (n) cylinder gland (n) cylinder guide bush (n) cylinder guide bushing (n) cylinder head (n) cylinder honing tool (n) cylinder liner (n) cylinder protector (n) cylinder stuffing box (n) cylinder tube (n) cylindrical (adj) cylindrical flexible helical spring (n) cylindrical gear (n) cylindrical grinder (n) cylindrical grinding (n) cylindrical grinding machine (n) cylindrical guide (n) Cylindrical helical spring cylindrical helical spring (n) Cylindrical interference fit cylindrical interference fit (n) Cylindrical roller bearing cylindrical roller bearing (n) cylindrical roller bearing with cage (n) Cylindrical roller thrust bearing cylindrical surface (n) cylindrical worm gear with shaft angle (90°) (n) cylindrical-roller thrust bearing (n)