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Glossary index A-Z

The glossary index gives you an overview of all contributions from A to Z.

T section (n) T slot (n) T strip (n) T-butt joint (n) T-head bolt (n) T-head slot (n) T-headed bolt (n) T-joint (n) T-slot (n) T-slot cutter (n) T-square (n) tab washer (n) table (n) table (frames) (n) table clamping (n) table rotation (n) table saddle (n) table slide (n) table-top model (n) table-top unit (n) tacho-generator (n) tachogenerator (n) tachometer (n) tachometer generator (n) tack riveting (n) tack weld (n) tack welding (n) tackle (v) tackle-line (n) tactile button (n) tactile response (n) tactile sensor (n) tail (n) tail gas heater (n) tail vise (n) tail-heavy (adj) tail-lift (n) tailor made (n) tailor-made (adj) tailstock (n) tailstock quill (n) tailstock sleeve (n) tailstock spindle sleeve (n) take (v) take a bearing (v) take apart (v) take off (v) take out (v) take precautions (n) take remedial action (n) take up (v) take-down time (n) take-off point (of chain) (n) talk-through device (n) tamper prevention (n) tamper-proof (adj) tamper-resistant (adj) tandem access (n) tandem roller guide shoe (n) tandem travelling cable (n) tandem-compound arrangement (n) tangent function (n) tangential (n) tangential acceleration (n) tangential component of acceleration (n) tangential deceleration (n) tangential force (n) tangential force-path diagram (n) tangential size (n) tangential stress (n) tank (n) tank pallet (n) tank wagon (n) tanker shipping (n) tap (n) tap (v) tap & die (n) tap extractor (n) tap forming (n) tap hole (n) tap set (n) tap stock (n) tap wrench (n) tap-drill hole (n) tape (n) tape control (n) tape-controlled (adj) taped (adj) taper (n) taper (v) taper bush (n) taper pin (n) taper shank (n) taper sleeve (n) taper tap (n) taper thread (n) Taper-lock clamping bush tapered (adj) Tapered connection tapered hole (n) tapered machine handle (n) tapered pin (n) Tapered roller bearing tapered roller bearing (n) tapered thread (n) tapped hole (n) tappet (n) Tapping tapping (n) tapping chuck (n) tapping head (n) tapping screw (n) target (n) target coordinate (n) Target costing target costing (n) target position (n) TARGET time (n) tarnish (v) tarpaulin (n) task (n) task analysis (n) Taylor principle teach (v) teach-in programming (n) teach-in run (n) Team work tear (n) tearing (n) tearing length (n) technical component (n) technical data (pl) technical drawing (n) technical plastic (n) technical specifications (pl) technical statistics (n) technical theory of representation (n) technician (n) technique (n) technological (adj) technology (n) Technology details technology roadmapping (n) technology transfer (n) tee joint (n) teeth characteristics (n) teeth per inch (tpi) (n) telecommunications technology (n) telecontrol (n) telecontrol center (n) telecontrol centre (n) telecontrol engineering (n) telecontrol room (n) telecontrol system (n) telemonitoring (n) telephone station (n) teleprogramming (n) telescope (v) telescopic cylinder (n) telescopic door (n) telescopic push rod (n) telescopic sliding door (n) telescoping (adj) telescoping moving-grate stoker (n) telescoping shaft (n) teleservice (n) teletransmission (n) tell-tale board (n) tell-tale lamp (n) temp dot (n) temper (v) temperature (n) temperature balance (n) temperature below zero (n) temperature class (n) temperature coefficient (n) temperature difference (n) temperature drop (n) temperature fall (n) temperature indicator (n) Temperature metrology temperature metrology (n) temperature point (n) temperature range (n) temperature regulator (n) temperature rise (n) temperature sensor (n) temperature switch (n) Temperature-indicating paint temperature-rise test (n) temperature-sensing switch (n) Tempering tempering (n) tempering colour (n) tempering resistance (n) tempering steel (n) tempering temperature (n) template (n) template control (n) tempo (n) tenacious (adj) tender specifications (n) tenon saw (n) tensile force (n) tensile shear test (n) tensile strength (n) tensile stress (n) tensile test (n) tension (n) tension (v) tension bolt (n) tension crack (n) tension pulley (n) tension rod (n) tension sheave (n) tension spring (n) tension test (n) tension weight (n) tension-compression load (n) tensioner (n) tensioning bolt (n) tensioning device (n) tensioning lever (n) tensioning pulley (n) tensioning rail (n) tensioning screw (n) tensioning shaft mode (n) term (n) terminal (n) terminal block (n) terminal board (n) terminal box (n) terminal connection (n) terminal connection diagram (n) terminal diagram (n) terminal floor (n) terminal insulator (n) terminal landing (n) terminal marking (n) terminal nut (n) terminal pair (n) terminal repeater (n) terminal screw (n) terminal stopping device (n) terminal stopping switch (n) terminal strip (n) terminal voltage (n) termination (n) termination cable (n) territorial concept (n) tertiary demand (n) tertiary requirements (n) test (n) test (v) test bar (n) test bay (n) test by free oscillations (n) test certificate (n) test data (n) test equipment (pl) test fixture (n) test for continuity (v) test groove (n) test item (n) test jig (n) test laboratory (n) test mark (n) test method (n) test model (n) test object (n) test operation (n) test out (v) test piece (n) test plug (n) test point (n) test prior to acceptance (n) test probe (n) test procedure (n) test prod (n) test record (n) test regulations (n) test report (n) test result (n) test rig (n) test rim (n) test rod (n) test run (n) test section (n) test sequence (n) test series (n) test set-up (n) test socket (n) test specification (n) test specimen (n) test stand (n) test standard (n) test temperature (n) test terminal (n) test tower (n) test voltage (n) tester (n) testing apparatus (n) testing arrangement (n) testing device (n) testing facilities (pl) testing laboratory (n) testing machine (n) Testing material characteristics testing of materials (n) tests based on ... (pl) Tetmajer straight line (n) Tetmajer's equation (n) textile rag (n) texture (n) texture annealing (n) textured finish (n) textured paint (n) THD (n) the car is at the level of the landing (adj) the car is in a position level with the floor (adj) the disabled (pl) the door stood ajar (adj) the handicapped (pl) theft (n) theorem of height (n) theorem of moments (n) theorem of moments for areas (n) theorem of moments for lines (n) theorem of momentum (n) theory (n) Theory of elasticity theory of elasticity (n) Theory of errors theory of gravity (n) theory of motion (n) theory of notch stress (n) theory of relativity (n) theory of representation (n) theory of shear force (n) thermal analysis (n) thermal balance (n) thermal breakdown (n) thermal capacity (n) thermal circuit (n) thermal conduction (n) thermal conduction welding (n) thermal conductivity (n) thermal crack (n) thermal diffusivity (n) thermal equilibrium (n) Thermal expansion thermal expansion (n) thermal gradient (n) thermal insulation (n) thermal property (n) thermal protection (n) thermal radiation (n) thermal reference speed (n) thermal relay (n) thermal removal (n) thermal resistance (n) thermal shock (n) thermal stability (n) thermal stress (n) thermal treatment (n) thermal-shock crack (n) thermally insulated (adj) thermally permissible speed (n) thermistor (n) thermo-switch (n) Thermochemical treatment thermochemical treatment (n) Thermocouple thermocouple (n) thermoexpansion (n) thermoforming (n) Thermoforming (plastic) thermoforming (shaping) (n) thermomechanical fatigue (n) Thermomechanical testing thermomechanical treatment (n) thermometer (n) thermometric conductivity (n) thermoplastic (n) thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) (n) Thermoplastic elastomers Thermoplastics thermoregulation (n) thermoset material (n) Thermoset materials thermosetting plastic (n) thermostability (n) thermostat (n) thick (adj) thick plate (n) thick-bodied (adj) thick-walled pipe (n) thickness (n) thickness change (n) thickness planer (n) thicknesser (n) thimble (n) thin (adj) thin (v) thin sheet (n) thin-bodied (adj) thin-gauge plate (n) thin-section bearing (n) thin-walled (adj) thin-walled pipe (n) thinner (n) thread (n) thread (v) thread acceptance gage (n) thread acceptance gauge (n) thread angle (n) thread axis (n) thread broaching (n) thread chaser (n) thread chasing (n) thread core (n) thread crest (n) thread cutter (n) Thread cutting thread cutting (n) thread designation (n) thread direction (n) thread engagement (n) thread fit (n) thread fit class (n) thread flank (n) thread form (n) thread friction torque (n) Thread grinding thread grinding (n) thread height (n) thread hobbing (n) thread insert (n) thread lead (n) thread lead angle (n) thread limit gage (n) thread limit gauge (n) thread line (n) thread manufacturing (n) Thread metrology thread metrology (n) thread mill (n) Thread milling thread milling (n) thread pendulum (n) thread pitch (n) thread plug gage (n) thread plug gauge (n) thread pressing (n) thread production (n) thread profile (n) thread reach (n) thread ridge (n) Thread rolling thread rolling (n) thread rolling attachment (n) thread rolling head (n) thread root (n) thread runout (n) thread snap gage (n) thread snap gauge (n) Thread spinning thread spinning (n) thread start (n) thread tapping (n) thread top (n) Thread turning thread turning (n) thread undercut (n) thread-cutting chaser (n) thread-cutting die (n) thread-cutting screw (n) thread-cutting tap (n) thread-cutting tool (n) Thread-forming screw thread-milling cutter (n) threaded assembly (n) threaded bolt (n) threaded bush (n) threaded connector (n) threaded joint (n) threaded pin (n) threaded port (n) threaded rod (n) threaded sleeve (n) threaded spindle drive (n) threading (n) threading dial (n) threading die (n) threading insert (n) threading lathe (n) threading tool (n) threads per inch (pl) threat (n) three-dimensional (adj) three-dimensional motion (n) three-dimensional structural defect (n) three-hinged arch (n) three-hinged support (n) three-jaw chuck (n) three-phase a.c. (n) three-phase a.c. drive (n) three-phase a.c. generator (n) three-phase a.c. motor (n) three-phase a.c. power controller (n) three-phase alternating current (n) three-phase asynchronous motor (n) three-phase circuit (n) Three-phase current three-phase current (n) three-phase generator (n) three-phase machine (n) three-phase slipring motor (n) three-phase squirrel-cage motor (n) three-phase synchronous motor (n) three-phase system (n) Three-phase transformer three-phase transformer (n) three-phase winding (n) three-point bearing (n) three-position switch (n) three-row axial angular ball bearing (n) three-row axial angular ball bearings (n) three-square file (n) three-tone chime (n) three-tone gong (n) three-way switch (n) three-way valve (n) threshold (n) threshold value (n) throat diameter (n) throttle (n) throttle (v) throttle control (n) throttle steam pressure (n) throttle valve (n) throttling (n) through train (n) through-bolt (n) through-bolt screw connection (n) through-car condition (n) through-connected (adj) through-connection (n) through-hardening (n) through-hardening steel (n) through-hole (n) through-hole thread (n) through-running (adj) throughfeed milling (n) throughout (adj) throughput (n) throughput time (n) throw in (v) throw-away part (n) thrown in (adj) thrust (n) Thrust ball bearing thrust ball bearing (n) Thrust bearing thrust bearing (n) thrust face (n) thrust force (n) thrust plane (n) thrust spring (n) thumb nut (n) thumb screw (n) Thyristor thyristor (n) thyristor-based converter (n) tick (v) ticket (n) tie (v) tie bolt (n) tie line (n) tie off (v) tie rod (n) tie up (v) tie-bolt (n) tie-rod (n) tie-rod (e.g. for counterweight fillers) (n) tier (n) TIG welding (n) TIG welding (tungsten inert-gas welding): During TIG welding, the electric arc is generated between the welding material and a non-consumable tungsten electrode. The filler material is fed in from outside tight (adj) tight side (n) tighten (v) tighten bolts in diagonally opposite sequence (n) tightener (n) tightening bolt (n) tightening pulley (n) tightening torque (n) tightness (n) tilt (v) tilt angle (n) tilt edge (n) tilt-and-swivel ... (adj) tilt-tray conveyor (n) Tilt-tray sorter tilt-tray sorter (n) tilt-up seat (n) tilted position (n) time (n) time (v) time allowance (n) time an order is placed (n) time constant (n) time derivative (n) time generator (n) time limitation (n) time management (n) time of arrival (n) time of climb (n) time of day (n) time of ordering (n) time of outflow (n) time offset (n) time pulse relay (n) time relay (n) time restriction (n) time scheduling (n) time segment (n) time switch (n) time temperature transformation diagram (n) time to mature (n) time-delay capacitor (n) time-delay switch (n) time-dependent (adj) time-of-day clock (n) time-saving (adj) time-series analysis (n) time-temperature transformation diagram (n) time-temperature-transformation diagram (n) timer (n) timer circuit (n) timing (n) timing belt (n) timing element (n) tin (n) tin alloy (n) tin plate (n) tin sheet (n) tin solder (n) tin-making machine (n) tin-plate (v) tip (n) tip (v) tip circle (n) tip circle diameter (n) tip clearance (n) tip diameter (n) tipper body (n) tipping (n) tipping car (n) tipping edge (n) tipping torque (n) TIR (n) Titanium titanium alloy (n) title block (n) to (re)sharpen (vt) to be discarded (adj) to coastdown (vi) to debur (vt) to deburr (vt) to dress (vt) to finish (vt) to furrow sth. (vt) to hang (vt) to lower (vt) to operate sth. (vt) to plane (vt) to put in (vt) to react to sth. (vi) to regrind (vt) to remove burr (vt) to respond to sth. (vi) to revolve fast (v) to scale (adj) to set (vt) to shut down (boiler) (vt) to standard(s) (adj) to the left (adv) to the right (adj) to trim sth. (vt) toe (n) toe board (n) toe guard (n) toe strap (n) toeguard apron (n) toggle switch (n) tolerable range (n) Tolerance tolerance (n) tolerance band (n) tolerance class (n) tolerance class code (n) tolerance class designation (n) tolerance class symbol (n) tolerance frame (n) tolerance level (n) tolerance limits (pl) tolerance of inside radius (n) tolerance position (n) tolerance principle (n) tolerance range (n) Tolerance ring tolerance variation (n) Tolerance zone tolerance zone (n) toleranced element (n) toleranced property symbol (n) toleranced size (n) Tolerancing principle toll for HGVs (n) toll for lorries (n) toll for trucks (n) tone (n) tongs (f) tongue and groove (n) tonne (n) tool (n) tool (v) tool bag (n) tool box (n) tool carriage (n) tool carrier (n) tool change (n) tool changer (n) tool clamping (n) tool clamping device (n) tool compensation (n) tool coordinate system (n) tool cutting edge (n) tool description (n) tool diameter (n) tool ergonomics (n) tool function (n) tool geometry data (pl) tool grinder (n) tool head (n) tool holder (n) tool kit (n) tool life (n) tool loading (n) tool magazine (n) tool offset (n) tool path (n) tool post (n) tool presetting (n) tool radius (n) tool setting position (n) tool slide (n) tool spindle (n) Tool steel tool steel (n) tool steels (pl) tool storage magazine close to the machine (n) tool taper (n) tool tip (n) tool turret (n) tool up (v) tool-setter (n) tooled (adj) toolhead (n) tooling (n) tooling time (n) toolroom (n) tools and supplies (n) tooth (n) Tooth (gearing) tooth bearing (n) tooth belt drive (n) tooth breakage (n) Tooth breakage (gear) tooth chamfer (n) Tooth clutch tooth clutch (n) tooth contact (n) tooth contour (n) tooth crest (n) tooth depth (n) tooth edge rupture (n) tooth engagement (n) tooth engagement frequency (n) tooth flank (n) tooth flank wear (n) tooth milling cutter (n) tooth pitch (n) tooth profile (n) tooth quality (n) tooth ratio (n) tooth root (n) tooth shape (n) tooth thickness (n) tooth tip (n) tooth undercut (n) tooth width (n) toothed (adj) toothed belt (n) toothed belt drive (n) toothed chain (n) toothed disk (n) toothed gear (n) toothed lock washer (n) toothed rim (n) toothed shaft (n) toothed wheel (n) toothed-belt drive (n) toothed-belt pulley (n) toothing plane (n) top (adj) top (n) top boom (n) top chord (truss) (n) top circle (n) top coat (n) top edge (n) top end (n) top gear (n) top of car inspection control station (n) top rail (n) top slide (n) top steel (n) top transom (n) top up (v) top view (n) top-of-car operating device (n) top-run (ash) extractor (n) topical (adj) topology (n) topping turbine (n) torch soldering (n) toroidal bearing (n) torque (n) torque amplifier (n) torque characteristic (n) torque compensation (n) torque control (n) torque converter (n) torque curve (n) torque delivered (n) torque flow (n) torque jerk (n) torque lever (n) torque limitation (n) torque limiter (n) torque measurement (n) torque measuring instrument (n) torque metrology (n) Torque motor torque motor (n) torque path (n) torque pulsation (n) torque range (n) torque ratio (n) torque regulator (n) torque rise (n) torque screwdriver (n) torque spanner (n) torque transmission (n) torque variation (n) torque wrench (n) torque-balance system (n) Torque-limiting clutch Torque-limiting friction clutch torquemeter (n) Torsion torsion (n) torsion angle (n) torsion bar (n) torsion bar measuring device (n) torsion bar spring (n) torsion bar stabiliser (n) torsion damper (n) torsion pendulum (n) Torsion spring torsion spring (n) torsion stress (n) torsion-bar spring (n) torsional area moment of inertia (n) torsional buckling (n) torsional damper (n) torsional deflection (n) torsional flexural buckling (n) torsional force (n) torsional impact (n) torsional load (n) torsional moment (n) torsional moment of area (n) torsional oscillation (n) Torsional oscillator torsional pendulum (n) torsional resistance moment (n) torsional rigidity (n) torsional stiffness (n) torsional strength (n) torsional stress (n) torsional stress distribution (n) torsional twisting (n) torsional vibration (n) torsional vibration test (n) Torsional-flexural buckling torsionally flexible (n) torsionally rigid (adj) total average stock (n) total composite deviation (n) total composite error (n) total compression of the spring (n) total cost principle (n) total deformation (n) total diameter (n) total energy (n) total failure (n) total failure rate (n) total harmonic distortion (n) total moment (n) total moment of area (n) Total production cost Total productive maintenance total profile error (n) total quality management (TQM) (n) total resultant (n) total stock costs (n) total stress (n) total torque (n) total wear (n) totally insulated (adj) touch (n) touch (v) touch area (n) touch control (n) touch control button (n) touch dimmer (n) touch panel (n) touch screen (n) touch up (v) touchplate (n) tough (adj) Toughness toughness (n) toughness test (n) Toughness testing toughness testing (n) tour (n) tow (v) Tow tractor tower (n) toxicity (n) Toyota Production System tracer (n) tracer control (n) tracer-controlled (adj) track (n) track (v) track bicycle (n) track gauge (n) track guidance principle (n) track lubrication (n) track width (n) tracking (n) tracking circuit (n) tracking precision (n) tracking speed (n) tracklaying tractor (n) traction (n) traction calculation (n) traction drive (n) traction drive lift (n) traction drive passenger lift (n) traction elevator (n) traction force (n) traction lift (n) traction machine (n) traction motor (n) traction screw (n) traction sheave (n) traction sheave groove (n) traction sheave rim (n) tractive force (n) tractive force equation (n) tractive force equation for pulley blocks (n) tractive force when lifting loads (n) tractive resistance (n) tractive solenoid (n) tractor (n) tractor train (n) trade (n) Trademark trademark (n) tradesman (n) traffic (n) traffic analysis (n) traffic demand (n) traffic density (n) traffic directors (pl) traffic flow (n) traffic handling (n) traffic handling capacity (n) traffic mode (n) traffic pattern (n) traffic peak (n) traffic safety (n) traffic supervision (n) traffic volume (n) trail cable (n) trailing cable (n) trailing edge (n) train (n) train coupling (n) train gear (n) training (n) trajectory (n) trajectory height (n) trajectory length (n) Trajectory of a projectile trajectory of a projectile (n) trajectory parabola (n) trajectory tangent (n) trajectory time (n) tramp iron detector (n) tramp shipping (n) tramping (n) transaction costs (n) transaction data (n) Transcendental number transcendental number (n) transducer (n) transfer (n) transfer (v) transfer carriage (n) Transfer curve transfer curve (n) transfer heat (n) transfer line (n) transfer moulding (n) transfer station (n) transfer stiffness (n) transfer time (n) transferable torque (n) transform (v) transformation (n) Transformation (quench) hardening through heating and rapid cooling, which ensures that far more carbon remains bound than without hardening. During the heating process, ferrite is converted into austenite, in which more carbon can be separated fro transformation hardening (n) Transformer transformer (n) transhipment (n) transhipment station (n) transhipment terminal (n) transient (n) transient condition (n) transient current (n) transient deviation (n) transient state (n) transient voltage (n) Transistor transistor (n) transistor chip (n) transistor circuit (n) transistor engineering (n) transistor technology (n) transistorized pulse converter (n) transit (n) transit time (n) transit time matrix (n) transit traffic (n) transition (n) transition condition (n) transition fit (n) transition frequency (n) transition matrix (n) transition phase (n) transition rpm (n) transition speed (n) transition temperature (n) transition time (n) transitional load cycle (n) transitional period (n) Translation translation (n) translational (adj) translational deceleration (n) translational force (n) translatory motion (n) transmission (n) Transmission (transmission system) transmission channel (n) transmission control (n) transmission direction (n) transmission electron microscopy (n) transmission element (n) transmission line (n) transmission path (n) transmission ratio (n) transmission stiffness (n) Transmission system transmission time (n) transmit (v) transmit heat (n) transmitted-light optical diffraction system (n) transmitter (n) transom (n) transparent (adj) transparent lift (n) transponder (n) transport (n) transport (v) transport air (n) transport by water (n) transport capacity (n) transport chain (n) transport control system (n) transport costs (n) transport equipment (n) transport frequency (n) transport function (n) transport in individual wagons (n) transport matrix (n) transport of passengers (n) transport planning (n) transport problem (n) transport rack (n) transport route (n) transport scheduling (n) transport service (n) transport system (n) transport time (n) transport volume (n) transportable fork-lift (n) transportation (n) transportation capacity (n) transportation costs (n) transportation function (n) transportation performance (n) transportation route (n) transporter (n) transshipment concept (n) transverse (adj) transverse adjustment (n) transverse axis (n) transverse bending (n) transverse bending test (n) transverse compression (n) transverse contact ratio (n) transverse direction (n) transverse feed (n) transverse force (n) transverse force area (n) transverse force behaviour (n) transverse force line (n) transverse load (n) transverse module (n) transverse motion (n) transverse plane (n) transverse rolling (n) transverse section (n) transverse slope (n) transverse strain (n) transverse travel (n) transverse vibration (n) transverse-flow motor (n) trap door (n) trapezium (n) trapezoidal screw thread (n) trapezoidal thread (n) trapped passengers (pl) trapping risk (n) travel (n) travel (v) travel beyond (v) travel cable (n) travel gear (n) travel limitation device (n) travel operation (n) travel speed (n) travel time (n) traveller (n) travelling cable (n) travelling cable attachment (n) travelling gear (n) travelling motor (n) travelling salesman problem (n) travelling speed (n) Travelling wheel travelling wheel (n) traverse (n) traverse (v) traversing chute (n) traversing direction (n) traversing movement (n) traversing rate (n) traversing speed (n) travolator (n) tray (n) tread (n) treat (v) treat gently (v) treatment (n) trench (n) trend (n) trend component (n) trend estimate (n) trial (n) trial operation (n) trial run (n) triangle (n) triangle circumference (n) triangular area (n) triangular file (n) triangular key (n) triangular leaf spring (n) triangular plate spring (n) triangular pulse (n) triangular section steel (n) triangular spanner (n) triangular-type emergency release key (n) triboelectric series (n) triboelectricity (n) tribological parameter (n) tribological value (n) Tribology tribology (n) trickle (v) trickle charge (n) trigger (n) trigger (v) trigger circuit (n) triggering (n) trigonometric analysis (n) trigonometric function (n) trigonometric method (n) trigonometrical solution (n) trim (v) trimmed edges (pl) trimmer beam (n) trimmer capacitor (n) trimmer resistor (n) trimming (n) trimming capacitor (n) trimming machine (n) trimming potentiometer (n) trimming resistor (n) trimming robot (n) trimming tool (n) trip (n) trip (v) trip cam (n) trip counter (n) trip lever (n) triplex roller chain (n) tripod (n) tripping (n) tripping device (n) tripping speed (n) tripping speed of safety gear (n) trivalent bearing (n) trolley wire (n) trommel screen (n) tropic-proof (adj) tropicalized (adj) trouble (n) trouble shooting (n) trough (n) truck (n) truck crane (n) truck-mounted crane (n) truck-mounted stacker (n) trucking of air freight (n) true running (n) true to scale (adj) trueness (n) truly aligned (adj) truly plumbed (adj) truly plumbed line (n) truly vertical (adj) truncated (adj) truncated circular cone (n) truncated cone (n) trunk (n) trunking (n) trunnion (n) trunnion friction (n) trunnion friction coefficient (n) Truss truss (n) trussed beam (n) try square (n) TTT diagram (n) tub (n) tube (n) tube bank (n) tube deposit (n) tube deposits (n) tube scraper (n) tube shop (n) tube studding (n) tube wall thickness (n) tube welding (n) tube-fin construction (n) tubing (n) tubular air heater (n) tubular piston (n) tubular shaft (n) tubular-cross strutting (n) tug navigation (n) tug shipping (n) tumbler (n) tumbler lever (n) tumbler switch (n) tune (v) tungsten inert-gas welding (n) tuning (n) tunnel gate (n) turn (n) turn (v) turn in (v) turn off (v) turn on (v) turn-and-slide sleeve spring (n) turn-off delay (n) turn-off time (n) turn-to-turn test (n) turnaround time (n) turnbuckle (n) turned off (adj) turned part (n) Turning turning (n) turning internal surfaces (n) turning machine (n) turning off (n) turning radius (n) turning tool (n) turnkey ... (adj) turnover function (n) Turnover rate turnover rate (n) turnstile (n) turntable (n) turntable guide carriage (n) turntable press (n) turret (n) turret head (n) turret lathe (n) turret-type drilling machine (n) twin (milling) cutter (n) twin boundary (n) twin drive (n) twin plug (n) twist (n) twist (v) twist angle (n) twist buckling (n) twist drill (n) twist-free (adj) twisted in pairs (adj) twisting (n) twisting motion (n) twisting stress (n) two-button collective control (n) two-dimensional (adj) two-element ... (adj) two-hinged bar (n) two-hinged rod (n) two-jaw chuck (n) two-jaw drill chuck (n) two-part (adj) Two-part flexible coupling two-pass boiler (n) two-phase ... (adj) two-phase region (n) two-piece (adj) two-piece ... (adj) two-pin plug (n) two-point measurement (n) two-row angular ball bearings (n) two-row axial angular ball bearing (n) two-row axial angular ball bearings (n) two-row deep groove ball bearing (n) two-row deep groove ball bearings (n) two-row linear guide unit (n) two-speed ... (adj) two-stage ... (adj) two-stage distribution (n) two-stage marketing (n) two-stage reporting system (n) two-step ... (adj) two-way intercom system (n) two-way means of communication (n) two-way peak (n) two-way speech communication (n) two-way traverse grinding (n) two-way valve (n) two-way voice communication (n) type (n) type (v) type approval (n) type approval sign (n) type designation (n) type examination (n) type examination certificate (n) type of construction (n) type of corrosion (n) type of defect (n) type of design (n) type of drive (n) type of error (n) type of forklift (n) type of goods (n) type of joint (n) type of lay (n) type of line (n) type of loading (n) type of lubrication (n) type of manufacturing (n) type of motion (n) type of movement (n) type of organisation (n) type of problem (n) type of production (n) type of protection (n) type of steel (n) Type of stress type of stress (n) type of support (n) type of tension (n) type style (n) type test (n) type test certificate (n) type testing (n) type variety (n) Tyre coupling