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Glossary index A-Z

The glossary index gives you an overview of all contributions from A to Z.

S-N diagram (n) S/N ratio (n) sabre saw (n) sack (n) sack chute (n) Sacrificial anode saddle (n) saddle feed (n) saddle joint (n) saddle key (n) saddle slideways (n) saddle terminal (n) safe (adj) safe operation (n) safe to operate (adj) safe traffic (n) safe-life concept (n) safeguard (v) safeguarding (n) safety (n) Safety (occupational health and safety) safety against buckling (n) safety allowance (n) safety block (n) safety bolt (n) safety brake (n) safety circuit (n) safety clearance (n) safety clutch (n) safety codes (pl) safety device (n) safety edge (n) safety edges (n) safety equipment (n) safety factor (e.g. of ropes and chains) (n) safety frame (n) safety gear (n) safety gear operation (n) safety gear test (n) safety glasses (n) safety harness (n) safety jaw (n) safety margin (n) safety officer (n) safety pin (n) safety railing (n) safety requirement (n) safety requirements (pl) safety rope (n) Safety sensor safety shutdown (n) safety stock (n) safety stock level (n) safety switch (n) safety valve (n) safety-friction clutch (n) safety-gear frame (n) sag (n) sag (v) sagging (n) sales agent (n) sales channel (n) sales company (n) sales file (n) sales function (n) sales representative (n) sales structure data (n) sample (n) sampling (n) sampling length (n) sampling test (n) sand (v) sand casting (n) sand-blast (v) sandblast (v) sandblast cleaning (n) sandblasting robot (n) sander (n) sanding (n) sandpaper (n) sandwich ... (adj) sandwich material (n) sandwich structure (n) satellite dish (n) satellite link (n) satellite rack (n) satisfy (v) saturate (v) saturated (adj) saturation (n) save (v) savings process (n) saw (n) saw (v) saw bench (n) saw blade (n) saw board (n) saw off (v) saw set (n) saw setting, swaging, and dressing machine (n) saw tooth (n) saw vise (n) saw-tooth curve (n) saw-tooth generator (n) saw-tooth pulse (n) saw-tooth voltage (n) sawblade (n) sawbuck (n) sawhorse (n) Sawing sawing (n) sawing machine (n) scaffold (n) scaffold platform (n) scalar (n) scalar multiplication (n) scalar product (n) Scale scale (n) scale (v) scale adjustment (n) scale deflection (n) scale down (v) scale marks (n) scale of enlargement (n) scale of reduction (n) scale setting (n) scale up (v) scales (n) scaling (n) scalloped washer (n) scan (v) scanner (n) scanner tube (n) scanning (n) scanning electron microscopy (n) scanning electroscopy (n) Scanning probe microscope: An electronically controlled piezoelectric crystal actuator system enables contactless surface measurement. A tunnel current that is kept constant is generated between the pick-up head and the surface. The controlled vari scar (n) Scatter diagram scatter diagram (n) scatter factor (n) scatter plot (n) scattering factor (n) scavenge (v) scenic lift (n) schedule (n) schedule (v) schedule of assemblies (n) scheduled materials planning (n) scheduling (n) schematic (n) schematic diagram (n) science (n) science of strength of materials (n) scissor lift (n) Scissor-type grab scissor-type grab (n) scope (n) scope of application (n) scope of inspection (n) scope of machining (n) scope of movement (n) scope of validity for Euler equation (n) score (n) SCR (n) scrap (n) scrap (v) scrap factor (n) scrape (v) scrape off (v) scraper (n) scraper bar (n) scraper plane (n) Scraper-chain conveyor scraper-chain conveyor (n) scratch (n) scratch (v) scratch beader (n) scratch gauge (n) scratch hardness test (n) scratch resistance (n) scratch stock (n) scratch-proof (adj) scratch-resistant (adj) screed (n) screen (n) screen (v) screen drum (n) screen layout (n) screen off (v) screen saver (n) screen wash pump (n) screened (adj) screening (n) screening machine (n) screening plant (n) screw (n) screw (v) screw cap (n) screw clamp (n) screw connection (n) Screw conveyor screw conveyor (n) screw dislocation (n) screw drive (n) screw driven lift (n) screw head (n) screw head bearing surface (n) screw in (v) screw injection machine (n) screw joint (n) screw motion (n) screw off (v) screw on (v) screw paddle conveyor (n) screw penetration (n) screw plug (n) screw press (n) screw pump (n) screw spindle (n) screw strength category (n) screw tension spring (n) screw terminal (n) screw terminal block (n) screw thread (n) screw together (v) screw union (n) Screw-fixing element screw-in-type fuse (n) screw-injection moulding machine (n) screw-type extruding/extrusion machine (n) screwbox (n) screwdriver (n) screwdriver bit (n) screwed (adj) screwed connected (n) screwed connection (n) screwed contact (n) screwed joint (n) screwed lamp-holder (n) screwed pipe joint (n) scribe (v) scroll shears (n) scrubber (n) scrutinize (v) scrutiny (n) scuff mark (n) scuff marks (pl) Scuffing (gear) scuffing load capacity (n) scutcher (n) seagoing vessel (n) Seal seal (n) seal (v) seal (plain bearing) (n) seal height (n) seal off (v) seal ring (n) seal wire (n) seal-air chamber (n) Sealant sealant (n) sealed (adj) sealer (n) sealing (n) sealing (plastics) (n) sealing compound (n) sealing cord (n) sealing disc (n) sealing joint (n) sealing lip (n) sealing plug (n) sealing ring (n) sealing surface (n) sealing tape (n) sealing technology (n) sealing washer (n) Seals for dynamic applications seam (n) seam type (n) seam welding (n) seaming machine (n) seamless (adj) search (v) search box (n) search field (n) seasonal adjustment (n) seasonal component (n) seasonal factor (n) seasonal fluctuation (n) seasonal index (n) seasonal pattern (n) seasonality (n) seat (n) seat (v) seat valve (n) seating (n) seating ledge (n) second exit at the rear of the elevator (n) second moment of area (n) second tap (n) secondary (adj) secondary air admission (n) secondary air duct (n) secondary air fan (n) secondary air nozzle (n) secondary air temperature (n) secondary axis (n) secondary bio-reactor (n) secondary breakdown (n) secondary crusher (n) secondary crushing plant (n) secondary data collection (n) secondary demand (n) secondary emission (n) secondary processing time (n) secondary requirements (n) secondary winding (n) section (n) section drawing (n) section modulus (n) section steel beam (n) sectional area (n) sectional drawing (n) sectional header boiler (n) sectional steel (n) sectional view (n) sectional view method (n) sectoring (n) secure (adj) secure (v) secured (adj) securing (n) securing device (n) security (n) security of supplies (n) security of supply (n) Seebeck effect Seebeck effect (n) segment (n) segmented (adj) segregate (v) segregation (n) seize (v) seizing wire (n) select (v) selectable (adj) selection bill of material (n) selective (adj) selective drainage (n) selectivity (n) selector (n) selector switch (n) Self-activating seal (static) self-adjusting (adj) Self-aligning ball bearing self-aligning ball bearing (n) self-aligning bearing (n) Self-aligning coupling self-aligning coupling (n) self-aligning radial ball bearing (n) self-aligning radial roller bearing (n) self-aligning roller bearing (n) self-aligning roller thrust bearing (n) self-certification (n) self-check (n) self-cleaning (adj) self-correction (n) self-cutting (adj) self-cutting screw (n) self-diagnosis (n) self-diffusion (n) self-discharge (n) self-discharging lorry (n) self-discharging vehicle (n) self-driven ... (n) self-energising (n) self-excitation (n) self-excited (adj) self-excited vibration/oscillation (n) self-induced vibration/oscillation (n) self-locking (n) self-locking condition (n) self-locking device (n) self-locking limit (n) self-locking range (n) self-lubricating (adj) self-lubricating bearing (n) self-lubricating special bearing metal (n) self-made product (n) self-powered (n) self-propelled (n) self-sealing thread (n) self-supported (adj) self-supporting (adj) self-tapping screw (n) Self-tapping screws self-test (n) self-ventilation (n) self-wiping (adj) selling function (n) semi-automatic (adj) semi-automatic machine (n) semi-beam (n) semi-circular arc (n) semi-circular area (n) semi-circular notch (n) semi-circular path (n) semi-conductor (n) semi-crystalline thermoplastic (n) semi-finished (adj) semi-finished goods (n) semi-finished product (n) semi-fluid friction (n) semi-generative planning (n) Semi-permanent seals (static) semicircle (n) semicircular grooves (pl) semiconductor (n) semiconductor amplifier (n) semiconductor circuit (n) semiconductor crystal (n) semiconductor device (n) semiconductor diode (n) semiconductor electronics (n) semiconductor laser (n) semiconductor manufacture (n) semiconductor resistor (n) semiconductor slice (n) semiconductor wafer (n) send (v) senior chief erector (n) sense (v) sense of rotation (n) sensing (n) sensing element (n) sensitive (adj) sensitive edge (n) sensitive edge protective device (n) sensitive protection device (n) sensitive to (adj) sensitivity (f) sensitivity (n) Sensor sensor (n) sensor bearing (n) sensor technology (n) separable ball bearing (n) separate (v) separate cooling (n) separate excitation (n) separate ventilation (n) separately driven fan (n) separately excited (adj) Separating separating door (n) separating vessel (n) separation (n) separation fracture (n) separator (n) separator beam (between adjacent cars) (n) sequence (n) sequence chart (n) sequence control (n) sequence deviation (n) sequence of motions (n) sequence of operations (n) sequence problem (n) sequence rule (n) sequence-based setup time (n) sequencer (n) sequencing problem (n) sequential control (n) sequential control system (n) serial number (n) series (n) Series assembly series capacitor (n) series circuit (n) series connection (n) series connection of springs (n) series formation (n) series generator (n) series of measurements (n) series of preferred numbers (n) series production (n) series production/manufacturing (n) series resistance (n) series resistor (n) series spring connection (n) series-connected (adj) series-parallel circuit (n) series-wound machine (n) series-wound motor (n) serrate (v) serrated lock washer (n) serrated shaft (n) serrated spline shaft (n) serrated washer (n) Serration serration (n) serve (v) serve (landings/floors) (v) service (n) service (v) service and maintenance manual (n) service base (n) service condition (n) service conditions (pl) service cooling water system (n) service hour metre (n) service in case of fire (n) service level (n) service life (n) service life coefficient (n) service life exponent (n) service lift (n) service manual (n) service output (n) service platform (n) service quality (n) service quota (n) service rate (n) service temperature (n) serviceability life (n) serviceable (adj) serviceman (n) servicing (n) servicing door (n) servicing opening (n) servo control (n) servo valve (n) servo-hydraulic test machine (n) servo-hydraulic testing machine (n) set (n) set (v) set of curves (n) set of gears (n) set of parts (n) set of seals (n) set of taps (n) set of tools (n) set of worm wheels (n) set off (v) set screw (n) set time (n) set tools (v) set up (v) set-up (n) set-up program (n) set-up time (n) setpoint characteristic (n) setpoint value (n) setscrew (n) setting (n) setting accuracy (n) setting error (n) setting force losses (pl) setting knob (n) setting range (n) setting screw (n) setting travel (n) setting-up microscope (n) setting-up time (n) settle (v) settling tank (n) setup costs (n) setup man (n) setup recovery time (n) setup time (n) seven-segment display (n) severe (adj) shackle (n) shackle (of a padlock) (n) shading (n) shadow gap (n) Shaft shaft (n) shaft angle (n) shaft angle deviation (n) shaft angle error (n) shaft axis (n) shaft calculation (n) shaft coupling (n) shaft division screen (n) shaft division wall (n) shaft end (n) shaft extension (n) shaft guide (n) shaft installation (n) shaft journal (n) shaft lighting (n) shaft nut (n) shaft offset (n) shaft shoulder (n) shaft tolerance (n) shaft torque (n) shaft wiring (n) shaft-centre distance shaft-center distance (n) shake (v) shank (n) shank cutter (n) shank diameter (n) shape (n) shape (v) Shape memory alloy shape memory alloy (n) shape strength (n) shape tolerance (n) shaper (n) shaping (n) shaping machine (n) share (n) share of opportunity costs (n) shared (adj) sharp-cornered (adj) sharp-edged (adj) sharpen (v) shave (v) shaved (adj) shaving cutter (n) shaving horse (n) shaving tool (n) shavings (n) shear (n) shear (v) shear action (n) shear centre (n) shear decohesion (n) shear deformation (n) shear deformation component (n) shear flow (n) shear force (n) shear force diagram (n) shear force equation (n) shear load (n) shear modulus (n) shear off (v) shear pin (n) shear pin coupling (n) shear rate (n) shear rigidity (n) shear strain (n) shear strain component (n) shear strength (n) Shear stress shear stress (n) shear stress component (n) shear stress distribution (n) shear theory (n) shear-pin clutch (n) shear-rigid (adj) shearing (n) shearing force equation (n) shearing load (n) shearing resistance (n) shearing strength (n) shearing stress (n) shearing stress distribution (n) sheath (n) sheath (v) sheave (n) sheave shaft (n) sheet (n) sheet aluminium (n) sheet aluminum (n) sheet covering (n) sheet metal (n) sheet metal cage (n) sheet metal cladding (n) sheet metal housing (n) sheet rolling line (n) sheet size (n) sheet steel (n) sheet thickness (n) sheet-metal enclosure (n) sheet-metal screw (n) sheet-metal working (n) sheet-steel housing (n) shelf (n) shelf life (n) shelf pickers (pl) shelf rack (n) Shelf-type racking shell (n) shell boiler (n) shell end mill (n) shell structure (n) shell system (n) shell type boiler (n) shell-and-tube heat exchanger (n) shell-type handle (n) shell-type thread-milling cutter (n) shellac (n) sheltered (adj) Sherardising achieves excellent corrosion protection. During this process, metals are heated with the zinc powder in a drum to temperatures of up to 500°C. Diffusion causes the zinc to alloy with the base material to create the intermetallic phase shield (n) shield (v) shielded (adj) Shielded arc welding shielded welding (n) shielded-arc welding (n) shielding (n) shift (n) shift (v) shift gear (v) shift keying (n) shift out of phase (v) shifting square (n) shim (n) shine (v) ship (v) ship's centre of gravity (n) ship's centreline (n) shipment (n) shipping (n) shipping brace (n) shipping bracket (n) shipping company (n) shipping container (n) shipping line (n) shipping note (n) shipping unit (n) shipping warehouse (n) shock (n) shock aborber spring (n) shock absorber (n) shock condition (n) shock normal (n) Shock protection shock protection (n) shock resistance (n) shock-proof (adj) shockproof (adj) shoe (n) shoe brake (n) shoe tester (n) Shooter Shooter actuation shop (n) shop drawing (n) shop order (n) shop production (n) shopfloor control (n) Shore hardness (n) Shore hardness test short (v) short circuit (n) short run (n) short run performance (n) short stroke (adj) short thread (n) short to earth (n) short to frame (n) short to ground (n) short wave (n) short-bed lathe (n) short-circuit (v) Short-circuit (electrical engineering) short-circuit characteristic (n) short-circuit current (n) Short-circuit protection short-circuit protection (n) short-length thread (n) short-stroke button (n) shortage (n) shorted (adj) shortening (n) shortest path algorithm (n) shortfall (n) shortlist (n) shortlisting (n) shortness (n) shot-blast (v) shoulder (n) shoulder plane (n) show (v) shrink (v) shrink fit (n) shrink hole (n) shrink joint (n) shrink on (v) shrink stress (n) shrink test (n) shrink-fit (v) shrink-wrapped (adj) shrink-wrapping (n) shrinkage (n) shrinkage crack (n) shroud (n) shrouded (adj) shrunk-on (adj) shunt (n) shunt (v) shunt generator (n) shut (adj) shut (v) shut down (v) shut off (v) shut-down (n) shut-down time (n) shut-off cock (n) shut-off valve (n) shutdown procedure (n) shutter (n) shutter valve (n) shutting movement (n) shuttle (n) shuttle (v) shuttle delivery (n) shuttle lift (n) shuttle service (n) shuttle system (n) SI (n) SI system unit (n) SI unit (n) sickle spanner (n) side (n) side ... (adj) side acting (adj) side cutter (n) side effect (n) side elevation (n) side emergency exit (n) side emergency trap door (n) Side loader side loader (n) side of belt (n) side rabbet plane (n) side view (n) side-cutting pliers (m) side-hung door (n) side-milling cutter (n) sidewalk (n) siding machine (n) sieve (n) sieve (v) sieve drum (n) sift (v) sight check (n) sight glass (n) sign (n) signal (n) signal (v) signal amplifier (n) signal conditioning (n) signal converter (n) signal distribution (n) signal exchange (n) signal flow (n) signal generator (n) signal lamp (n) signal level (n) signal processing (n) signal propagation time (n) signal resolution (n) signal transformer (n) signal-to-crosstalk ratio (n) signal-to-noise ratio (n) signalling device (n) silencer (n) silencing (adj) silent (adj) silica deposit (on turbine blades) (n) silica removal (n) silicon (n) silicon chip (n) silicon rectifier (n) silicon slice (n) silicon transistor (n) silicon wafer (n) silicon-controlled rectifier (n) silicone (n) sill (n) sill apron (n) sill support (n) silo design (n) silo wagon with compressed air unloading (n) silver (n) silver-plate (v) similarity planning (n) similarity theorem (n) simple (adj) simplex (adj) simplex drum brake (n) simplex intercom system (n) simplex mode (n) simplex suction strainer (n) simplifying assumption (n) simultaneous (adj) Simultaneous engineering sine curve (n) sine function response (n) sine response (n) sine rule (n) sine-wave oscillation (n) single automatic operation (n) single disk machine (n) single flank tooth-to-tooth composite error (n) single flank total composite error (n) single load (n) single location rack (n) single location storage (n) single measured length (n) single part drawing (n) single product batch size problem (n) single rack (n) single thread milling cutter (n) Single workstation assembly single-acting ... (adj) single-bevel groove weld (n) single-block brake (n) single-button collective control (n) single-circuit braking system (n) single-column construction (n) single-column machine (n) single-column milling machine (n) single-conductor cable (n) single-core ... (adj) single-core barrel (n) single-disc brake (n) single-hand operation (n) single-head wrench (n) single-layer ... (adj) single-link transport chain (n) Single-Minute Exchange of Die single-pass (adj) single-pass boiler (n) single-phase ... (adj) single-phase a.c. (n) single-phase alternating current (n) Single-phase asynchronous machine single-phase asynchronous motor (n) single-phase induction motor (n) single-phase region (n) single-ply ... (adj) single-pole ... (adj) single-product flow production (n) single-purpose machine (n) single-purpose machine tool (n) single-purpose milling machine (n) single-row axial angular ball bearing (n) single-row axial angular ball bearings (n) single-row deep groove ball bearing (n) single-row deep groove ball bearings (n) single-shaft arrangement (n) single-shear rivet connection (n) single-shear rivet joint (n) single-shear riveted joint (n) single-sheet system (n) single-shoe brake (n) single-speed ... (adj) single-spindle machine (n) single-stage distribution (n) single-stage marketing (n) single-throw switch (n) single-thrust ball bearing (n) single-use part (n) single-V butt weld (n) single-vee groove weld with root face (n) single-wagon traffic (n) sink (n) sink area (n) sinking bucket (n) sinking kibble (n) sinter (v) sintered (adj) sintered metal (n) Sintering sintering (n) sinusoidal (e.g. characteristic) (adj) sinusoidal oscillation (n) sinusoidal response (n) site (n) site assembly (n) site inspection (n) site installation (n) site of installation (n) site of service (n) site plan (n) site planning (n) site selection (n) site visit (n) siting (n) siting decisions (n) situation (n) six-row linear guide unit (n) sixth of a circular arc (n) size (n) size (v) size allowance (n) size coefficient (n) size deviation (n) size effect (n) size factor (n) size of production run (n) size tolerance (n) sizing drum (n) skate (n) sketch (n) skew (adj) skew (n) skid (n) skid-proof (adj) skid-resistant (adj) skidding risk (n) skill (n) skilled operator (n) skilled worker (n) skilling (n) skin (n) skin construction (n) skin friction (n) skin plate (n) skip (v) skirt guard (n) skirting (n) skirting board (n) skylight (n) slab (n) slack (adj) slack chain device (n) slack point (n) slack rope device (n) slack side (n) slacken (v) slag (n) slag (tube) screen (n) slag resistance (n) slagging (n) slampost (n) slat conveyor (n) slave station (n) slaving (n) sleeve (n) sleeve joint (n) sleeve spring (n) sleeve spring pressure (n) slender (adj) slenderness ratio (n) slew (v) slew motor (n) slewing angle (n) Slewing crane slewing crane (n) slewing gear (n) slewing jib (n) Slewing unit slice (n) slicer (n) slide (n) slide (v) slide bush (n) slide caliper (n) slide control (n) slide gate valve (n) slide guide (n) slide motion (n) slide nut (n) slide projection (n) slide rest (n) slide switch (n) slide valve gear (n) slide-in chassis (n) slide-in unit (n) slider (n) slider-crank gear (n) slider-crank toggle mechanism (n) slideway (n) slideway (rolling mill) (n) sliding (n) sliding bevel (n) sliding bushing (n) sliding claw (n) sliding collar (n) sliding contact (n) sliding door (n) sliding feather key (n) sliding fit (n) sliding friction (n) sliding guide shoes (pl) sliding key (n) sliding motion (n) sliding path (n) sliding rail (n) sliding shoe (n) sliding shuttering (n) sliding sleeve (n) Sliding sorter sliding sorter (n) sliding surface (n) sliding switch (n) sliding velocity (n) sliding-roof wagon (n) sliding-wall wagon (n) slim (adj) sling (n) sling (v) sling device (n) sling rope (n) Sling-wire rope sling-wire rope (n) slinging rope (n) slip (n) slip (v) slip clutch (n) slip friction (n) slip joint (n) slip off (v) slip plane (n) slip ring (n) slip socket (n) slip torque (n) slip-fit ... (adj) slip-in guide (n) slip-proof (adj) slip-ring induction motor (n) slip-ring starter (n) slip-ring type induction motor (n) slipping (n) slit (v) slitter-winder (for paper) (n) slop oil (n) slope (n) slope (v) slope angle (n) sloped rear wall section (n) sloping (adj) slot (n) slot (v) slot cutter (n) slot proximity switch (n) slot wedge (n) slot-type initiator (n) slotted (adj) slotted fillister head screw (n) slotted nut (n) slotted pan-head screw (n) slotted washer (n) slotted-head screw (n) slotter (n) slotting (n) slotting machine (n) slotting saw (n) slow (adj) slow seller (n) slow-acting (adj) slow-blow ... (adj) slow-down device (n) slow-down speed (n) slow-moving item (n) slowdown (n) slowdown initiation (n) slowdown switch (n) slowing down (n) slowing switch (n) slowing-down path (n) slown down (v) sludge (n) sluggish (adj) sluice gate (n) small accessories (pl) small component (n) small container handling system (n) small items kit (n) Small load carriers small part (n) small parts (pl) small parts storage area (n) small structure (n) small-lot production (n) small-parts container (n) Small-roller conveyor small-roller conveyor (n) small-scale construction (n) small-scale production (n) smoke detection and fire alarm system (n) smoke detector (n) smooth (adj) smooth (v) smooth component (n) smooth running (n) smooth running performance (n) smooth start (n) smooth starter (n) smooth-running (adj) smoothing (n) smoothing constant (n) smoothing factor (n) smoothing parameter (n) smoothing plane (n) SMT (n) snap (v) snap fastening (n) snap gage (n) snap gauge (n) snap in (v) snap in place (v) snap into place (v) snap lock (n) snap ring (n) snap ring notch (n) snap rings (n) snap-action contact (n) snap-action switch (n) snap-in fastening (n) snap-on mounting (n) snarl chip (n) snubber (n) snug (adj) snug fit (n) snug-fitting (adj) soak (v) soap mill (n) socket (n) socket connector (n) socket for wire rope (n) socket joint (n) socket outlet (n) socket outlet with earthing contact (n) socket spanner (n) socket wrench (n) sodium (n) soft (adj) Soft annealing soft annealing (n) soft iron (n) soft solder (n) Soft soldering soft soldering (n) soft start (n) soft starter (n) soft steel (n) soft-iron armature core (n) softening (n) soil (n) soil (v) soiling (n) Solar cell solar cell (n) solder (n) solder (v) solder to (v) solder wire (n) soldered connection (n) Soldered joint Soldering soldering (n) soldering bit (n) soldering fracture (n) soldering gun (n) Soldering guns and spot welding equipment - despite its low efficiency, some devices are designed with power matching because of the short periods for which they are in operation. This makes it possible to design smaller and lighter components, which make soldering iron (n) soldering joint (n) soldering tag (n) soldering terminal (n) soldering tin (n) soldering wire (n) solenoid (n) solenoid actuator (n) solenoid switch (n) solenoid valve (n) solenoid-operated switch (n) soleplate (n) solid (adj) solid (n) solid body (n) solid cage (n) solid cylinder (n) solid friction (n) solid line (n) Solid lubricant solid lubricant (n) solid material (n) solid matter (pl) solid of revolution (n) solid piston (n) solid sealant (n) solid shaft (n) solid solubility (n) solid solution (n) solid solution hardening (n) solid stock (n) solid wood edge joining machine (n) solid-borne noise (n) solid-logic technology (n) solid-state ... (adj) solid-state circuit (n) solid-state electronics (n) solid-state laser (n) solid-state physics (n) solid-wall design (n) solid-wall system (n) solidification (n) solids (pl) solubility (n) soluble (adj) solution (n) solution annealing (n) solution heat treatment (n) solution variant (n) solvent (n) Sommerfeld coefficient (n) Sommerfeld number (n) sonic speed (n) sootblower control (n) sootblower crankhandle for emergency retraction (n) sootblower lance tip (n) sootblower retract mechanism (n) sootblower sectioning valve (n) sootblower stroke length (n) sootblowing steam (n) sootblowing system (n) sort production (n) Sorting system sorting system (n) sorting table (n) Sound sound (adj) sound (n) sound (v) sound (gong (v) sound absorber (n) sound absorption (n) sound absorption coefficient (n) sound aperture (n) sound attenuation (n) sound damping (n) Sound insulation sound insulation (n) sound intensity (n) sound level (n) sound power (n) sound power level (n) sound pressure (n) Sound pressure level sound pressure level (n) sound propagation (n) sound reduction index (n) sound spectrum (n) sound technology (n) sound testing (n) sound transmission loss (n) sound travel time (n) sound velocity (n) sound-absorbing (adj) sound-level meter (n) sound-proof (adj) sound-proofing agent (n) soundproofing (n) source (n) source of energy (n) source of error (n) sourcing data (n) sourcing type (n) space (n) space centrode (n) space diagram (n) space in-between (n) space required (n) space requirement (n) space-saving (adj) spacer (n) spacer bushing (n) spacer pin (n) spacer ring (n) spacer sleeve (n) spacer washer (n) spacing (n) spacing between bearings (n) spacing clamp (n) spacing clip (n) spaghetti of cables (n) span (n) span (v) span bar (n) spanner (n) spanner radius (n) spar varnish (n) spare (n) spare (v) spare battery (n) spare part (n) sparger (brewery) (n) spark (n) spark erosion (n) spark machining (n) spatial bearing (n) spatial system of sources (n) spatially fixed axis (n) spatter (n) special break service (n) Special cast iron special design (n) special freight (n) special thread (n) special transmission (n) special-purpose machine (n) special-purpose motor (n) special-purpose thread (n) specialised retail trade (n) specific angle of torsion (n) specific angle of twist (n) specific electrical resistance (n) specification (n) specification error (n) specification sheet (n) specifications (n) specifications (pl) specified (adj) specified time (n) specify (v) specimen (n) spectacles (f) spectrum (noises) (n) speech connection (n) speech synthesizer (n) speed (n) speed adjustment (n) speed catchup time (n) speed change (n) speed characteristic (n) speed coefficient (n) speed component (n) Speed control speed control (n) speed control range (n) speed controller (n) speed curve (n) speed drop (n) speed flow (n) speed governing (n) speed governor (n) speed increase (n) speed indicator (n) speed limit (n) speed limiter (n) speed line (n) speed measurement (n) Speed metrology speed metrology (n) speed of light (n) speed of rotation (n) speed of sound (n) speed pattern (n) speed range (n) speed ratio (n) speed reducer (n) speed reduction (n) speed reduction gear (n) speed reduction ratio (n) speed regulator (n) speed rise (n) speed selector (n) speed setting (n) speed up (v) speed variation (n) Speed-actuated friction clutch speed-dependent (adj) speed-increasing gear (n) speed-increasing ratio reduction gearing (n) speed-reducing gear (n) speed-reducing ratio (n) speed-time law (n) speed-time line (n) speeding up (n) speedy (adj) spelter (n) sphere (n) sphere of action (n) sphere of influence (n) spherical (adj) spherical bearing (n) spherical bearing requiring maintenance (n) spherical cap (n) Spherical roller thrust bearing spherical storage tank (n) spherical washer (n) spherical-roller bearing (n) spheroidal graphite (n) spheroidal graphite cast iron (n) spider (n) spin (n) spin (v) spindle (n) spindle bearing (n) spindle drive efficiency (n) spindle head (n) spindle mounting (n) spindle return motion (n) spindle sleeve (n) spindle slide (n) spindle speed (n) spiral (adj) spiral (n) Spiral bevel gear spiral bevel gear (n) spiral conveyor (n) spiral gear (n) spiral spring (n) spiral-flute counterbore (n) spirit level (n) splash edge of sealing ring (n) splash lubrication (n) splash oil (n) splash water (n) splash-proof (adj) splashwater (n) splice (n) splice (v) splice plate (n) spliced joint (n) spline (n) spline milling (n) Spline shaft spline shaft (n) splined shaft (n) Splined shaft connection splines (n) splineshaft (n) splining (n) split (adj) split (v) Split coupling split coupling (n) split pin (n) splitter (n) splitting (n) spokeshave (n) sponsored research (n) spool (n) spot (n) spot of rupture (n) spot weld (n) spot welding (n) spot-weld (v) spot-welded (adj) spotlight (n) Sprag clutch spray (v) spray attemperation (n) spray attemperator (n) spray casting (n) Spray forming spray forming (n) spray water control valve (n) spread (v) spread out (v) spreader (n) spreader feeding (n) spring (n) spring balance (n) spring bias (n) spring buffer (n) spring characteristic (n) spring clamp (n) spring clip (n) spring collet chuck (n) spring compression (n) spring constant (n) spring contact (n) Spring coupling spring cup (n) spring deflection (n) spring diagram (n) spring diameter (n) spring drive (n) spring energy (n) spring excursion (n) spring force (n) spring force diagram (n) spring joint (n) spring load-deflection curve (n) spring lock washer (n) spring manometer (n) spring mechanism (n) spring pressure gage (n) spring pressure gauge (n) spring rate (n) spring return (n) spring scale (n) Spring steel spring steel (n) spring stiffness (n) spring suspension (n) Spring system spring tension (n) spring torque (n) spring travel (n) spring type buffer (n) spring washer (n) Spring work spring-actuated (adj) spring-cushion (v) spring-cushioned (adj) spring-loaded (adj) spring-loaded terminal (n) Spring-mass system spring-mass system (n) spring-mass-damper model (n) sprinkle (v) sprinkler head (n) sprinkler system (n) sprocket (n) sprocket chain (n) spudder (n) spur (n) Spur gear spur gear (n) spur gear hob (n) spur gearing (n) spur gears (n) square (adj) square (n) square butt weld (n) square file (n) square nut (n) square pipe (n) square root (n) square spanner (n) square steel (n) square stock (n) square thread (n) square wave (n) square-head bolt (n) square-wave pulse (n) squared timber pieces (pl) squareness (n) squeeze (v) squeeze point (n) squirrel-cage motor (n) squirrel-cage rotor (n) stability (n) stability curve (n) stability equation (n) stability moment (n) stability problem (n) stabilization (n) stabilize (v) stabilizer (n) stable (adj) stable (in the case of a ship) floating position (n) stable equilibrium (n) stable floating position (n) stable floating position (in the case of a ship) (n) stable state (n) stack (n) stack (v) stack height (n) stack mouth height (n) stacker (n) stacker control system (n) stacker crane (n) stacking fault (n) stacking machine (pl) stage (n) stage of construction (n) stage of implementation (n) stage-related problem (n) staggerd spot welding (n) staggered (adj) stain (n) stain (v) stainless (adj) stainless steel (n) stainless steel sheet metal (n) stainless-steel cladding (n) stair saw (n) stair-builder's saw (n) staircase lift (n) Staircase method staircase method (n) staircase platform lift (n) staircase seat lift (n) stairlift (n) stall (engine) (v) stalled-rotor torque (n) stamp (v) stamping (n) stamping press (n) stamping tool (n) stand (n) stand (v) stand-alone mode (n) stand-by channel (n) stand-by generator set (n) stand-by mode (n) stand-by unit (n) Standard standard (adj) standard (n) standard acceleration (n) standard acceleration of free fall (n) standard adjustment (n) standard air freight (n) standard component (n) standard container (n) standard delivery round (n) standard design (n) standard deviation (n) standard electrode potential (n) standard force of gravity (n) standard gravitational acceleration (n) standard instrument (n) standard lettering (n) standard lift (n) standard measure (n) standard motor (n) standard normal distribution (n) standard number (n) standard output (n) standard performance (n) standard screw (n) standard setting (n) standard size (n) standard specification (n) standard thread (n) standard time (n) standard times calculation (n) standard tolerance (n) standard V-belt (n) standard value (n) standard version (n) standard-dimensioned motor (n) Standardisation standardisation (n) standardisation rate (n) standardised normal distribution (n) standardization (n) standardize (v) standardized (adj) standardized lift (n) standby bus (n) standby electrical supply (n) standby generating set (n) standby generator (n) standby operation (n) standby plant (n) standby power (n) standby power supply (n) standby power unit (n) standby service (n) standby supply (n) standby unit (n) standing surface (n) standstill (n) staple (n) staple fastening (n) star connection (n) star handle (n) star knob (n) star screen (n) star transport system (n) Star washer star wheel (n) starch (n) starscreen (n) start (n) start (v) start button (n) start date (n) start inhibit (n) start interlock (n) start of production (n) start of series production (n) start of slip (n) start of yielding (n) start up (v) start-up (n) start-up (bypass) system (n) start-up coupling (n) start-up flash tank (n) start-up gate valve (n) start-up process (n) start-up system (n) start-up time (n) starter (n) starter switch (n) starting (n) starting angle (n) starting at no load (n) starting block (n) starting capacitor (n) starting chamfer (n) starting characteristic (n) starting characteristics (n) starting circuit (n) starting condition (n) starting current (n) starting efficiency (n) starting friction (n) starting lever (n) starting lock-out (n) starting position (n) starting power (n) starting pulse (n) starting sequence control (n) starting service (n) starting switch (n) starting tap (n) starting torque (n) starting voltage (n) starting winding (n) starting-current surge (n) startup (n) startup chamfer (n) startup instructions (n) startup manual (n) state (n) state (v) state diagram (n) state of aggregation (solid, liquid, gaseous) (n) state of balance (n) State of equilibrium state of equilibrium (n) state of motion (n) State of plane stress state of plane stress (n) state of rest (n) state of the art (n) statement (n) static (adj) static block rack (n) static converter drive (n) Static determinacy static determinacy (n) static electricity (n) static eliminator (n) Static friction static friction (n) static friction coefficient (n) static friction force (n) static load (n) static load capacity (n) static load rating (n) static load safety (n) static loading (n) static pressure (n) static pressure head (n) Static rack storage static rack storage (n) static racking (n) static radial load (n) static retrieval (n) static spring force (n) static strength (n) static stress (n) static stress failure (n) static structural safety (n) Static tensile strength static torque (n) statically indeterminate (adj) Statics of rigid bodies statics of rigid bodies (n) station time (n) stationarity (n) stationary (adj) stationary engineer (n) stationary flow (n) stationary gear (n) stationary head (n) stationary picking (n) stationary scanners (n) stationary stress (n) statistical analysis (n) statistical evaluation (n) statistical parameter (n) statistical value (n) statistics (n) stator (n) stator winding (n) status (n) status indicator (n) Stauffer lubricator (n) stay (n) steady bearing (n) steady rest (n) steady-state behaviour (n) steady-state deviation (n) Steady-state response steady-state response (n) steam (n) steam accumulator (n) Steam Boiler Code (n) steam boiler engineering (n) steam boilermaking (n) steam coil (n) steam conditioning station (n) steam converter (n) steam drum (n) steam generating tube (n) steam header (n) steam inlet header (n) steam inlet pressure (n) steam mains (n) steam moisture (n) steam pressure reducing and desuperheating station (n) steam purity (n) steam range (n) steam reformer (n) steam sample cooler (n) steam sampling (n) steam sampling point (n) steam sampling valve (n) steam space loading (n) steam strainer (n) steam velocity (n) steam wetness (n) Steel steel (n) steel bar (n) steel cable (n) steel channel (n) steel conduit pipe thread (n) steel conduit thread (n) steel construction (n) steel framework (n) steel grade (n) steel hardening (n) steel insert (n) steel mesh (n) steel pipe (n) steel plate (n) steel rail (n) steel reinforcements (n) steel sections (n) steel sections (pl) steel sheet (n) steel shot cleaning plant (n) steel shutter (n) steel smelting process (n) steel structure (n) steel tape (n) steel tube (n) steel tubing (n) steel wire rope (n) steel-reinforcing rod (n) Steelmaking steelwork (n) steep (adj) steer (v) steering roller (n) steering-arm gear (n) Steiner's theorem (n) stell skin (n) stem (n) stencil (n) step (n) step (v) step down (v) step irons (n) step motor (n) step profile (n) Step response step response (n) step tap (n) step-back welding (n) step-down gearing (n) step-down gears (n) step-down transformer (n) step-function response (n) step-on ... (adj) step-up gearing (n) stepless (adj) stepped (n) Stepper motor stepper motor (n) stepping (n) stepping motor (n) stepping rate (n) stereo lithography (n) Stereolithography stereometry (n) stick (n) stick (v) stick to (v) stick-slip (n) sticker (n) stiff (adj) stiffen (v) stiffening (n) stiffness (n) stiffness distribution (n) stimulate (v) stimulation (n) stimulus-response compatibility (n) stipulated (adj) stirrup (n) stirrup bolt (n) STL interface stochastic approach (n) stochastic processing time (n) stock allowance (n) stock costs (n) stock coverage for a given period (n) stock determination (n) stock feed (n) stock level triggering order placement (n) stock level triggering procurement (n) stock procurement (n) stock removal (n) stock removal strategy (n) Stock retrieval stock rotation (n) stock transfer (n) stock-keeping concept (n) stocking strategy (n) stockkeeping (n) stockkeeping strategy (n) stockout percentage (n) stockpiling (n) stoker-fired boiler (n) stop (n) stop (v) stop bar (n) stop boss (n) stop collar (n) stop dog (n) stop gate (n) stop lever (n) stop lug (n) stop motion lever (n) stop pin (n) stop plate (n) stop point (n) stop rail (n) stop switch (n) stop valve (n) stop-and-go conveyor (n) stopcock (n) stoppage (n) stopping (n) stopping accuracy (n) stopping device (n) stopping distance (n) stopping performance monitor (n) stops per hour (n) storage (n) storage aid (n) storage and retrieval function (n) storage and retrieval unit (n) storage and retrieval unit for high-bay warehouse (pl) storage area-related picking (n) storage battery (n) storage capacitor (n) storage capacity (n) storage concept (n) storage costs (n) storage function (n) storage life (n) storage location (n) storage space assignment strategy (n) storage strategy (n) Storage system storage system (n) storage unit (n) store (n) storeroom (n) stove (n) stove enamelling (n) stove-enamel coating (n) stove-enamelled (adj) Straddle carrier straddle carrier (n) Straddle truck straddle truck (n) straight (n) straight bevel gear (n) straight impact (n) straight line (n) straight member (n) straight pin (n) straight teeth (n) straight torsion bar (n) Straight-line guide Straight-line guide with flat mating surfaces straight-line motion (n) straight-lined (adj) straight-tooth gear (n) straightness (n) strain (n) strain (v) strain amplitude (n) strain cycling (n) strain energy (n) strain gage (n) Strain gauge strain gauge (n) strain hardening (n) strain hypothesis (n) strain pattern (n) strain profile (n) strain relief (n) Strain tensor strain tensor (n) strain variation diagram (n) strain-bearing member (n) strain-relief clamp (n) strainer (n) strainer inset (n) strand (n) strand (v) strand side (n) stranded conductor (n) stranded wire (n) strap (n) strap brake (n) strapping (n) strategic product planning (n) stream (n) Strength strength (n) strength analysis (n) strength calculation (n) strength category (n) strength distribution (n) strength of materials (n) strength test (n) Strength testing strength testing (n) strength value (n) strengthen (v) strengthening (n) stress (n) stress (v) stress amplitude (n) stress analysis (n) stress concentration (n) stress corrosion cracking (n) stress crack (n) stress cross-section (n) stress cycle (n) stress cycle limit (n) stress distribution (n) stress hypothesis (n) stress intensity factor (n) stress on a beam (n) stress pattern (n) stress peak (n) stress profile (n) stress relieving (n) stress resultant (n) Stress resultants stress reversal (n) Stress tensor stress tensor (n) stress vector (n) Stress-corrosion cracking stress-number curve (n) Stress-relaxation test Stress-relief annealing stress-relief heat treatment (n) stress-relieved (adj) stress-strain curve (n) stress-strain diagram (n) stress-strain hysteresis curve (n) Stress-time function stress-time function (n) stretch (v) Stretch forming stretch forming (n) stretch-forming (n) stretching (n) striation (n) Stribeck curve (n) strike (v) striker (n) striking speed (n) stringent (adj) strip (n) strip (v) strip aluminium (n) strip aluminum (n) strip bending machine (n) strip chart (n) strip feeding and guiding system (welding) (n) strip off (v) strip out (v) strip paint (v) strip rolling mill (n) strip shears (n) strip steel (n) strip terminal (n) strip weld cladding (n) stripped (adj) stripper (f) stripper (n) stripping (n) stripping tongs (f) stroke (n) stroke displacement machine (n) stroke distance (n) stroke length (n) stroke rate (n) stroke ratio (n) stroke volume (n) strong (adj) structural (adj) structural ceramics (n) structural change (n) structural component (n) structural element (n) structural material (n) structural overview (n) structural safety (n) structural safety analysis (n) Structural steel structural steel (n) structural strength (n) structural-noise factor (n) structure (n) structure-borne noise (n) structure-borne noise factor (n) structure-borne sound (n) strut (n) strut (v) strutting (n) stud (n) stud (arc) welding (n) Stud bolt stud bolt (n) stud gun (n) studding (n) study (v) Stuffing box stuffing box (n) style (n) style (v) styling (n) stylus (n) sub-function (n) sub-zero temperature (n) sub-zoning (n) subassembly (n) subassembly drawing (n) subassembly manufacturer (n) subchannel (n) subcontracted manufacturing (n) subcontracting (n) subdueing (n) subject to (v) subject to change (n) subject to change without notice (n) subject to change without prior notice (n) subject to notification (adj) submerge (v) Submerged arc welding: Submerged arc welding is primarily an automated process in which the electric arc burns hidden from view under an endless electrode. The electric arc and molten pool are covered by a rough grain powder, which forms a protective weld submerged-arc welding (n) submersed motor (n) submersible pump (n) submersion priming (n) subordinate (adj) subrack (n) subscript (n) subsequent data (n) substance (n) substitute (n) substitute (v) substitute material (n) substitution (n) substitution error (n) substitutional solid solution (n) substrate (n) substructure (n) subterranean (adj) subzero treatment (n) successful result (n) successor model (n) suck off (v) suction cup (n) suction forming (n) suction line (n) Suction moulding suction moulding (n) suction pad (n) suction side (n) suction strainer (n) suction valve (n) suicide circuit (n) suicide control (n) suit (v) suitability for welding (n) suitable (adj) suitable for hot work (adj) suite (n) sulfur (n) sulphur (n) summands method (n) summarized bill of material (n) summarized BOM (n) summary (n) summation formula (n) summation function (n) sump (n) sump lubrication (n) sun gear (n) super-finish (v) superalloy (n) superconducting (adj) superconduction (n) superconductivity (n) Superconductor superconductor (n) supercooling (v) superfinish (n) superimpose (v) superimposed (adj) superimposition (n) superposed (adj) Superposition superposition (n) superposition principle (n) superposition theorem (n) superstructure (n) supervise (v) supervising authority (n) supervision (n) supervisor (n) supervisory authority (n) supervisory console (n) supervisory system (n) supplied by others (adj) supplier (n) supplier chain (n) supplier evaluation (n) supplier flexibility (n) supplier portfolio (n) supplier selection (n) supply (n) supply (v) supply capability (n) Supply chain management supply end (n) supply flexibility (n) supply inventory (n) supply line (n) Supply lines supply lines (n) supply of electrical energy (n) supply of materials (n) supply quality (n) supply service (n) supply services (n) supply side (n) supply source (n) supply system (n) supply temperature (n) supply voltage (n) support (n) support (v) support beam (n) support cable (n) Support cable (conveying technology) support cross-section (n) support force calculation (n) support girder (n) support post (n) support pressure (n) support reaction (n) support ring (n) support structure (n) support table (n) Support type support type (n) supporting (adj) supporting bearing (n) supporting force (n) supporting force component (n) supporting frame (n) supporting framework (n) supporting header (n) supporting hook (n) supporting messenger (n) supporting rail (n) supporting roller (n) supporting structure (n) supporting surface (n) suppress (v) suppress interference (v) suppression circuit (n) suppression of noise (n) supraconduction (n) surface (n) surface broaching machine (n) surface calculation (n) surface coating (n) surface coefficient (n) surface condition (n) surface condition factor (n) surface corrosion (n) surface crack (n) surface crack test (n) surface cutting (n) surface defect (n) surface density of charge (n) Surface deviation surface deviation (n) surface effect (n) surface energy (n) surface finish (n) surface finish symbol (n) Surface finishing surface finishing (n) surface force (n) surface friction (n) surface grinder (n) surface grinding (n) surface grinding machine (n) surface hardening (n) surface hardness (n) surface imperfection (n) surface influence (n) surface installation (n) Surface mapping: Methods based on light microscopy use bright-field or dark-field illumination and have a maximum magnification factor of approx. 1,000 x. A scanning electron microscope, on the other hand, offers far higher magnification (approx. 5 Surface metrology surface metrology (n) surface milling (n) surface mounting (n) surface mounting technology (n) surface of action (n) surface of liquid (n) surface on which pressure is exerted (n) surface parameter (n) surface phenomenon (n) surface planing (n) surface pressure (n) surface profile (n) surface quality (n) Surface resistance surface resistance (n) surface roughness (n) Surface roughness metrology: The aim is to record the micro/nanogeometry of technical surfaces. It is also possible to determine the deviation between an actual surface and an ideal target surface. Given that different measurements produce differen surface socket (n) surface stress (n) surface symbol (n) surface tension (n) surface treatment (n) surface treatment technology (n) surface wiring (n) surface-mounted device (n) surface-mounted switch (n) surge (n) surge current (n) surge voltage (n) surplus production (n) surround (n) surroundings (n) surveillance (n) survey (n) survival probability (n) susceptibility (n) susceptibility of failure (n) susceptible to faults (adj) suspend (v) suspended (adj) suspended ceiling (n) suspended crane (n) suspended luminaire (n) suspended pushbutton panel (n) suspension (n) suspension bracket (n) suspension cable (n) suspension chain (n) suspension cradle (n) suspension device (n) suspension eyelet (n) suspension hook (n) suspension points (pl) suspension principle (n) suspension railroad (n) suspension rope (n) suspension ropes jumping off their grooves if slack (n) suspension ropes leaving their grooves if slack (n) suspension spring (n) suspension-rope anchorage (n) sustain (v) sustained chain lift (n) sustained load (n) sustained loading (n) sustained short-circuit current (n) swaging (n) swap bodies (n) swap body (n) swarf (n) sway (v) swell (v) swim (v) swing (n) swing (v) swing door (n) swing-hammer crusher (n) swing-out (adj) swing-out ... (adj) swipe card (n) swirl (n) swirl-vane assy (n) switch (n) switch (v) switch in (v) switch lever (n) switch off (v) switch on (v) switch over (v) switch through (v) switchable (adj) switchboard (n) switchbox (n) switched off (adj) switched-mode power supply (n) switchgear (n) switchgear (pl) switching (n) switching amplifier (n) switching angle (n) switching capacity (n) switching characteristics (pl) switching circuit (n) switching cycle (n) switching device (n) switching element (n) switching frequency (n) switching hysteresis (n) switching instant (n) switching interval (n) switching off (n) switching operation (n) switching performance (n) switching point (n) switching pulse (n) switching sequence chart (n) switching system (n) switching time (n) switching transistor (n) switching variable (n) swivel (v) swivel arm (n) swivel axis (n) swivel bearing (n) swivel hook (n) swivel joint (n) swivel vise (n) swivelling (adj) sword (n) symbol (n) symmetry (n) symmetry plane (n) synchro (n) synchro telescopic jack (n) synchronisation (n) synchronisation time (n) synchronising time (n) synchronous (adj) synchronous belt (n) Synchronous machine synchronous machine (n) synchronous motor (n) synchronous operation (n) synthetic (adj) synthetic determination of times (n) synthetic material (n) system (n) system breakdown (n) system compatibility (n) system crash (n) system damping (machine tool) (n) system disturbance (n) system earth (PE) (n) system failure (n) system of equations (n) system of fits (n) system of forces (n) system perturbation (n) system requirements (n) system security (n) system voltage drop (n) systematic composite numbering system (n)